Group demonstrates in support of LGBTQ student

A group of mostly students gathered at the Macoupin County Courthouse and Southwestern High School earlier this week in support of a student who was attacked at the school in early October. The incident in which a student brought a rainbow pride flag to school and was then assaulted by...
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You Can Buy Colorful Rainbow Christmas Trees At This Farm In New Jersey

Forget the traditional green trees, or the modern ones that are a crisp white—it’s all about the colorful neon trees!. At Wyckoff’s Tree Farm in Belvidere, New Jersey they sell trees in a rainbow of colors using a technique of latex-based colorants that are specifically created for painting Christmas trees. The farm has been selling these colorful trees for several years now, and their uniqueness is certainly a draw.
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Picture of the Week: Double rainbow appears over Loudoun

It’s a Black Friday miracle. A rainbow appeared over Loudoun County Friday morning and — if you look closely — there’s a second, fainter arc above it. The photo was taken by photographer Bob Jones. He was at the Broadlands Village Center at Claiborne Parkway and Broadlands Boulevard when he...

Utah Falls to Gonzaga in Rainbow Wahine Showdown

HONOLULU – The University of Utah women’s basketball suffered its first loss of the season on day one of the Rainbow Wahine Showdown. Utah was defeated by Gonzaga, 89-71. The Utes (4-1) shot 37.5 percent from the floor against Gonzaga (4-1). Utah hit five three-pointers in the contest, led by three by Gianna Kneepkens. Kneepkens led the team in scoring with 15 points, and Dru Gylten followed with 14 points. Gylten dished out nine assists in the game.

A rainbow of Porsches at Rare Shades 5

The fifth installment was held at Summit Skywalker Ranch. It was a great mix of modern cars and classics, with tons of 911s. Some colors I had never seen before, like lido gold on this 912. 5 of 63 Daniel Golson/Roadshow. Amazing interiors were on display too. 6 of 63...

Rainbows and transforms: semi-analytic formulas

We introduce semi-analytic formulae to price call and put options on the maximum and minimum of a set of risky assets. We use a link between best of asset options and best of call options originating in Margrabe’s work to show that the latter can be prices by using the former.
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Thanks for your support

I want to thank all the merchants and wineries who put up their pink lights this year. We had several merchants in town raise money for Images of Hope even though we were unable to have an event in town this year. A special thanks to High Sierra Quilters and Brass + Oak for their support and donations.
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🚨Dayton hits RAINBOW Game Winner To Upset #4 Kansas🚨(Video)

The Dayton Flyers just hit an absolute rainbow of a shot to knock off the 4th ranked Kansas Jayhawks in the semifinal of the ESPN Events Invitational. What a wild sequence that was. The drive to the rim for the game winning layup was swatted away, but the Flyers were able to get the ball back and get a moonshot to drop in that might have hit the ceiling.

How United are supporting Rainbow Laces

During upcoming Premier League matches against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on Sunday, and Arsenal’s visit to Old Trafford next Thursday, both sets of team captains will wear rainbow armbands to highlight the campaign. Alongside messages of support throughout the stadium and matchday programme, the Arsenal fixture will also provide the first opportunity for fans to see the new Rainbow Devils banner on the second tier of the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand.

Music converging within a rainbow

National Geographic has a way of showing up in my mailbox just when I’m pondering a new piece of music or an entire program. “Welcome to Earth” invites the Nat Geo cover. Of course, I was lured into turning pages, getting introduced to a wholly different way of exploring my genetically inherent gift of the senses—particularly sound. Who knew to be curious about spider webs as a soundboard for spiders? Well, a team of inquiring minds at MIT is at that forefront. I peered at an image of “A web’s silken strands [that] have different lengths and tensions and, as a result, different frequencies.”

City stars paint Club badge in support of rainbow laces

The Premier League’s campaign runs over the next two rounds of fixtures, with City showing our support when we face West Ham United and Aston Villa over the next seven days. And as part of Manchester City’s rainbow laces celebrations, Gareth Taylor’s side was set the task of painting our Club crest using the colours of the rainbow before they set off for the Women's International break.

Here's What Actually Causes 'Meat Rainbows'

You're at the deli, waiting for your number to be called. While you wait to be helped, you peruse the offerings in the cases. Cold cuts, sliced cheese, premade potato salad, you know the drill. A glimmer of color catches your eye — the roast beef looks like an iridescent rainbow under the deli lights. You decide not to get roast beef.

2020-2021 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: Taming the Wind (Warrior Class #2)

Taming the Wind (Warrior Class #2) by S.L. Kassidy. A non-stop action fantasy/thriller/romance all wrapped up in goddess silk and gold. Clever juxtapositions of East and West cultures, and the love story between the two women is sexy, funny and tender, all at once. These are feisty ladies in control of their own destinies…ultimately if not initially. A good read, and seems like a gereat setup for the third book in the series.


IN support of LGBTQ+ inclusion, the EFL and its clubs are coming together once again to support Stonewall’s Rainbow Laces campaign with a clear message, football is for everyone. As part of the campaign, the EFL will host its inaugural LGBTQ+ Fans’ Forum on Monday 6 December, providing all 72...