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Vegan Pad Thai Recipe

Kathy's Vegan Kitchen is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Read more here. Recently, I posted my Zoodle Pad Thai Recipe, which I often cook in the summer when zucchini grows like crazy in our garden. One of my friends, who isn't a zucchini fan, asked me for a low-fat pad thai recipe using rice noodles. I love vegan Asian food, so I happily complied. Vegan pad thai is easy enough to make, but traditional pad thai is often high in fat not only because of the oil but the egg and other high-fat ingredients. How to make vegan pad thai low-fat, however, takes very few ingredients.
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Fun Foods To Make For Your Next Picnic

There is nothing better on a sunny weekend day than packing up some delicious foods and heading out for a good old picnic. Picnicking in your local area or further afield is great way for you to enjoy the sunshine and weather as well as eat some great foods and catch up with your loved ones.
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Celebrate family and food

Family traditions and in-person connections are important parts of gatherings of loved ones, and many of those get-togethers are centered on food. The entire family coming together around a table covered with warm, delicious food to share stories and create new memories is what makes mealtime special. Forty chefs from...
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Asian noodle bowl stir-fry recipe

Stacy Springer is in the kitchen today teaching us how to make a colorful Asian dish!. – 2 Fresh Asian basil leaves, sliced salt and pepper to taste. Boil rice/glass noodles for 15 minutes in 6 cups of water. Strain and place in bowls. Directions for Stir Fry:. In a...

I tried a new delicacy

University of Ibadan's inter-faculty competition has commenced. All kinds of sport activities are being done. Yesterday I went to Awo stadium, where I went to watch football matches and some other sports. I went to the stadium with an empty stomach. About three (3)different matches were played along side long...

Spanish Romesco Sauce

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. A deliciously smoky, nutty, zesty sauce with sweet and tangy undertones that’s delicious with fish, pork, poultry, game, roasted vegetables, in stews, sauces, dressings, dips, spread on a piece of crusty bread, and much more! This Romesco Sauce recipe is easy to make and wonderfully versatile!
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MISS OLIVIA: Fall delicacies to make from scratch

Y’all know I’ve been forever pondering recipes to make most everything from scratch. You also know some ingredients are getting harder to find, and sometimes right pricey. I used Paul Newman mild salsa with satisfactory results. Fresh, homemade salsa is preferable if you are serving salsa and chips. I used canned chili for the taco dip. I won’t be doing that again. Save two cups of your home made chili for the taco dip. It freezes well and will mix in nicely if you thaw completely and stir in gently.

Crunchy Cashew Cabbage Salad

This post may contain affiliate links. Crunchy Cashew Cabbage Salad with a creamy dressing is an easy weeknight recipe that’s ready in ten minutes. Serve with hot, crunchy bread!. Crunchy Cashew Cabbage Salad is the perfect recipe alternative to traditional coleslaw, and a little different than some of my favorite...

8 of Our Favorite Meatless Recipes

There’s a time and place for a good steak, but increasingly people are turning to plant-based diets for environmental, ethical, health, or financial reasons. Whether you’re full-on vegan, pescatarian, partake in Meatless Mondays, or are simply looking to get more veggies and other healthy foods into your diet, we’ve got you covered. Here we’ve rounded up 8 of our favorite meatless recipes that show that you don’t need meat to have a filling, delicious meal.

House on the River Rice Pilaf

This recipe comes from a hunting/fishing club that my ex-husband used to go to. He brought it home, but I don't know who the original author was. It is good with fish or chicken. Guess it could go with anything you'd like. Combine the beef broth and wild rice in...

Slow Cooker Kung Pao Chicken Recipe

This post may contain affiliate links. Read our disclosure policy. Enjoy a little spice for dinner with this slow cooker Kung Pao chicken recipe. It is such a simple dinner recipe, filled with great flavor and hearty with chicken, vegetables, and served over rice!. If you love quick and easy...

How to Make Hattie B’s Black-Eyed Pea Salad at Home

The following post may contain affiliate links. If you click a link and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra charge to you. To learn more about this, please visit my Disclaimer page. Thank you for your continued support!. We can’t get to Hattie B’s every...

Aroi Mak Mak lives up to its Thai name, ‘very delicious’

The décor is quite striking. Straw baskets with red lights inside hang from the ceiling behind the bar, and multicolored ribbons stream out in rows with tiny lights across the ceiling in the huge room at Aroi Mak Mak. The name of the restaurant translates from the Thai language as...

Sunday Gravy with Beef Short Ribs

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - The Italian-American classic known as Sunday gravy is not just a dish, it’s an event. The secret to this recipe is the slow braising of the ribs, thereby creating a tender and tasty pasta dish. Try it this Labor Day weekend!. Prep Time: 2 Hours.

Why This Mediterranean-Inspired Power Bowl Is The Perfect Balanced Vegan Lunch

Our editors have independently chosen the products listed on this page. If you purchase something mentioned in this article, we may earn a small commission. While a "Mediterranean-inspired" lunch could mean a lot of things (after all, there's a number of cuisines that surround the Mediterranean sea), it almost definitely means it will rely heavily on veggies, whole grains, and healthy fats—after all, those are some of the key pillars of the Mediterranean diet.

Mexican Crab Cakes with Serrano Cream

Mexican Crab Cakes with Serrano Cream use rich, buttery, Dungeness crab and just enough Panko with a creamy serrano cilantro lime sauce. Crab cakes are so versatile. Pairing crab with end of summer vegetables like corn and zucchini makes for a seasonal favorite. I tend to pick up on the Mexican inspired flavor with almost every dish I make. I like the bright, colorful ingredients and love the spice.
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How to satisfy picky eaters

Summer is a popular time for families to gather for picnics and cookouts with lots of delicious foods. But for parents and caregivers, even the most joyous of family gatherings can be stressful when you're dealing with a picky eater. Sometimes what parents think is picky eating isn't actually picky...

25+ Packable Vegan Lunch Ideas

Lunchtime one of the busiest times since it's right in the middle of the day! Having a packable lunch option is great for eating a nutritious meal on the go. This list of 25+ packable vegan lunch ideas will give you plenty of options to keep your lunches simple, quick, and nutritious!
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Thai Basil Eggplant Recipe (Vegan Stir Fry)

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure. Thai Basil Eggplant is a delicious vegetarian dish made with eggplant, peppers, onions, garlic, and a blend of fresh Asian sauces and spices. This vegan stir-fry is quick and easy to make and can be served as a side dish or a light main dish for simple weeknight dinners!

Avocado Your Way: 4 Recipes Using Our Favorite Superfood

Living in southern California, the avocado is a staple for my family, as well as many others. For many southern California kids, avocado is their first food. Why? Because the avocado is a superfood! It's loaded with rich nutrients and fiber. In my family, we use avocado for everything — from breakfast to dessert!