Refugees from Iran and other countries show photos at Miami Art Week

A group of women living in a refugee camp in the village of Diavata — near Thessaloniki, Greece — have been showing artwork during Miami Art Week at an exhibit called “One World Show.” The project, put together by Art 4 Humanity, features photography taken and modeled by the women. We’re told proceeds from the show’s sales will go to the Photography School — established by non-governmental organization Quick Response Team, which trained the women. The school that has instructed over 50 budding photographers — who’ve fled countries including Afghanistan, Syria and Iran — works with “refugees fleeing conflicts around the world… as...
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Santa visits 525 refugee families in Des Moines with toys, clothes and toiletries

Wali Marjun Darwaan's son carried a bag nearly as tall as he was packed full of winter clothing, toiletries and a pair of cowboy boots across the parking lot at Hickman Flats, an apartment complex on Hickman Road. The family of Afghan refugees came to the complex to visit Santa Claus, who made an early trip to the Des Moines metro on Saturday with the help of Des Moines Refugee Support.
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Help Charity Help Ukraine: Bismarck church raises funds for mission trip to Ukraine

BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - The need for volunteer and missionary work in Ukraine is urgent. And for some, it is a personal call to help. The Help Charity Help Ukraine lunch event was held to raise money for the people of Ukraine. Pastor Brad Miller and two others from his congregation will be heading to Ukraine on December 10, and proceeds from this lunch will allow them to buy and bring food and supplies.
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Murrysville man lending helping hand with program that helps resettle Ukrainian refugees

Anthony Bucciero of Murrysville was surprised to discover the similarities between the economies of Ukraine and Pennsylvania. “It’s a lot like Pennsylvania, with a lot of farming and manufacturing,” said Bucciero, CEO of Guardian Construction Management Services in Murrysville. “And to think that someone has just come in and bombed the hell out of the place, I felt bad and got online trying to see what I could do.”

Project Rescue Holds First Christmas Bazaar

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)-A local organization who looks to help those who are homeless started what they hope becomes a new tradition.The bluegrass group Gloryland Way, led by leader Vincent Tan, provided entertainment for Project Rescue’s first Christmas Bazaar at the Standifer Gap Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Visitors could shop at...

Franciscan Spirituality Center holds craft fair for Ukraine

LA CROSSE (WKBT) – Helping Ukrainian refugees, one jewelry piece at a time. The Franciscan Spirituality Center partnered with the Sisters of the Dormition to host a craft fair to support Ukraine. Organizers hope the fair promotes a holiday message of peace and goodwill. They say that everything sold at the fair, from handcrafted jewelry to rosaries, holds a special...
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Miss Arab USA 2022 joins refugee advocates at Elena’s Light fundraiser

Marwa Lahlou tearfully recalled the moment she was called “the daughter of a terrorist.” As the only Arab student in her high school, discussions surrounding the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11 often drew bullying and discrimination from her peers. Now, Lahlou holds the 2022 Miss Arab USA crown...

25 Million Stitches: New Flagstaff exhibit highlights world refugee crisis

There’s a new exhibit at the Coconino Center for the Arts called 25 Million Stitches: One Stitch, One Refugee. It’s a global participatory art project that uses thousands of hand-stitched panels to represent refugees worldwide. It’s meant to bring awareness to the enormity of the crisis. KNAU’s...

Sweden-based Chechen dissident Tumso Abdurakhmanov reportedly murdered

Sweden-based dissident Chechen blogger Tumso Abdurakhmanov has been assassinated, according to Chechen opposition figures. On Monday, 1Adat, a Telegram channel and social movement, reported they had confirmed through sources in Chechnya and Europe that Abdurakhmanov had been gunned down. They said his brother, Mohmad Abdurakhmanov, had been taken into protective custody. In a video address on Monday, Anzor Maskhadov, a former representative of the Chechen republic of Ichkeria and an associate of Abdurakhmanov, also confirmed his death.
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Hugh Ryan on the Urgency of Prison Abolition

On the first night of the Stonewall Uprising in June, 1969, there were actually two riots. In the Women’s House of Detention—the prison that hulked just 500 feet down Christopher Street from the bar—incarcerated people heard what was happening outside, and flocked to their small, barred windows. Chanting, “Gay rights, gay rights!” they set fire to their meagre belongings and tossed them at the crowds below—tiny missiles of freedom, like falling stars, blessing the resistance.

Good Neighbors of Capitol Hill help settle 100th refugee family in DC area

A D.C. region interfaith group celebrated a milestone this weekend as they helped their 100th refugee family find a home — and a new start — in the area. Raz Mohammad and his family fled their home in Afghanistan to Islamabad, Pakistan, where they awaited a Special Immigrant Visa to the United States. They received that visa a few months ago and arrived in the U.S. on Oct. 13.

Ukrainian model flees war to Israel to start a new life

"I was asleep, my phone rang, and my friend on the other side of the line told me, 'the war started,'" Ukranian model Vika Levi recalls. "I mumbled that I don't believe it, and she told me to look out the window. My husband and I went to the balcony, we heard the sirens, saw the bombing, and from that day on, our lives changed," the 26-year-old Vika Levi (26) describes the moments she experienced in her apartment in Kyiv.

“Alla contained all of Russia”: Laima Vaikule protected Pugacheva from bullying

Pugacheva continues to be harassed in Russia because of her support for Ukraine. The famous singer Laima Vaikule came to the defense of Alla Pugacheva, who continues to be harassed because of her support for Ukraine. As the Telegram channel “Celebrity Diaries” reports, in one of the interviews, Vaikuli said...