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Jade Cargill Recalls Celebrity Acting Cocky Before Big AEW Match

Many celebrities have decided to dip their toes into the professional wrestling world, whether that be to make an quick appearance, wrestle one match, or in a case like Bad Bunny and Logan Paul, be accepted into the wrestling community and wrestle more than once. Jade Cargill had no prior wrestling experience before making her AEW debut, and since that debut, she has not lost a single match by pinfall, submission, countout, or disqualification, and that all started when she teamed with NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal. In an interview with Whoo Kid, current TBS Champion Cargill recalled working with O'Neal and how it was working with both he and Cody Rhodes.
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Treat to Try: Gourmand Croquant Bakery

The shopping center at the corner of 161 and Cleveland Avenue has established itself as a solid local headquarters for fun foods. You can score a Banh Mi at Mi Li, or you can try out a Brazilian cafeteria or Italian eatery. Dive a little further in, and you’ll find Gourmand Croquant Bakery.
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Seulgi of Red Velvet on Exploring Her Dark Side As a Solo Artist

Seulgi has spent the last eight years as a member of SM Entertainment’s five-piece girl group Red Velvet, known for their fun and upbeat songs that are often innovative and genre-bending. She’s a standout star, with a unique and soothing voice, and she’s been featured on tracks by a wide range of other artists, along with becoming part of Red Velvet’s first sub-unit, Irene & Seulgi, and the SM Entertainment supergroup Got the Beat (alongside bandmate Wendy). Seulgi is often regarded as an all-rounder artist because of her talent, creativity, and artistry in multiple realms — and now, she’s...