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Joe Biden just threw the 2024 primary calendar into chaos

A low-key push by Democrats to rework their 2024 presidential primary calendar was thrown into chaos by President Joe Biden Thursday, when Biden proposed an unexpectedly sweeping reshuffle that it’s far from clear the party will be able to enact. Democrats had already been anticipating kicking Iowa out of...
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NH lawmakers rip Joe Biden pitch to move back nation’s first primary

New Hampshire’s two Democratic senators slammed President Biden’s proposal to put South Carolina ahead of the Granite State on the party’s presidential primary calendar, insisting the radical shake up was “misguided” and a “short-sighted decision.” The drastic proposed reset would see South Carolina kick off the 2024 Democratic nominating contests on Feb. 6 of that year, followed by New Hampshire and Nevada a week later — ending the Granite State’s 104-year status as the state that leads off the process. News of the potential shakeup sparked fury in New Hampshire as the rule-making arm of the Democratic National Committee was set to...
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NH leaders blast Biden's "terrible" proposal to move primary

CONCORD, N.H. - President Joe Biden's proposed changes to the Democratic Party's primary calendar are sparking anger in New Hampshire.The president said Thursday that Democrats should give up "restrictive" caucuses and prioritize diversity at the start of their presidential primary calendar — dealing a major blow to Iowa's decades-long status as the state that leads off the process and threatening New Hampshire's place on the political map.Democratic National Committee members on Friday now expect to approve new rules putting South Carolina first, followed by New Hampshire and Nevada on the same day a week later. Biden finished fifth in the...
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New Hampshire Democrats rip Biden's plan to move primary date

(The Center Square) – New Hampshire Democrats are blasting a proposal from President Joe Biden to move South Carolina’s primary date ahead of the Granite State in the party's presidential nominating cycle. The Democratic National Committee is meeting in Washington this week to approve the party's 2024 presidential calendar, which could upend the state's first-in-the-nation presidential primary status. Biden has proposed that South Carolina's primary go first, with New Hampshire...

Natalie Rascher announces bid for mayor, increasing Republican primary field to three

EVANSVILLE — Republican Natalie Rascher will run for Evansville mayor next year, setting up a battle with a political veteran in the race to be the party's nominee. Rascher, 37, will join current Vanderburgh County Commissioner Cheryl Musgrave, who announced her candidacy back in July. Gabe Whitley, a conservative activist, has also announced he will run in the Republican primary.

New Hampshire Is Not About To Knuckle Under On Primary

Back in the 1960s the cry “Hell no, we won’t go” echoed off the ivy-covered walls of universities and colleges during anti-war demonstrations. Today Democratic office holders, officials, activists and party members are yelling “Hell no, we won’t go” to the Democratic National Committee over a decision to change the dates for its presidential selection process.

State Republican Party Chairman Says Money, Volunteers and Smiles Needed to Win

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and spent quality time with loved ones in spite of the uptick in seasonal flu, colds and COVID. Last Monday, I was delighted to reconnect with many of our candidates, elected officials, and party leaders at a Oakbrook holiday party sponsored by Jay Berman, Richard Porter, Sandy Perl, David Hill, and Kim Godden with special guest Congressman Byron Donalds (FL-19).

Beshear draws a primary challenger in former Republican Peppy Martin

Peppy Martin, a former Republican who lost to incumbent Gov. Paul Patton in 1999 amid a series of controversial statements, has filed to run for Kentucky’s top political post in 2023. Martin will run as a Democrat this time, challenging Gov. Andy Beshear during next year’s primary election.

Iowa primary, built on a myth, loses place at the front of the line

DES MOINES, Iowa (UKTN) — The Hy-Vee Hall ballroom in Des Moines erupted in cheers in 2008 when the youthful Illinois senator alluded to the unlikely possibility of the coming achievement: “Our time for change has come!”. That Iowa, a predominantly white state, would boost Barack Obama’s rise...

Biden shows little urgency as Dems mull 2024 primary shakeup

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrats considering shaking up the order of their 2024 presidential primary are waiting on President Joe Biden, anxious to see if he’ll endorse stripping Iowa of its traditional leadoff spot or discourage major changes while mulling his own potential reelection bid. But Biden seems to be showing little urgency in addressing the primary calendar, allies say. The president previously avoided moves that could upset any state ahead of November’s critical midterm elections. And he continues to do much of the same even now, as his team quietly moves to lay the groundwork for a 2024 run. The...

Opinion: Will The 45th President Run as an Independent if He Doesn’t Win the Republican Primary?

One of the biggest issues in modern American politics is election security. There has been a lawsuit filed in response to the Arizona election for governor. Making claims of election fraud is playing with fire. There have been many instances of this since the 2020 election. In my opinion, claiming that an election was rigged without evidence is an example of weakness. It’s just making excuses for poor performance.

Democrats Consider 2024 Primary Calendar Changes

Democrats are thinking about shaking up their presidential primary schedule. "The presidential calendar will pretty much set the tone of the whole campaign," said Judith Whitmer, chair of the Nevada Democratic Party. The DNC is considering booting the Iowa caucuses from the prized spot atop the nomination calendar. Sixteen states...

Group wants to ask voters for open primaries again

A group of election reformers are hoping to place a ballot question in 2024 that opens up the primary election to all voters. Currently, the Republican primary election is open to only registered Republicans. Various constitutional officers are determined at party conventions. Joe Kirby is a lifelong South Dakotan and...

DNC committee votes to end New Hampshire's first-in-nation primary status

National Democrats voted Friday to end New Hampshire's first-in-the-nation primary status, moving South Carolina into the first position in the presidential nominating calendar. The Democratic National Committee's rule-making arm also stripped Iowa from its position of holding the first caucus on the calendar starting in 2024 as part of a...
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Pushback greets effort to give South Carolina first ’24 primary

New Hampshire Democrats said they won’t easily cede their state’s “first in the nation” status on the presidential primary calendar to a proposal by President Joe Biden to move South Carolina to the front of the line in 2024. But South Carolina Rep. James E. Clyburn,...