Warhawk Weekly 1-18: Adams speaks at Reflections event; AU presidential finalist

Adams discusses King’s legacy during Reflections event. In sharing insights during Auburn University at Montgomery’s annual Martin Luther King Jr. Reflections event Tuesday morning, U.S. Air Force Brigadier General Terrence A. Adams discussed the remaining challenges and opportunities that exist in building on King’s dreams of an equitable and inclusive America.
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You can now buy Lunar, which added 11% to its value: here’s where

Lunar is the top trending coin on CoinMarketCap today on news of an upcoming Bitmart listing, having added 11% to its value in the last 24 hours. It is the native token of the DeFi application Lunar, which aims to streamline the entire process of crypto and NFT trading into one intuitive interface. This short guide explains what Lunar is, whether it’s worth buying, and the top places to buy Lunar now.
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Reflections on a Kitchen Remodel – Here’s Why It Takes So Long

The great Glover Gardens Kitchen Remodel, AKA the Glover Gardens Kitchen 2.0, is coming to a close. The beginning was a while ago. To remind you, here’s the first post in the Kitchen Remodel series, from late August just before we began this journey. I look back at the “before” pictures and simply can’t believe we lived with its outdated pinkness and galley shape for so long. What were we thinking???!!!
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10 thoughts and reflections about ‘Juice’ because it’s 30 years old — and ZOMG!

On Jan. 17, 1992, the theatrical release date for Juice — the Eric Dickerson-written-and-directed classic, star-making movie for Tupac Shakur and Omar Epps — I was a 12-year-old military brat whose family was stationed in Frankfurt, Germany. I can’t tell you exactly when I saw it, definitely somewhere in probably April or May 1992 — we got movies a few months after their theatrical releases on overseas bases — but I know I saw Juice in a theater on the Abrams Complex, one of the installations in Frankfurt that also housed the American high school. Today, I’m a 42-year-old married father of four living in Washington, D.C. That means 30 (!!!!!!!) years have passed since Juice was unleashed onto the masses, introducing the vast majority of folks to Tupac Shakur and everybody to Omar Epps.

In Conversation with Caroline Abel, Catia Tomasetti, Jorgovanka Tabaković, and Nor Shamsiah Mohd Yunus: Reflections on a Successful Career in Central Banking

Across the globe, central banks and other regulatory agencies face a persistent and significant gender gap in leadership. Today, the number of women serving as Governor—the most senior position—at a Central Bank totals only 14, illustrating a clear need for greater diversity in leadership. In Part I of...

Inside Reflections at Brunswick Forest

From walking your dog in Annsdale Park to working on your cardio routine in our Fitness and Wellness Center, we have what you need to be healthful. One of the most exciting elements to look forward to this year is Reflections at Brunswick Forest. This secondary fitness facility is filled with a variety of high-tech equipment and an amazing beach access, saltwater pool. The new amenity is so close to being ready, and we want to give you a sneak peek inside this amazing building.

Some reflections on MLK Jr.

This blog is being shared in celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which was Monday, January 17. She received a Master of Divinity in Christian faith formation from Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary (AMBS) in 2021. _____________________________________. Who is Martin Luther King Jr., and why do we celebrate him? Martin...

114 Reflections That Might Mess With Your Head (New Pics)

What you see in the mirror is your reflection with which you’re most likely very familiar. So there’s little surprise there. But there are many other things that bounce back at you, or off of surfaces—think of light waves, sound waves, even your thoughts. In fact, the...

With the Saints through Christmas (25): 19 January 2022, Saint John the Baptist

Saint John’s Co-Cathedral in Valletta is dedicated to Saint John the Baptist and was built by the Order of Saint John in 1572-1577 (Photograph: Patrick Comerford, 2022) I am in Valetta this week, and it seems as though every street – or every second street – inside the walls of the capital of Malta, is named after a saint. But as I continue my explorations of Valletta today, before this day begins, I am taking some time early this morning for prayer, reflection and reading.
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Monmouth College group spends first days of 2022 in 'fabulous' country of El Salvador

MONMOUTH — Folks around Monmouth spent Jan. 1 watching bowl games, shoveling eight inches of snow and, perhaps, sleeping in after a rockin' New Year's Eve. A group from Monmouth College celebrated the first day of 2022 in a much more adventurous fashion, traveling via horseback to the top of a volcano in the Central American country of El Salvador.

The Dole: Reflections & Aspirations!

The Dole Reflects on 2021, Gears Up for Great 2022 – Thanks to YOU!. 2021 was a big year for The Dole! The past year brought many new opportunities and positive improvements, it brought connection with each other and the opportunity to reflect on what is important. In 2021, we have enjoyed time with our neighbors and community members. We saw the return of the beloved Lakeside Festival, spent Sundays at the Farmers Market+ and enjoyed live entertainment at Music Under the Trees.

reflections on the 20th anniversary of the Beijing Raptor Rescue Center

IFAW’s Beijing Raptor Rescue Center releases a common kestrel back into the wild in Beijing, China. On a chilly winter afternoon in 2001, with a cardboard box in my hand, a group of us climbed onto a hill overlooking Beijing. The sun was about to slip behind the trees. The only sound was our feet crunching on the dry leaves. “This is a good spot,” someone whispered as we came to a landing. A stone ledge overhung the hillside. Behind us was a small forest of trees. I put the box on the ledge, carefully turned on its side with the opening away from me, and quietly opened the flaps. A small eagle owl jumped out, hopped a few steps, and turned around. Before flying into the trees, he locked his eyes with mine for a moment.

Beatitudes reflections: How do we comfort those who mourn?

Editor’s note: This is part of a series of reflections on the Eight Beatitudes taught by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount. Look for new installments every Tuesday leading up to Ash Wednesday, March 2. Editor’s note: This is part of a series of reflections on the Eight...

God of War graphics comparison showcases superior quality on the PC platform

As if anyone is surprised that the PC platform is the best place for gaming, a new graphics comparison video for the latest PlayStation PC port release showcases superior quality compared to the console versions, even on a 4 year old game. Plus, ultrawide support seems to almost completely transform the experience.