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‘Second revolution begins’: Armed right-wing groups celebrate Capitol attack

HOUSTON — Members of armed right-wing groups that stormed the Capitol on Wednesday in blind support of President Trump’s futile attempt to stay in office said they supported the mob attack, calling it the beginning of another American revolution. As the rabble pushed through barricades and swept through government corridors,...
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New England Revolution sign veteran midfielder Emmanuel Boateng

The New England Revolution have signed veteran free agent midfielder Emmanuel Boateng, the club announced Thursday. The move reunites Boateng with Bruce Arena, the coach he played under as a member of the LA Galaxy during his first stint in MLS. Boateng made 108 appearances for the Galaxy from 2016-2019, scoring nine goals and dishing out 13 assists.
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Revolution add two players who are expected to compete for starting roles

Two of sporting director/head coach Bruce Arena’s former players have signed with the Revolution as free agents, the team announced Thursday. Left winger Emmanuel Agyenim Boateng, who played 10 games for the MLS Cup-winning Columbus Crew last season, and right back A.J. DeLaGarza, a reserve with expansion team Inter Miami CF, are expected to compete for starting positions. Boateng and DeLaGarza played for Arena with the Los Angeles Galaxy.
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Humanist Society: How Does Innovation and Revolution Happen?

Cultural Evolution: The Darwinian Basis of Change and Innovation and Why it is Important – Part 2. Peter Compo very kindly agreed to return to finish his November Humanist Society talk on the similarities of cultural and biological evolution. How both are in fact a Darwinian process of variation and destructive selection.

New England Revolution sign former LA Galaxy defender AJ DeLaGarza

The New England Revolution and defender A.J. DeLaGarza have agreed to a contract, the club announced Thursday. The move sees the veteran reunited with former coach Bruce Arena. DeLaGarza, 33, spent 2009-16 with the LA Galaxy, winning three MLS Cups and two Supporters' Shields under Arena. He was a constant...
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Diego Fagundez leaves a lasting legacy with the Revolution Academy

When Bryan Scales thinks back on his first impression of Diego Fagundez in 2009, it’s of a particular statement the soccer prodigy made with his hair style. “He was a little kid with a purple mohawk,” recalled Scales, the Revolution’s youth development director. “It definitely affirmed that he had some swagger.”

A robotic revolution for urban nature

Drones, robots and autonomous systems can transform the natural world in and around cities for people and wildlife. International research, involving over 170 experts and led by the University of Leeds, assessed the opportunities and challenges that this cutting-edge technology could have for urban nature and green spaces. The researchers...
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What pro-Trump insurrectionists share — and don’t — with the American Revolution

The insurrectionists who violently stormed the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday aimed to clothe themselves in the symbolism and language of the American Revolution. This was intentional. Revolutions succeed — revolts fail. Revolutions are legitimate expressions of the popular will — revolts are not. That explains why many were flying the...
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Astro Bob: How to sense Earth's rotation, revolution in real time

We live on a spinning planet. Depending on latitude your individual speed varies from 0 mph at the poles to 1,040 mph (1,674 kph) at the equator. Here at 47 degrees north I'm madly spinning eastward at 710 mph (1,143 kph). Everything else around me is, too. That's terribly fast, but my teacup and radio stay put because we're all moving at the same speed and at rest relative to one another.

The Revolution Has Only Begun

The geometry of the police headquarters’ exterior juts overhead as “Bear” Alexander Matthews steps through the snow. Since the summer, Matthews, 24, has organized demonstrations just blocks away in the Old Market and spent a night in the Douglas County jail nearby. In November, he and others shouted “Defund the police” on these steps after law enforcement shot and killed a Black man in a traffic stop.
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Diggs: There's no romance in armed revolution

Armed revolution is not romantic. Too many people romanticize violent revolution. That delusion is easy to fall into when you lead a miserable existence and feel marginalized. When nothing you do gets you the “respect” or attention you crave, the attraction to martyrdom can be strong. If you imagine you can get in death what you cannot get in life, it can feel romantic to think you can kill and die for “something.”

A Bucks County Trump supporter posted about a 1776-style revolution during Capitol riot. Then, he was arrested.

Jim Sinclair, a 38-year-old home restoration contractor from Bensalem, traveled to Washington to support President Donald Trump and, perhaps, help foment a revolution. “Freedom!!!!!!!” Sinclair posted on Facebook on Wednesday (photo of Mel Gibson from Braveheart included) after the mob had breached the Capitol building. “It’s 1776, the American people have ears and eyes. We will not accept this fraudulent election.”