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Zoo Miami announces death of 27-year-old ostrich named Red

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – Zoo Miami’s 27-year-old male ostrich named Red was found dead Wednesday morning by his keepers, zoo officials confirmed Friday in a news release. According to the news release, a necropsy was performed by the Animal Health Department on Thursday, but a cause of death couldn’t be determined.
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Bounce Infinity E1 Colors: Red, Black, White, Grey, Silver

Hello Electric! Bounce, a Bengaluru based 2-wheeler EV company has introduced its very first product Bounce Infinity E1 in India on 2nd December 2021. What differentiates Bounce Infinity from other electric 2-wheelers is the option for swappable battery. The company claims the Infinity E1 is the only scooter in India with dual options in swappable battery – Scooter with Battery-as-a-Service and Scooter with battery and charger. As of Today, Bounce is offering certified range per charge of 85 kilometres. There are five Bounce Infinity E1 Colors.
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Where You Can Get RED Hot Chocolate This Season

People are saying the bright red color of this hot chocolate makes it look like candy in a cup. The free toppings make it even better. Apparently the bright red color comes from the candy cane flavoring that is added to the cocoa!. Want to score a cup? Head over...
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Forsaken Portals – Definitive Trading Guide

Trading is simple. Prices do not change over time (fixed prices). Black color: upgrades or modules or blueprints. Red color: best buy price (the cheapest one). Green color: best sell (the biggest profit). For pure trading routes (buy from station and sell to station) we have…. W.I.P.

Tumbled Pink Sapphire

This enchanting Tumbled Pink Sapphire was sourced from India and is a powerful tool for uncovering answers about love. This offering is incredibly rare – you won’t find anything else like it on the market. It even glows under a black light! Pink sapphire is a Heart Chakra gem that embodies love, forgiveness, acceptance, and release. It resonates with both the fire and water elements, and its light pink hue is reflective of its soft, comforting vibration – a frequency aligned with the energy of Divine Love. Incorporating this gem into your practice is a powerful way to let go of stagnant energies and open up to new soul connections. Whether you’re recovering from heartbreak, attracting new soul connections, or curious about what the universe has in store for you, this gem will serve as your guide.

the famous feather top from The Attico already has a cheaper version in Uterqüe

One of the top firms of the moment comes from Italy and responds to the name of The Attico. Captained by Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini, one of its most mythical pieces comes in the form of a marabou feather top. Available in various colors, this piece soon triumphed in street style (and in RRSS, of course). Now Uterqüe releases a version of the most similar perfect for the holiday season.

A Closer Look at Two Red Maple Trees in Prospect Park

The brilliant fall foliage is slowly fading in Brooklyn. All the showy red, yellow, and orange hues now litter the ground, mixed with green and brown colors, where residents shovel the detritus into bags. Among the remaining spectacle, golden ginkgo trees have begun dumping their fan-shaped leaves all along the streets.

Home Goods, Decor Gift Guide 2021: Shop Localish Deals and Steals Holiday Special

NEW YORK -- Looking for the perfect home goods and decor gifts? These brands are up to 50% off for a limited time NOW only at The Marlin Classic Sign is handcrafted in coastal Massachusetts from solid wood and can be personalized with any word or phrase making it a statement piece and go-to gift for everything from weddings to housewarmings and other special occasions.

What Color Throw Pillows Go With Red Couch? (15 Ideas)

Working with the interior design of the home is a very challenging task but choosing the throw pillow that would accentuate couches best should not be that hard. Nonetheless, your color and design choices matter because it can make the cohesive look of the living room or any living space where the couch and throw pillow connection shall be arranged.

10 Best Happy New Year Decoration Kits 2022

Hi there everyone! We can imagine how excited you all must be to read this blog and that is how it should be, honestly because it is new year that is about to begin and we just cannot wait for all the good things it will bring with itself. But before we start talking about these cool and literally the best Happy New Year decoration kits that we have collected as a list to share with you guys, we would like to thank you all for reading our previous blogs and for also sharing them with your loved ones as well.

5 Lash and Brow Products Made Specifically for Redheads

We may receive commissions from links on this page, but we only recommend products we love and deem 'redhead friendly'. Full Disclosure. Finding the perfect mascara and brow products for redheads can be difficult. Our light blonde lashes and brows need all the help they can get, but traditional colors can often be too dark, too harsh, and too cool-toned. Makeup made specifically for redheads has a long way to go, but we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite lash and brow products made specifically for redheads.

Why Are Barns Painted Red?

This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article. There are three reasons we see so many red American barns. It’s traditional, it’s practical and the color looks good. Although a main reason to paint wooden buildings is for appearances, paint also protects...

The University of Tokyo, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Agricultural Research Organization develops “fruit color promotion device” that improves the color of apples and grape skins by irradiating with blue LED light | Today Nation News

The University of Tokyo, Yamaguchi Prefectural Industrial Technology Center, Agricultural and Food Industry Technology Research Organization (Agricultural Research Organization) Fruit Tree Tea Industry Research Division is a device that irradiates the fruits of apples and red grapes with blue LED light to promote coloring of the skin. Was developed. Producers of apples and grapes are suffering from the phenomenon that the coloring of fruits becomes poor due to the effects of global warming and the commercial value decreases, but improvement is expected with this device.

20% Off Pasta Makers from Fasta Pasta and CucinaPro

Cook perfect pasta faster than ever with the Fasta Pasta Microwave Cooker! Same as the Original Fasta Pasta, now in a stylish Red color! A must-have for people living in high altitude- cook perfect al dente pasta before your water starts boiling on the stove. The perfect way to enjoy...