Country Jukebox Jury LP: Reba – Revived Remixed Revisited

Reba McEntire is a smart woman who moved into TV sitcoms when she became too old for country radio. Now, as a legacy artist who is about to leave a longterm Vegas residency, she has reimagined her catalogue to kick it into the new century. Not 10, not 20 but 30 tracks are included in the project. I thought she’d record an album with an orchestra but, what with social distancing, this is the next best thing.
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Johanna Burnheart announces remix EP

German musician Johanna Burnheart has announced ‘Burnheart Remixed’: a collection of reimagined tracks from her debut album ‘Burnheart’. The remix collection sees Burnheart explore the underground club scene which she says influences her work, with four electronic artists providing remixes. The four artists are Acid Pauli, Beth Lydi, Nesa Azadikhah...
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What is a Bachata Remix?

Bachata dancing has the same name as the music it was created to dance to, and both stem from the Dominican Republic. Traditional bachata music has a 4/4 beat with an accent on 4 and has influences from Spanish guitar music and Sub Saharan Africa. It is usually played using the same instruments: lead guitar, bass guitar, rhythm guitar, bongos, and güira. Bachata music is similar to the blues and stems from a disenfranchised working class singing about heartbreak, despair, and loss.
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Sublime's Most Beloved Songs Remixed By Legendary Dub Pioneers Scientist And Mad Professor For The Digital Release Of 'Sublime Meets Scientist & Mad Professor Inna L.B.C.'

Thanks to a new collection of Sublime remixes, you're liable to do just that—drift off into a beatific realm. That's because two of the greatest minds are on the project: Dub royalty doesn't get much more regal than Scientist and Mad Professor, and here they are—remixing Sublime classics like "Caress Me Down," "Santeria" and "April 29, 1992" with zonked humor and cosmic panache.

Lofi Remix Album Chilltendo II Releases Today!

Earlier this month, German musician Jokabi released a new track remixing the iconic “Song of Storms” in his signature, low fidelity style. This teaser track was excellent and served as the perfect appetizer to a new, full-length collection of lofi Nintendo remixes. The wait is finally over, as Chilltendo II has been released today through video game record label GameChops.

New remixes of Alton Miller & Amp Fiddler classic “When The Morning Comes”

Released by Superb Entertainment a decade ago, “When The Morning Comes” is a vital house record, featuring a collaboration between Alton Miller, Amp Fiddler and a young Kyle Hall on the remix and drum programming. Ricardo Miranda reissued the record two years ago on Noble Square; Adeen now comes up with a bag of new remixes from Nico Lahs, KETAMA and “Rydm Sectors,” a collaboration of Lahs and Michele Lamacchia aka Cosmic Rhythm.

Masters at Work and Harvey Sutherland Remix New Surprise Chef EP

The Melbourne-based soul and funk band get a house music makeover from Harvey Sutherland and Masters at Work. Australia’s cinematic soul specialists Surprise Chef have linked up with machine funk expert Harvey Sutherland and hugely influential duo Masters at Work for a new remix package. Hailing from Melbourne, the four-piece...

Doodle Umbrellas

Make it rain with this cute Sticker Remix challenge featuring an adorable umbrella doodle sticker. Cover image by @pann70. - Submit up to 3 Remixes using the provided sticker. The sticker should be easily recognizable in your final submission. - Do not take someone else's Remix and submit it as...

DJ Frej Takes The Dance Floor By Storm With His Remix “LOVE TONIGHT”

DJ FREJ (Frejus his real first name), and @DJ_Frej on his socials, one of the best FRENCH DJ on the scene comes back with a fire Afro remix :. After more than 10 years of mixing he launched into production and released his first single entitled ‘FIESTA’ which accumulated more than 125k views on Youtube, he continued a year later with the hit ‘SANS PITIÉ’ in featuting with Camro who made a full box and which has accumulated more than 3 million Youtube views and playing in the biggest clubs in the world, always looking for a lively rhythm, he creates different remixes that make success on social networks and in the nightlife a mix of deep house afrobeats through the urban to Kompa.

Hoodie from Behind

Channel your inner-fashionista for this Image Remix challenge to create a memorable hoodie design. - Submit up to 3 Remixes of the provided photo. The provided image should be easily recognizable in your final submission. - Do not take someone else's Remix and submit it as your own. - No...

Imagine Dragons Shared TELYKAST Remix Of Classic Track, ‘Demons’

Imagine Dragons have released a new remix of their fan favorite, “Demons” helmed by TELYKast. You can check it out below. TELYKast bring a celebratory beat to their new remix of “Demons,” the second single from the Las Vegas outfit’s multi-platinum, 2012 debut album, Night Visions. The “Demons (TELYKAST Remix)” is now available on all digital services through IGA/UMe.