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In Greece, too, pope’s migrant agenda could be a tough sell

ROME – From the beginning of the migration crisis, Greece has been a frontline arrival point for migrants and refugees seeking entry into Europe, and while the situation has improved in recent years, the pope might have a hard time convincing weary locals of his agenda to welcome during his upcoming trip.
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EU Must Uphold Access to Fair Asylum Procedures

Please see below statement from Refugees International Advocate for Europe Daphne Panayotatos:. “The European Commission’s proposal to allow EU Member States to derogate from standard asylum procedures in view of the situation at the EU-Belarus border is a disproportionate response that risks undermining individuals’ access to a fair asylum process.
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Convocation bishop urges French authorities to change policies after migrant deaths in English Channel

[Episcopal News Service] The Rt. Rev. Mark Edington, bishop of the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe, is urging French authorities to immediately change some of their policies on the treatment of refugees and migrants in the country after 27 migrants died trying to cross the English Channel on Nov. 24. The deaths shone a spotlight on inhumane conditions for migrants in France, Edington said, arguing that if the French government will not provide basic humanitarian assistance to migrants, churches and other charitable groups must be allowed to do so.
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Untapped potential: The overlooked resource of partnerships with city leaders

This article first appeared on Mixed Migration Centre’s website. MMC engages in content partnerships with several organizations, and cross-posting does not indicate an endorsement or agreement. Over the past decade, there has been a growing tide of evidence on how international humanitarian and development actors can best meet the needs...

Between Uncertainty and Paradox: Afghan Refugees in Turkey

What the story of Afghan refugees in Turkey shows is that there is no reward for those who follow the rules or waiting in line for resettlement. Life for migrants stuck between their home country and a destination country is difficult with little hope in sight. This article was originally...
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These Charities Are Helping Refugees—And They Need Your Aid

This month, 10 people were found suffocated to death in the bottom of a desperately overcrowded boat taking on water off the coast of Libya, Médicins Sans Frontières reported. And international attention has turned to the Poland-Belarus showdown at their border, not least because of the thousands of migrants caught up in the middle of what appears to be a deliberately manufactured crisis, who were stranded in the wild in freezing temperatures and subjected to the use of water cannons and tear gas by military forces. Elsewhere, the drastically spiraling Afghanistan situation is about to become “the worst humanitarian crisis on Earth,” according to the director of the World Food Programme.

Up to 2,000 migrants, refugees at Belarusian-Polish border, says UN

Up to 2,000 migrants and refugees have massed at the Belarusian-Polish border and an estimated 7,000 currently are in Belarus, the UN's migration organization said Monday. “Together with UNHCR and partners, our priority is the safety of these stranded migrants, upholding their human rights and preventing more deaths as temperatures remain well below freezing,” said Antonio Vitorino, director general of the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

Refugee drama overshadows state visit royal couple to Greece

The royal couple's state visit to Greece from December 13 to 15 promises to be a trip full of angels and foot traps. Probably including a visit to a refugee camp on Lesvos. Due to the refugee crisis, the visit is already sensitive anyway. The case of the Dutch journalist...

The International Community Can Learn a Lot From Bangladesh’s ‘Humanity’

The humanity that our current Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has shown to the refugees all over the world, as well as the Rohingyas sheltered in Bangladesh, will be an example to the world. Today, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has earned a reputation in the world court as the ‘Mother of Humanity’. Leading Dutch diplomat magazine headlined their cover report ‘Sheikh Hasina: Mother of Humanity’. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has saved the lives of millions of oppressed people by deciding to open the border with Bangladesh to provide shelter to Myanmar nationals forcibly displaced from Rakhine State in Myanmar.

In Greece’s tough job market, non-profits offer refugee lifeline

Bowed over a large workbench with a dozen classmates, asylum-seeker Fazle Rabbi is learning how to construct a network cable, hoping to boost his job prospects in Greece. ‘If I get good marks from this academy, I think I will get (a job) as an IT technician,’ the 18-year-old Bangladeshi said, pliers in hand.