NAACP Partners With To Mobilize Black Voters In Midterm Elections

NAACP chapters will be trained in using the site’s digital tools to help register voters ahead of November’s elections. The NAACP announced that it is partnering with nonprofit organization to help register and mobilize eligible Black voters ahead of the midterm elections in November. The partnership, which...
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People less outraged by gender discrimination caused by algorithms

People are less morally outraged when gender discrimination occurs because of an algorithm rather than direct human involvement, according to research published by the American Psychological Association. In the study, researchers coined the phrase "algorithmic outrage deficit" to describe their findings from eight experiments conducted with a total of more...

Silver Minings: Carl Nassib pledges another $100k for LGBTQ mental health

Former Las Vegas Raiders defensive end Carl Nassib made NFL history last year by coming out as the league’s first active openly gay player. Nassib made this historic announcement via an Instagram video where he also donated $100,000 to The Trevor Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to suicide prevention and mental health awareness for LGBTQ youth. According to the 2022 National Survey on LGBTQ Youth Mental Health, 45 percent of LGBTQ youth seriously considered attempting suicide over the last year.

Native Americans Must Travel Farther to Access Cancer Care

American Indians and Alaska Natives travel some 40 miles more than other racial and ethnic groups in order to access radiation therapy for cancer, according to study results published in the journal Value in Health. “Up to 60% of cancers require access to radiation therapy, which can be delivered only...

Neighbours join to march 80 metres in one of world’s shortest Pride parades

Around 40 residents in Warwickshire hosted an 80-metre Pride march – one of the world’s shortest – for a third year.People living on Batt Close in Rugby created costumes and decorations to make the road shimmer and sparkle on Saturday.The tradition is a “special event” for those on the road as it shows the community is “a safe space” for everyone to be themselves.“This really is the little Pride that could,” Batt Close resident Rachel Bunce said.“Once again, our street has rallied behind a message of love and hope to organise such a special event for us all to be...

Detroit artist Quadre Curry has a hit show at the Irwin House Gallery

Quadre Curry is a multidisciplinary artist based out of Detroit. Curry is a fluid, young, Black man reworking the traditional ways in which art is observed. He refuses to be placed into a box of what viewers believe his art should be. He’s showcasing his work at the Irwin House Gallery in Detroit on June 23 and June 30.

Surgeon accuses Manchester Airport of ‘racial triaging’ at security

A senior consultant in the NHS has alleged that he experienced ‘racial triaging’ at Manchester Airport security ahead of a flight to Grenoble for a ski trip on 3 April. Professor Aali Sheen, 51, one of the UK’s leading sports hernia surgeons, and head of the British Hernia Society, was directed by a security official to queue for a body scanner machine at security at Manchester Airport. He had already been queuing for two hours before reaching security ahead of his 8am flight. He asked the official why he had to use the body scanner, when there was an archway...

Wind Crest Pride honors memories, celebrates love

Highlands Ranch resident Jim Genasci started going to Pride events with his wife Jeanne in 1983, when their son Gary came out. For years, the Genascis traveled across all 50 states and Canada attending Pride parades and rallies. At all of them, Jeanne collected dozens of buttons. She wore her collection on a sash, and then, when the sash got full, on a cowboy hat.

Pride parade marched on with mixed emotions in New York City

Hundreds celebrated the LGBTQ+ community and remembered the years of fight for equal rights. But the event was marked by fear after Justice Clarence Thomas of the Supreme Court said in a ruling striking down the right to abortion that the Court should reconsider the right to same-sex marriage. A...

Grassley: Rulings on gay rights, contraception ‘not needed’ and not expected

(Radio Iowa) – Some demonstrators at weekend Iowa rallies expressed concern issues like same-sex marriage or contraception might be next to be revisited by the U-S Supreme Court, after last week’s rulings on guns and abortion. Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley doubts such issues would be reconsidered by the high court. “They’re not needed and I don’t expect that,” he says.