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Palo Alto Players stage fundraiser, revolution

Palo Alto Players is joining thousands of theatrical organizations all over the world Nov. 13-14 who will each offer their own local production of Music Theatre International (MTI)’s “All Together Now! A Global Event Celebrating Local Theatre.”. MTI created this musical for local theater to use as a fundraiser. The...
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People Have Spent More than $1 Million on NFT 'Girlfriends'

Good news: you can now buy a girlfriend on the blockchain. Bull Market Girlfriends, a recently-launched NFT collection, come in a wide variety of genres—you can buy a Beauty Queen Girlfriend, a Devilish Girlfriend, a Good Girl Girlfriend or even an Alien Girlfriend. Initially these portraits were based on real women, though as the project expanded artist Kristina K. (who goes by Kris K. online) and her husband Martin Lavoie told Motherboard that the girlfriends became amalgamations of different people.
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Real Women Reveal Middle School Celebrity Crushes

Your heart will never beat as fast as it used to in middle school when you saw a picture of your celebrity crush in a teen magazine. 15 real women weighed in on who used to make their hearts skip a beat in their early teens. These are the guys we used to plaster all over our bedroom walls. There is a solid mix of Disney channel stars and guy-liner rocking pop-punkers. Chances are you used to kiss a poster with one of their faces. Cute actors, singers, and entertainers galore. We've covered everything from High School Musical to Twilight to more niche crushes that may surprise you. Keep scrolling to see if you're middle school crush made the cut.

Real Women Share Fragrant Scents They Wished Men Smelled Like

Women go crazy for the smell of a beautifully scented man. But just what mysterious alchemy makes the ultimate sexy male scent? I happen to live and work with a lot of women and gathered anecdotal data on this subject. Cologne companies probably have the largest database of consumer scent preferences in the world. But I have my contact list which is just as concise. The bottom line with fragrance is that it is designed to attract a mate. And in order to do that, a man needs to prove that he is masculine, powerful, and clean just by scent alone. The following scents vary from sweet to bitter and from weak to strong. Compare and contrast and see where you fall on the smell-o-meter. Let's determine what truly is the best aphrodisiac.

Monstrous Regiment

Dd is reading Monstrous Regiment. She loved Wyrd Sisters. Dd is 18, totally gayqueerace TWAW, yet equally aware of the differences between males and females and the effects of patriarchy on women. The cognitive dissonance tears her up. I wonder what she makes of Monstrous Regiment. Add message | Report...

Shop Local this Season in Carlsbad Village

As the holiday season approaches, the time has come to start thinking about our shopping lists. No matter how much planning we try to do, there always seems to be a mad rush right at the last minute. Despite the best intentions, holiday parties, meals, and decorating can snowball quickly and leave us little to no time to tackle a growing list of gifts. Oftentimes, the rush of the holiday season can result in hurried trips to a department store. Or, we can stay up late trying to find hot items online. Unfortunately, this can result in gifts that lack personality, and that’s what giving gifts is all about. This holiday season, consider getting ahead of the rush and shop local.

101 Trailblazing Women of Air and Space book published

Just in time for November Aviation History Month, 101 Trailblazing Women of Air and Space book is available for purchase. Contemporary Adult Nonfiction history of women in aviation with International appeal for readers interested in women pilots and female astronaut history. Packed with easy-to-read, true stories of historic International women aviators and female astronauts of the world. Historic female pilots and women astronauts from America, Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Norway, and Russia. Illustrated with over 110 unique photographs of International women aviators and female space history makers in a pictorial format. Filled with powerful and inspiring true stories of International women aviators and female astronauts from the early days of aviation to today’s astronauts.

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Saycon Sengbloh

➡ Check out Saycon Sengbloh Entry at SuperStarsBio. Saycon Sengbloh has been on television for about 25 years, and she has worked hard throughout the years to acquire access to bigger and better chances. She has had the good fortune of being cast in a number of successful projects. Despite the fact that most of her work has been on the tiny screen, she is gearing up to make her impact on the big screen as well.

New bridal boutique opens in the village of Pittsford

PITTSFORD, N.Y. — The pandemic put a lot of weddings on hold in 2020. But now, the bridal industry is seeing a boom in business. The Wedding Report says there will be an estimated 2.5 million weddings this year. That uptick in business prompted a Genesee County bridal boutique to open a second location closer to Rochester.

Foamy the Squirrel the world is dumb enough don’t add to it shirt

From the product development Foamy the Squirrel the world is dumb enough don’t add to it shirt . Standpoint old Navy has redeveloped all of their existing plus size grading with the use of 3D avatars made with 389 body scans of real women in partnership with the University of Oregon. This fit direction Alison assures will be familiar to their existing customers (their size should still be the same), however the fit will just be better and, based on early feedback, more comfortable. Next, all in-store staff will be receiving training so the in store experience matches the diversity of clientele size. “Democracy of style is so important to us, but equally important is the democracy of service, and so when you walk into an Old Navy store, you should feel included no matter what size you wear,” says Allison. The training will cover who the plus size customer is, the backstory behind this company-wide push, how the Old Navy “fit differentiator” ensures the best fit, and how to shift their own body language to be inclusive. Finally, the icing on the proverbial, size-inclusive cake, is a marketing campaign to coincide with the in store roll-out, featuring women of all sizes alongside plus-size icon Aidy Bryant, who will be the face of the launch. A natural choice, especially as Bryant’s picture has been on the line’s inspiration board since day one, a partnership that feels like manifestation come to life.

A Small Business Gift Guide

Last year, I did a Small Business Gift Guide for the first time, and I LOVED being able to spot light some of my favorite small businesses!. One of the really fun parts about my job is how many entrepreneurs I’ve met and small businesses I’ve gotten to work with over the years.