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Kanye off Twitter after praising Hitler

Twitter suspended Kanye West after more antisemitic posts. But researchers find hate speech on Twitter has spiked since Elon Musk took it over.
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Royal news – live: William and Kate announce Earthshot Prize winners as trip overshadowed by palace racism row

The Prince and Princess of Wales awarded the 2022 Earthshot Prize awards at a ceremony in Boston amid a three-day trip to the US.Prince William awarded the £1m prize to five innovators tackling the climate crisis.Earlier, William met US president Joe Biden before touring the JFK Library with Caroline Kennedy as the Princess of Wales made a solo visit to Harvard’s Center on the Developing Child in Cambridge on Friday.Meanwhile, sources close to Prince William and Princess Kate have apparently nicknamed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex “the Kardashians” in a sharp response to the trailer for their new...
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Hate Speech Has Reportedly Surged on Twitter Since Elon Musk’s Takeover

New studies have shed more light on Twitter’s hate speech issue. It was just a week ago when Elon Musk claimed “hate speech impressions” on platform had fallen by one-third since his $44 billion takeover; however, multiple research groups found that the use of racial, homophobic, and anti-Semitic slurs drastically increased during that period.

US Jews battle new 'mainstreamed' anti-Semitism

President Joe Biden's emphatic condemnation of anti-Semitism Friday was driven by an alarming normalization of anti-Jewish tropes and hate speech by influential public figures and on social media, experts said. A big reason for that is social media, which makes it easier to preserve and share anything, including hate. 

Man pleads guilty to federal hate crime for cross burning

Man pleads guilty to federal hate crime for cross burning. A Mississippi man who burned a cross in his front yard to intimidate his Black neighbors has pleaded guilty in federal court to a hate crime. The Justice Department announced Friday that Axel Cox of Gulfport admitted to burning a cross in front of a Black family because of their race. The move violated the Fair Housing Act. He also addressed the family with racially derogatory language in the December 2020 incident. The Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacist groups have long practiced cross-burnings to intimidate Black and Jewish people. A sentencing hearing is scheduled for March. Cox faces a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000.
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Mamie King-Chalmers, woman in civil rights photo, dies at 81

DETROIT (AP) — Civil rights activist Mamie King-Chalmers has died in Detroit at the age of 81. As a young Black woman, she appeared in an iconic photograph about civil rights struggles in Alabama in 1963. King-Chalmers was one of three Black people forced to brace themselves against a building while being blasted with water from a firehose in Birmingham. The famous photo by Charles Moore appeared in Life magazine. Years later, King-Chalmers recalled how she was attending a protest in a Birmingham park that day when her group was confronted by police and dogs. She said in 2013 that her hearing was damaged by the force of the water.

ADL Regional Director discusses plans to combat rise of anti-Semitism

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Anti-Semitic attacks on the Jewish community are back in the spotlight after concerning comments by Kanye West. Some fear that his recent actions online and in the media will ignite threats against the Jewish community. KUSI’s Hunter Sowards was joined by Fabienne Perlov with the...

Montana Jewish Project helps to fight antisemitism with education and conversation, via a free Hanukkah lesson for fourth graders

HELENA, MT- The Montana Jewish Project spent time this week building curriculum boxes that could be sent out to schools across the state to curb antisemitism. MJP is a statewide Jewish, volunteer-led community center located within historic Temple Emanu-El, Montana’s oldest synagogue in Helena which was recently purchased back from the Catholic Bishop of Helena in August.

'Extent' of racial hate speech in France worries UN committee

French police officers block the passage of migrants who occupied the improvised camp of Porte de la Chapelle, in Paris. < p class="e-p">The “extent” of racial hate speech in France worries the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD), which welcomes the efforts made by the authorities.

Ghetto Gastro: Celebrating the cultural contributions of underestimated communities

At a time when food is often seen as the kinder, gentler way to gloss over difficult gatherings, it's good to remember that food and the conversations around food have the power to change narratives. Ghetto Gastro is a Bronx-born culinary collective that wants to look at the food world from a point of view that celebrates black food and black culture. Jon Gray and Pierre Serrao are two of the three collaborators who created the book “Black Power Kitchen.” Written with Lester Walker, the new cookbook is jam packed with history, art, culture and recipes.

National Science Foundation's research funding shows racial disparity

A study found a major research funder in the U.S. has disproportionately paid for research from white investigators over other races for the past two decades from 1999 to 2019. The National Science Foundation (NSF) awards 20% to 30% of proposal submissions every year. Research published in eLife found white...

Hockey Canada releases discrimination report

Saskatchewan has one of the lowest rates in Canada when it comes to discriminatory incidents in the hockey rink. Hockey Canada has unveiled a report tracking discrimination in hockey. “As part of Hockey Canada’s Action Plan to Improve Canada’s Game, the organization, and its Members are working to identify, track,...

Sunday's letters: Musk's Twitter format, School Board disgrace, racism at academy

I left a billion-dollar corporation because it had lost its way. It went into bankruptcy and is long gone. Many years ago, I co-founded what became a very successful company. In my role as CEO and president, I adopted the MBWA philosophy, Management by Walking Around. Every day, I engaged our associates in dialogue about the company, eliciting ideas and learning about their families and their career goals.

NBA boss says Kyrie Irving is not anti-Semitic

Adam Silver assured the New York Times that Kyrie Irving, suspended for promoting an anti-Semitic film, was not anti-Semitic. “Whether he is anti-Semitic or not has nothing to do with the damage he has caused by posting this hateful content,” the NBA boss noted, however. He says he...