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Red flags posted in Nags Head beach due to high rip current risk

NAGS HEAD, N.C. (WAVY) — Red “no swimming” signs are posted on Nags Head’s beach Saturday due to dangerous rip currents. In a statement released on the Nags Head website, officials are telling everyone to stay out of the Atlantic Ocean today. Nags Head beach currently sits in a high-risk zone for rip currents meaning swimming is strictly prohibited.
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Foster care expert says missing 6-year-old’s adoptive placement raises red flags

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A foster care expert says there are several red flags in 6-year-old Isabella “Ariel” Kalua’s disappearance ― and adoptive family placement. Steve Lane, the principal investigator in several high-profile child abuse cases in Hawaii, is even questioning whether the state should have placed the Waimanalo 6-year-old and her siblings with their adoptive family to begin with.
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36 Mere Vargiya – Jasmine Sandlas’s stirring tale dedicated to everyone

Jasmine Sandlas’ song 36 Mere Vargiya is more like a tribute to every girl who has healed from cheating and heartbreak in a relationship that she gave her soul. Indian-American songwriter and singer Jasmine Sandlas made a comeback with yet another ‘Add To Playlist’ Song in 2021. The song is titled ’36 Mere Vargiya’ which in local dialect is used to take away the identity of a girl by comparing her to 36 other girls similar to her.

The Internet Reacts To Woman's Ridiculous List Of Dating Red Flags

We're the first to point out red flags we see in guys that our friends date. Mostly so they could spend more time with us after they end it with them. Hey, we never said we weren't toxic! But the red flags that we point ot are actually legit, and we bring them up because we're actually concerned. A woman shared her list of red flags with the internet, and man of the flags on her list are pretty outrageous. We're pretty sure she posted it as a joke because they're so outrageous! Or maybe she's like us and wants her friends to give up on all men entirely so that she can spend more time with them. Have a look below, and let us know what you think.

Contract Controversy: A Target 12 Investigators exclusive Monday at 5

Last week, Target 12 uncovered how a brand-new company quickly landed a multimillion-dollar state contract. Now, the controversial deal is raising red flags with some lawmakers at the State House. Because it’s your tax dollars, Target 12 Investigator Tim White takes a deep dive into this Contract Controversy Monday on...

Latest Tik-Tok Trend is Encouraging Students to Steal from Schools

A new Tik-Tok trend is encouraging teens to steal items from their schools. It's now raising red flags among our Tri-State school districts. School districts 44News reach out to say Tik-Tok has been a problem in the past. But they made it clear if students are doing something that violates...

Jonas Brothers release new single 'Who's In Your Head'

The Jonas Brothers are out with a new single which asks the question, "Who's In Your Head?" The brothers learn that the love of their life has cheated on them, leading them to agonize over the doomed romance. It boils down a the point where the three can't even look...