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Resident Evil 4 HD Project releases next week after 8 years of work

The Resident Evil 4 HD project began in 2014 and, eight years or so down the line, is finally complete and will release February 2nd. You may well be wondering why this project exists at all, given that developer Capcom has re-released Resident Evil 4 itself in several HD versions, and the answer is: They weren't so good.
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‘Resident Evil 4’ HD fan project may finally see light of day soon

A fan-made HD project for Resident Evil 4, that has been eight years in the making, is finally ready for release. Resident Evil 4 HD Project 1.0 was started by two Resident Evil fans – Cris Morales and Albert Martin in 2014. It was started as a reaction to the Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition released for PC by Capcom in 2014. That edition remastered the 2005 game in HD but fans were not happy with the results.
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Fan-made Resident Evil 4 HD project to release after eight years

A fan-made HD remaster of Resident Evil 4 is finally set to release next week on February 2 for Steam after eight years of development. Simply titled Resident Evil 4 HD Project 1.0, the announcement trailer promises remastered textures (both in-game and for UIs), improved lighting, and thousands of 3D model revisions.
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Every Resident Evil Game in Chronological Order: A Complete Timeline

Resident Evil is one of the greatest survival horror franchises of all time. With a storyline spanning over 25 years, it can be hard to keep track of everything that has happened up to this point. I have cut down the list of games to contain only the most story crucial and widely accessible games that you can play right now. Here are the Resident Evil games in chronological order for the first and second half of the series. The first half takes place right at the beginning of the all-important and iconic Raccoon City incident.

Capcom Reports Record Profits In 2021 Thanks To Games Like Resident Evil, Monster Hunter

Capcom has recorded yet another profitable business streak, as the company reported a 35.9% increase in revenue in its consolidated financial report for its third quarter that ended on December 31, 2021. This makes the entirety of 2021 the ninth consecutive year of operating income growth for Capcom, as well as its fifth year in which it achieved record-setting profits.

A new fan-made Resident Evil 4 HD remaster will launch in February

As fans debate whether will happen, a new fan-made HD remaster releases next week. Two days ago, Albert Marin released the official final trailer for his Resident Evil 4 HD remaster project. Marin remastered every single texture within the game. From character models and backgrounds to the user interface, Marin ambitiously brought the classic to life in full HD.

Resident Evil 4 HD Fan Remake Out Next Month After 8 Years Of Hype

Two hardcore fans took it upon themselves to improve the Resident Evil 4 remaster with 4K graphics, and after eight years, the mod is out next week. A small group of dedicated modders is days away from releasing their fan-made Resident Evil 4 HD Project with a new trailer showing their impressive work. The survival horror action franchise has seen its share of sequels, movies, and spin-offs, and unfortunately, not every Resident Evil game has been received well. Resident Evil 4 continues to be a fan-favorite as it transitioned the series from the slower-paced survival horror experience seen in the series’ first entries into a more fast-paced affair closer to what is seen in Resident Evil games released nowadays.
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Resident Evil Village, how much has it sold so far?

Capcom’s horror saga continues in very good shape. Resident Evil Village, the most recent installment in the saga, announced in October that more than 5 million units had already been distributed. The Japanese company has just updated these figures on the occasion of the presentation of the financial results for the third fiscal year quarter. As revealed by the company, they have already been sold 5.7 million units since its launch, which occurred in May 2021.

Resident Evil Village Has Sold 5.7M, While RE7 Continues To Sell 1M In Its 6th Year

Resident Evil Village has now sold more than 5.7 million copies worldwide according to Capcom while RE7 continues to do well offering strong legs. Capcom has shared its financial results for the Q3 period. They have generated strong sales on the back of major new games released during this fiscal period that was driven by Resident Evil Village and Monster Hunter Rise. Their catalog titles continue to perform well and have led to a steady flow of income.

Resident Evil Village Sells 5.7 Million Copies

The future of Resident Evil is certainly safe according to the numbers. Resident Evil Village has officially sold 5.7 million units according to a recently released financial report from the game’s developers, Capcom. The horror survival game has proved incredibly successful for the company, having been praised by both gamers and critics. Resident Evil Village currently boasts a score of 84 on Metacritic for PS5.

Resident Evil 4 Mod Makes The Game Look Incredible, Out Next Week

A Resident Evil 4 HD mod is on the way next week, and it just got a new trailer showing it in action. Some HD mods take a little more effort than others. You might find one that simply ups the frame rate to 60FPS. Others go a bit further. This Resident Evil 4 HD mod goes that extra mile, and then some.

Resident Evil Village Surpasses Sales

Looking at the Numbers, Resident Evil Village Is a Runaway Success. We know that Resident Evil Village has done very well for itself. It’s won multiple awards, been received very well by fans. But now we’ve seen how well it’s been selling according to Capcom. While it...

Capcom: Resident Evil Series Passes 123 Million Units Sold

From this week’s Third Quarter Financial Results Capcom announced franchise milestones. The headline milestone comes from the Resident Evil series which has surpassed 123 million units cumulatively sold. This is on the heels of Resident Evil Village hitting 5.7 million units sold this year. In addition to Resident Evil...