Big Ten Football Power Poll Week 13: Skyrim NPC’s Edition

Hey, you. You’re finally awake. A few weeks ago marked the tenth anniversary of the release of one of history’s best-selling and most critically acclaimed video games, Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It remains a cultural phenomenon to this day thanks to rereleases, remasters, additional content made by Bethesda, additional content created by fans and players, and of course endless memes.
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Rumour: PS1 JRPG Chrono Cross Really Is Getting a Remaster

Today in rumours that simply refuse to die: PlayStation JRPG Chrono Cross is being remastered, presumably for current or last-gen consoles — or both. Indeed, this gossip has being doing the rounds for months, but the ever-reliable Gematsu has added some much needed weight to the reports. The publication has heard that a remaster is in development, and given the sheer amount of rumours preceding this statement, we're inclined to believe that this really is happening.
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GTA Trilogy Patch Fixes More Than 100 Bugs

A big new update for GTA: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition is out now, and it includes more than 100 fixes for the game's various issues that have soured the experience for some. This update arrives not long after Rockstar apologized for the issues with GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas, acknowledging that the games did not release in a state that lived up to the developer's own expectations and what fans wanted to see.
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Company of Heroes 3 evolves what the series has always done best

In 2006, Company of Heroes was released during the golden age of real-time strategy games. It was a period marked by robust multiplayer offerings and big-budget campaigns, beginning — although there is some dispute — with Age of Empires in 1997, and culminating with the release of Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty in 2010.

15 PS4 Games That Received The Best PS5 Upgrades

The PS5 is still just a little over a year old, so obviously, we’re not even close to the point where we begin seeing exclusives that take full advantage of the hardware. But while we wait for that, developers have been taking the opportunity to go back to older games from the PS4 generation and bring them to the more powerful new console, or to release cross-gen titles whose PS5 versions might not be leaps and bounds above their PS4 counterparts but do still offer meaningful improvements. Whether its free upgrades, those cross-gen titles, or paid remasters and re-releases, there’s been a few games that have done that quite well, and here, we’re going to talk about some of them.

Amazon Nears Deal to Make Mass Effect TV Series

Amazon Studios is nearing a deal to develop a Mass Effect TV series based on BioWare’s popular sci-fi RPG. In a report about Amazon’s success with the recent Wheel of Time adaptation, Deadline says Amazon is readying more adaptations for popular franchises, including Mass Effect. The report notes that the deal is nearing, meaning Amazon and EA haven’t fully agreed to the project just yet.
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Rumour: Chrono Trigger Sequel Chrono Cross Might Be Getting A Remaster

Remasters are all the rage at the moment, so a recent rumour which claims that Square's Chrono Cross is getting the same treatment should come as no great shock. Originally released on the PlayStation in 1999 (Japan) and 2000 (North America), Chrono Cross takes place in the same universe as Chrono Trigger, the classic SNES JRPG. The game was developed by many of the same people who made the 16-bit outing, including Masato Kato, Yasuyuki Honne and Yasunori Mitsuda.

Rockstar Games “Sincerely Apologises” For State Of Remastered Trilogy

Rockstar Games “Sincerely Apologises” For State Of Remastered Trilogy. Rockstar Games released a statement about the “unexpected technical problems” that players experienced in the remastered trilogy Grand Theft Auto game earlier this month. It seemed like it was written in stars that the upgraded Grand Theft Auto III and Grand...

GTA: The Trilogy: Rockstar Reefs, Classics Return

Rockstar’s handling of the GTA trilogy had the opposite positive effect: taking old games out for sale, taking action against mods, and releasing false remasters. With the first connection and a small twist, the company is now trying to minimize the damage. Advertisement: Black Friday week begins on Amazon, Fire...

Remaster Fatigue: The Ballad of GTA Definitive Edition's Failures

If there's one thing that the gaming industry is good at, it's promising that the next big game is always just around the corner. Every single time, developers swear that their next game will be bigger, it will have more fish AI, look 16 times better, and so on. Whether or not the games actually live up to such promises is another issue, but it gives the impression that the gaming industry is in a constant state of progress, especially to the common layman. If you were to explain the habit of remastering really old games to that same layman however, it must seem like a ridiculous contradiction. After all, remastered games are basically decades-old games that are being sold again to a modern audience, albeit with a fresh new coat of paint.