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Remote work from paradise? It might be closer than you think

If you had the chance to transform your office into a paradise, would you? With its new visa for remote workers just starting to take its first applicants, the small South American country of Ecuador is betting this lifestyle sounds pretty dreamy to remote workers used to setting up shop in a spare bedroom.
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Michigan’s Top 10 Companies Hiring Remote Workers

There’s a lot of interest from American workers to find jobs to work remotely, and now, some companies are exclusively going that route. The number of jobs that in the job description and post say workers can be remote has almost tripled from pre-pandemic, going from about 4% of in 2019 to about 12% of jobs in 2022, according to ZipRecruiter.
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Court Rules Man Shouldn't Be Fired for Not Being 'Fun' at Work

Not having to make small talk at one's desk or go to "happy hours" when you just want to get home is a major reason more and more people are opting for remote work. Recent surveys found that only one in six Americans working in an office feels "highly connected" to the other people there.
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Ways To Ensure A Smooth Transition To Hybrid Working

Businesses should always be growing. Stagnancy soon leads to complacency, so companies must be eager for the next developmental growth period. Hybrid working is one of the biggest opportunities that can transform a firm’s prospects. The benefits for workers are obvious. Still, redefining work processes is hardly a small feat, and overseeing the transition does require care and consideration.

Hybrid Work Vs Fully Remote: 5 Key Differences

With the growing popularity of hybrid and remote work, both can seem like very appealing prospects. The last few years have changed our understanding of what a company needs. Some business models require constant in-person work. But more and more companies are realizing that a hybrid work vs fully remote option can work very well for them.

Review Of Best Remote Jobs Available Now 2022

Review Of Best Remote Jobs Available Now 2022. Linkedin premium costs $29.99 per month for individuals. Experienced marketers can expect to. Here are the best remote, online, and work from home jobs to consider: Making it one of the highest. The actual job isn't that important since nearly any job that doesn't need your physical presence.

Protect Your Data While Working Remotely

Remote work has exploded in the past few years thanks to a global health emergency and the desire of workers to have a better work-life balance. While remote work is attractive for both businesses and employees, it does bring forth many challenges. Having meetings online may not be as productive, collaborating with coworkers may be more challenging, and keeping company data safe and secure is an obstacle. Here are some key tips to protect your data while working remotely.

Conferences think they can solve remote work’s problems

Web Summit convened in Lisbon, Portugal, in early November, looking much like it had before the pandemic. The tech conference was held, as it usually is, on numerous stages in and around a giant arena. It took me a solid 20 minutes to walk from one end of the conference to the other, trying to wade through myriad company booths and demonstrations. Some 70,000 people milled throughout the space, wearing wristbands and badges, but few masks.

Remote Workers (Sort Of) Go To the Office

Remote workers are heading back to the office—but some startups are working to make virtual offices the new norm. In an effort to create employee connectivity and engagement to remote jobs, a few companies are working to create virtual office spaces. Zoom is introducing a virtual office space called...
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Crocamo preparing a remote work plan for Luzerne County employees

Acting Luzerne County Manager Romilda Crocamo is preparing a remote work plan for county employees to take effect if COVID-19 transmission continues to increase. She has asked division heads to send her their plans by Sept. 15. Each division plan should determine whether remote work is feasible, who can and cannot work remotely and how services will be provided.

Five Predictions For The Future Of Work: A Captivating Employee Experience

Diane K. Adams, Chief Culture & Talent Officer, Sprinklr. Over 87% of employees value the opportunity to work remotely. In fact, many people are turning down job opportunities that do not allow for remote work or that put rigid guidelines on attendance. I am certain that the days of roll call in the workplace are gone. We can no longer be attendance-driven, but rather, we must be loudly and boldly outcomes-driven.

Reimagining Work Culture

Trend Hunter explores the new normal of work culture in the Reimagining Work Culture iteration of the platform's Innovation eLearning series on YouTube. The module begins by outlining the undeniable impact the pandemic had on work culture, with businesses around the world changing to remote work or hybrid work models. These changes are then supplemented by statistics that show that, while many may believe that the office is dead, there are still employee majorities that believe the office is a necessity in many regions.

Why labor economists say the remote work 'revolution' is here to stay

Remote work was a massive pandemic-era labor experiment, borne of necessity due to the health scare and stay-at-home orders. That "revolution" will likely endure as a fixture of the U.S. job market, experts said. However, most jobs can't be done remotely. The benefits of remote work accrue most to affluent,...