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Retailers must centralize their data to thrive

Successful retailers know that every decision — from workforce planning to space and assortment management to inventory optimization — requires a foundation of high-quality data. If granular data about stores is not made available to the central planning team, however, retailers will be missing critical information on which to base both chain-wide and localized decisions. Worse, if that data is inaccurate or inaccessible, forecasts will be faulty, leading not only to incorrect inventory management but also insufficient staffing and ineffective store layouts.
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Travel and retail industries facing wave of credential stuffing attacks

A new report from Auth0 has discovered that government institutions as well as travel and retail companies continue to face an inordinate amount of credential stuffing attacks. Auth0, which was recently acquired by Okta for $6.5 billion, released startling statistics of what they are seeing in their State of Secure...
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This local company is growing thanks to changes in retail, office space

With retail storefronts and office space being redesigned as a result of the pandemic, business has been booming for VIRA Insight. The company, which designs and manufactures retail and commercial environments, says it grew 21 percent during 2020, with more growth expected this year. The company declined to share revenue numbers. To support this growth, VIRA Insight has opened a new headquarters in Lewisville. It currently has about 185 employees in North Texas with plans to hire as many as 80 more over the next two years.
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Ex-retailer forms company to expand DC space

Box Equities, a new company started by Gitano co-founder Haim Dabah, has acquired two distribution centers in its efforts to help retailers secure hard-to-find industrial real estate. The 900,000-sq.-ft. Home Depot DC in Missouri and the 150,000-sq.-ft. Pepsi DC in Ohio bring the 8-month-old company’s portfolio to 1.8 million sq....
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Essex General Construction adds Patton

Andy Patton has joined Essex General Construction as a senior project manager. He leads the firm’s special projects division in Portland; it includes sustaining work for a number of clients – high-tech and communications firms, USDA food-grade facilities, and health care and retail companies. Patton began his career in the architectural field after graduating from the Oregon School of Design (now part of the University of Oregon). After 14 years in architecture, he made the switch to construction.
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Technology Jobs in Retail Demand These Core Skills

The retail industry relies on a vast number of technologists to operate at peak efficiency. Data scientists and analysts crunch through massive amounts of sales data for insights; software developers and engineers build retail companies’ apps and virtual storefronts; and armies of cybersecurity experts and network engineers keep internal tech stacks safe from attack.

F&D's Creditntell launches retailer debt database

GREAT NECK, N.Y. (PRWEB) JUNE 15, 2021--Industry-leading retail consulting firm Information Clearinghouse, Inc. (ICI), through its F&D Reports and Creditntell divisions, has announced the launch of its Retailer Debt Database, which aggregates all key debt instruments for hundreds of retail companies within a fully customizable interface. Beginning last March, as...
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Major Applications of Predictive Analytics in the Retail Industry

Improving consumer conversion rates, personalizing marketing strategies to raise sales, predicting and avoiding customer churn, and lowering customer acquisition costs are some of the main challenges for retail firms. These can be addressed with more in-depth, data-driven insights into the consumer. Fremont, CA: Predictive analytics is a predictive method in...

Topic - Contactless Hospitality

Instead of removing the personal touch, contactless technology can actually provide a more pleasant — and personalized — experience for guests. Throughout 2020, hospitality and travel companies found ways to provide memorable experiences while improving health and safety standards. It’s also nothing new — as people do more on their phones, online retail companies have been developing strategies and systems for years that hotels can now take advantage of. Virtual tours, video, streaming, and other tech tools are quickly becoming necessities for hoteliers. continue reading →

These Are the Ten Biggest Retail Companies That Went Bankrupt in 2020

2020 was a harsh year, especially for many retailers. It is estimated that over 160 consumer-facing businesses filed for bankruptcy last year, and this number includes more than 30 big retailers. Many of these retailers were already facing financial challenges even before the COVID-19 pandemic, but the lockdowns and other restrictions made it difficult for them to find stable ground. In this article, we will take a look at the ten biggest retail companies that went bankrupt in 2020.

How (and when) did retailers become technology companies?

In a recent article, we discussed how retail companies are in the midst of a transformation driven by new technology and changing consumer behavior. And leading the way is Amazon. The rise and rise of the e-commerce giant has changed everything. Yes, it sells stuff, but it is first and...