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Rachel Roddy’s recipe for stuffed red pepper rolls

There was a staircase off the main bar of the Gardener’s Arms pub. It had thick, red carpet with swirls and led to the flat where the landlady, Alice Jones, our granny, lived with Grandpa, and where we stayed when we visited. When you’re nine years old, being sent to bed is like being banished. Even more so when you’re sent at precisely the moment things are getting interesting: as the pub was filling with regulars whose habits seemed as much a part of the place as the brass fittings, and as Robinson’s bitter rushed into glasses. My younger brother, sister and I would plead for extra time, two more songs on the jukebox, then we’d go upstairs, although rarely to bed. Rather, we’d sit at the top of the staircase and watch the increasingly boisterous scenes through the banisters. Who would notice us first? If it was our parents, we would scatter like marbles; if it was Granny, we knew we had another 10 minutes. We always hoped it would be Colin, our deep-flared, rock’n’roll uncle, who, if we were lucky, would bring us bottles of Schweppes lemonade and bags of crisps.
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Pearl Jam Add Former Red Hot Chili Peppers Guitarist to Lineup

Fans in attendance for Pearl Jam’s headlining set at the Sea.Hear.Now festival in Asbury Park, N.J. witnessed the debut of the band’s newest touring guitarist, former Red Hot Chili Pepper Josh Klinghoffer. According to Consequence, a representative for Pearl Jam confirmed that Klinghoffer has been added as a touring musician,...
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5 Easy Paleo Recipes For Beginners

A paleo diet is one that involves going back to basics and eating natural foods, and not foods that are refined and processed. It’s a type of diet that helps a lot of people and allows them to focus on the important food groups and get away from the junk food that they might have been too reliant on in the past. If you want to try out the paleo diet too, here are 5 easy paleo-friendly recipes you can start off with.

When Korn Members Miserably Failed To Impress Red Hot Chili Peppers

Every Korn fan knows that the band is most notably known for pioneering the nu-metal genre and bringing it into the mainstream with the successful records they have released during their nearly three-decade-old career. The band has numerous accomplishments, from selling more than 40 million records worldwide to having twelve...