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Forced experiment: Productivity Commission suggests remote working is likely to stay

A new research paper by the Productivity Commission has indicated that while working from home is not for everyone, it is likely to stay even after the COVID-19 pandemic. The research paper [PDF] found that prior to the pandemic, about 8% of people regularly worked from home. These people were most likely female, older than those who did not work from home, worked part-time, provided care for children and people with disability, and lived in regional or remote areas. This percentage, however, increased to 40%, even when stay-at-home orders eased in early 2021.
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Remote Working to Impact U.S. Housing Demand for Years

Based on new research by Zillow, nearly 40% of U.S. workers (39%) still don't know if or how often they'll be working in person. More than one-third of those workers (35%) say that uncertainty is impacting their ability to make decisions about their lives, such as the decision to move.
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How to Protect and Support a Remote Workforce

Remote working amid the COVID19 pandemic has become new normal but for cybercriminals, those working from home are a lucrative target. When the remote working phenomenon first rose to prominence, many businesses struggled to adapt to the hardships imposed by the digital world. It has since become clear that remote...

HP CISO Joanna Burkey: Securing remote workers requires a collaborative approach

Tensions between IT teams and employees working from home threaten the security of organizations, with attempts to increase or update security for remote working regularly rebuffed in the name of business continuity. HP Inc. CISO Joanna Burkey believes security leaders must address these frictions to secure the future of the hybrid workplace. Speaking to CSO, she reflects on her experience with such issues and offers best practices for dealing with them.

You want us to work for you?

You’d better be offering good pay & benefits, plenty of flexibility. Hiring employees used to be a fairly straightforward affair. A company posted its openings online through its own website, ran ads and possibly engaged a staffing agency or recruiter. It was similarly easy for job seekers, who prowled postings on their own, or retained professional help to find the best match for their talents.

How Teams Calling can streamline remote working

Microsoft Teams Calling is one of the most popular features of Office 365, for several reasons. However, you might be wondering what Teams Calling actually is, how it works, and how it can benefit remote workers and businesses?. What is Teams Calling?. Microsoft Teams Calling is one of the many...

85% of Americans Would Give Up Part of Salary for Permanent Remote Work

A vast majority of American workers prefer to apply for jobs that offer remote working or hybrid options, according to a new survey by GoodHire. The survey comes as many U.S. companies have been forced to delay their office reopening plans due to the COVID-19 delta variant. GoodHire, an employment...

Working from home home can reduce migraine intensity, research shows

Working from home can help people who suffer from migraines to improve their quality of life, scientists say. A study of migraine sufferers in Italy has found that during lockdown, people's migraines were shorter, less intensely painful and required less medication. That was partly because the migraine attacks did not last as long.

Remote Working Is Creating Economic Opportunity For Small Cities

Analysis of LinkedIn’s Economic Graph team reveals that smaller cities are reaping the benefits of the growing number of remote workers. The national rate for remote job applications on LinkedIn sits at 21.3%, with applicants likely to live in cities with less than 100,000 residents. Among the most popular smaller...
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Remote workers are trapped in a quitting nightmare

​“It was all very lame and anticlimactic.” London-based software engineering consultant Ruth* is describing her final day at her former company earlier this month. She had no leaving drinks, not even virtual ones, and sent a goodbye leaving email before setting her last Out of Office. “It left a bitter taste because I'd killed myself working for them, but at the same time it made me feel like I’d made the right decision. But no closure, not like you usually get.” Instead, a year and a half of her career ended with her wandering aimlessly around Oxford Street, window-shopping.

Remote work is here to stay in the software and IT industry, says Commit

Remote work in the software and IT industry could be here to stay even after the pandemic comes to an end. A Forbes survey from earlier this year found that 74 per cent of professionals expect remote work to stick around and 61 per cent of workers actually like remote work and want to remain completely remote.

Five ways we think office work will change

The majority of people think that the world of office work has changed quite radically due to covid, surveys for the BBC suggest. At the start of the coronavirus pandemic many office-based workers worked from home during lockdowns. As pandemic restrictions eased, workers in England were urged to gradually return...

Remote Work Saved Me During Covid. Now de Blasio Is Taking It Away.

Like many working mothers, I struggled with work-life balance long before Covid. I was overwhelmed and exhausted, and despite having a secure job as a senior manager at New York’s Department of City Planning with good benefits, decent pay, reasonable hours and supportive leadership, I often considered quitting. In the...

The Content Marketer’s Guide to Remote Working

“Fifteen days to slow the spread,” they said. But it’s been over a year and a half now of remote working in content marketing, and still, here we are, madly typing our next blog post at the kitchen table with no one but our four-legged friends to share the latest bit of office gossip with.

The Top 5 Apps for Measuring Your Remote Team's Productivity

Our workplace may have been long ready for a makeover. However, 2020 brought on drastic, irreversible, and seemingly instant changes in the way we work. In this new environment, businesses had to quickly adjust their practices to accommodate remote working employees. One of the main challenges business owners had to...