’ Search for the Perfect Universal Image

This article appears in FLOOD 12: The Los Angeles Issue. You can purchase this special 232-page print edition celebrating the people, places, music and art of LA here. “I’m putting on a sweater and pretending there’s actually weather out,” says Kii Arens from his home in Los Angeles. Mostly content with the balminess of the day, for a moment the visual artist reminisces about living in a chillier East Village upon moving to New York City in 1991—complete with flashbacks of lugging an air conditioner up a four-flight walkup and opening up for the Ramones with his former band Flipp. Thirty years later, he’s still enchanted by the music of a more divine decade past. “I thought the ’90s were amazing,” says Arens. “Look back to Radiohead’s The Bends—listen to that now and it still feels fresh.”
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10 venues where punk happened (and is still happening)

Without music venues for bands to play in, it’s unlikely that punk would have got too far off the ground back when it first emerged in the ‘70s. Some of the world’s most iconic spaces were once the homes of the genre, helping to launch careers of both some of the world’s most revolutionary acts and local heroes who have impacted their own communities. Here are some of the venues where punk happened and, in some cases, is still going strong.
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Slippery Slope

Ithaca, New York — Snowflakes had been falling two weeks ago, but Wednesday brought blue skies and temperatures in the 80s to Upstate New York. Classes had just ended at Cornell University, and after two years of pandemic restrictions and angst the undergrads were ready for their long-deferred spring bacchanal of booze and music: Slope Day.

Bethlehem Land Trust holding concert at Bellamy-Ferriday House

BETHLEHEM — The Bethlehem Land Trust will launch its spring-summer series of free concerts May 19 at 5:30 p.m., at the 81-acre Bellamy-Ferriday Preserve in Bethlehem. Performing at the lead-off event will be singer/songwriters “Hot Acoustics”. The Southbury-based local violin-guitar duo Hot Acoustics’ diverse set list will...

The Ramones Tricked Johnny Rotten Of The Sex Pistols Into Drinking Urine

Think of two groundbreaking '70s-era punk rock groups on either side of the Atlantic, and chances are the Ramones from New York and the Sex Pistols from England will come to mind. Part of each band's success was charismatic and rebellious band members. The Ramones had the long, lanky, enigmatic frontman Joey Ramone and the hard-rocking guitarist Johnny Ramone. The Sex Pistols were fronted by snarling singer Johnny Rotten and sneering bassist Sid Vicious.