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Sir Keir Starmer pledges publicly-owned energy company

A Labour government will create a publicly-owned energy company within its first year in office, Sir Keir Starmer has announced.The Labour leader said Great British Energy will take advantage of opportunities in clean British power.He won a standing ovation at the party’s annual conference in Liverpool when he said the new company will be publicly owned.It was “right for jobs, right for growth and right for energy independence from tyrants like Putin”, Sir Keir said.With @Keir_Starmer as Prime Minister, Labour will establish GB Energy.✅ A publicly-owned, renewable generation company. ✅ Harnessing the power of Britain’s sun, wind and waves to...
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Starmer promises to restore ‘sense of collective hope’ after Tory turmoil

Sir Keir Starmer said he could make Britain “stand tall again”, promising a new state-owned energy firm to help create a “fairer, greener, more dynamic nation” if the Tories are ousted at the next election.He said Liz Truss’s Government should not be forgiven for the market turmoil unleashed since Friday’s mini-budget, and promised Labour would “restore our sense of collective hope”.The Labour leader told activists the Government had crashed the economy to offer tax cuts for the richest 1% in society.He said they had left a “Britain all at sea, where a cloud of anxiety hangs over working people”.The Labour...
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Study contradicts Rees-Mogg over hydrogen for heating

A new study has cast doubt on government claims that hydrogen could be used to heat homes and so cut greenhouse gas emissions. The report, published in the journal Joule, analysed more than 30 studies that looked at hydrogen and heating. All those studies found that hydrogen was much less...

Labour conference: Key moments from Sir Keir's speech

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has attempted to reposition the Labour Party in a major speech to conference in Liverpool. Sir Keir promised a "fresh start" for the UK pledging to invest in the NHS, green energy and "spread opportunity to all." He also said that the Conservative government had lost control of the economy and crashed the pound.

Clean Energy: Plenty to celebrate, more to do in wake of uncertainty

Autumn may have arrived, but this summer will certainly be remembered as one of the hottest across the United States and around the world. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, temperatures were above average throughout most of the contiguous U.S. In fact, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Texas all experienced their second-warmest summers on record and 17 other states recorded their top-10 warmest summers.

Bitcoin Miners Still Use 62% Fossil Fuels: Research

The research found that coal remains the highest single power source for Bitcoin miners. A new study published Tuesday by the Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance (CCAF) shows that almost 62% of Bitcoin’s total energy consumption since January 2022 was generated from fossil fuels. This means renewable sources only amounted to 38% of the total energy consumed by BTC miners this year.

Introducing the Texas Power Podcast

Following energy and power news in Texas can be dizzying. In February 2021, widespread outages left hundreds dead, caused more than $100 billion in property damage, and inflicted untold psychological trauma on Texans. As a result, interest in “the grid” surged, even though the tragedy during Winter Storm Uri went far beyond the grid.