Roscoe’s Five Point Rat Control Plan For NYC

PARSIPPANY, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec 8, 2022-- Bell Environmental Services, a leading pest control operator serving New York City and its suburbs for 60 years and popularly known for its beagle Roscoe the Bed Bug Dog (Where’s Roscoe? He’s Workin’!!!), applauds Mayor Adams’ aim to reduce New York’s out-of-control rat problems. The city’s media blitz has been great, but until we can get the rats to see it on their smart phones, nothing will change. This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: Photo: Roscoe The Bed Bug Dog of Bell Environmental

Mayor Adams fined $300 for failing to rid his Brooklyn property of rats

NEW YORK -- Mayor Eric Adams spoke out Wednesday out about a rat summons that he got.He's fighting a $300 fine for failing to get rid of rats on his Brooklyn property."I did a good job of mitigating the rats. I speak with my neighbors about it. We make sure that we do everything possible to deal with these rodents," Adams said. "Sometimes I hear the counts of the number of rats compared to New Yorkers and it's frightening, but we are going to bring on a rat czar. We're going to clean our city with Jessica Tisch, the sanitation commissioner, and we're going to push these back. I think she says it best: 'Rats don't run New York.'"READ MORE: New York City says enough is enough, looks to hire badass rat czarAppearing on NY1, the mayor also said he spent nearly $7,000 on rat mitigation on his property.

Mayor Eric Adams faces fine for rats at his Brooklyn property

Rodents strike back. Mayor Eric Adams’ war on rats took an ironic turn Tuesday when it was revealed that Hizzoner is facing a $300 fine for an infestation of the rodents at his Brooklyn property. News of the rat summons came after Adams last month promised to expunge the citywide rat population — or at least put a dent in it. But according to a city citation obtained by The Post, the mayor struggles with keeping his own Bedford Stuyvesant home vermin-free. The mayor was issued a summons by the city health department on May 10 at his brownstone on...

Rat Sightings are Way Up in this MA City According to 2021 Survey

At one point or another. many of us have to deal with some form of pest activity. Working at WSBS Radio in southern Berkshire County we get a number of pests whether it's bugs or mice but luckily we have a pest control technician on the regular to keep the activity to a low roar. It's not rare for radio stations to have pests since many of them like ours are located on or near big fields. Plus, we also have some wetland activity nearby. Speaking of pests, have you seen this big bug in your house or workplace lately?
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Mayor Adams wages war against rats

Mayor Eric Adams contested a health inspector’s $300 fine for failing to get rid of rats that were infesting his Brooklyn property at a virtual court hearing on Dec. 6. He said he had spent $6,800 on rat mitigation on the property and down the block. “There is a...

NYC Mayo Eric Adams fined for rat infestation on his own property

New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who is known for his crusade against rats, is fighting a fine for a rat infestation at one of his Brooklyn properties. The mayor called in to a hearing Tuesday to appeal the claim, which was brought about after a health inspector found rat droppings at his Brooklyn townhouse. The $300 fine was imposed after Adams ignored an initial summons, according to the New York Times.

Rat Fighting Mayor Has His Own Rodent Problems

NEW YORK (AP) — New York City Mayor Eric Adams is such an enemy of rats that he once called a press conference to demonstrate a contraption for drowning them in poison. So it is noteworthy to find Adams contesting a $300 fine issued by his own administration over a rat infestation at a building he owns in Brooklyn. The New York Times reports that Adams appeared at a virtual hearing on Tuesday and said he has spent nearly $7,000 battling rats at the property. The hearing officer said he would render a verdict within 30 days.

Warning to watch out for rats as cold snap drives them indoors after warm autumn

People heading into garages, basements, outbuildings and attics to retrieve Christmas decorations, have been warned to keep a lookout for any signs of rat activity. Internal Rat activity within commercial premises has risen 30% over the last four years, and traditionally peaks in late November and December when the weather turns colder and wetter, according to data analysis from Rentokil Pest Control.

Eric Adams Fined Over Rat Infestation At Own House

Eric Adams, the mayor of New York City, had such a hatred for rats that he once convened a news conference to show off a device for dousing them in poison. Adams is fighting a $300 fine imposed by his administration for a rat infestation at a Brooklyn building he owns.