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'You're Killing Me:' Two Colorado Police Officers Arrested After Beating Unarmed Black Man

Bodycam footage released today shows a police officer repeatedly beating an unarmed, 29-year-old Black man with a pistol, bloodying his head as he cried, "You're killing me." The incident took place on July 23 in Aurora, Colorado, a town 10 miles east of downtown Denver. This past Monday, the Aurora Police Department said it issued two arrest warrants for the officers involved.
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White Army Ranger Charged With Murdering Black Female Security Guard in Washington

A White army ranger is facing murder charges in the brutal beating of a Black female security guard in Washington. On Friday, 26-year-old Patrick Philip Byrne, a ranger stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, was charged with two counts of first-degree murder, first-degree burglary and two counts of first-degree kidnapping in the attack of 41-year-old Denise Smith that was caught on surveillance video, News Tribune reported.
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In Lincoln Park, White Neighbors Have Been Calling Cops On Black-Owned Restaurant Since Day One, Owner Says

LINCOLN PARK — New Lincoln Park restaurant Dinner and a Movie had only been open for a day when police started showing up, owner Rashad Bailey said. “That same day we opened [April 30] is when the police started coming,” Bailey said. “They were there the first day we opened, second day, third day and the fourth day. Then the next thing you know I’ve got [Business Affairs and Consumer Protection] showing up.”

The ‘Victoria’s Secret Karen’, Abigail Elphik, And The Stages Of White Tears

In yet another episode of White Women Are Always Allowed To Be The Victim, I was scrolling on Twitter and discovered an incident between Abigail Elphick, a white woman that assaulted Ijeoma Ukenta, a Black woman, in a Victoria’s Secret at the Short Hills Mall in New Jersey. Many online have dubbed Abigail “Victoria’s Secret Karen,” however, I won’t be referring to Abigail as Karen. While I have used the term in the past, I realize these women are becoming memes and the butt of jokes, and the harm they have caused historically and currently is secondary. However, women like Abigail are treacherous women. As stated in my blog, Karen Is You, “Just looking at Karen, she seems harmless. She is often very unassuming and is non-threatening in appearance. Still, women like Karen have not only supported racism but have instituted and upheld racism throughout history. While the Karen memes are sweeping across the internet and becoming a part of our lexicon, it is important to note women like Karen are dangerous women.” We have seen the impact on Black lives when a white woman cries wolf.

Pro-Trump mob hurled racial slurs at Black officers on Jan. 6

On Jan. 6, after the violent pro-Trump mob that stormed the Capitol had finally been cleared from the building, U.S. Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn sobbed on a bench in the rotunda as he told another Black officer about the racial slurs he’d been subjected to during the riot. “How...
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Report: SPD Stops Black People, Native Americans More

SEATTLE (AP) — A newly-released report shows Seattle police officers — despite almost a decade under federal oversight partially intended to address bias — continue to stop and use force against Black people far more often than white people. The report found that Black people, per capita, were seven times...
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City: Black man pointed gun at Virginia officer who shot him

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (AP) -- Authorities in Virginia Beach say a Black man fatally shot by police had pointed a gun at the officer who shot him. The Virginian-Pilot reported Monday that the city's version of events appears in a court filing in response to a $50 million wrongful death lawsuit filed by the man's family.
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Maryland Man Charged With Murder of Black Trans Woman

A grand jury in Prince George’s County indicted a District Heights man for the murder of Tavahn “Taya” Ashton, a 20-year-old Black transgender woman, county officials announced Tuesday. Prince George’s County State’s Attorney Aisha Braveboy said DeAllen Davonta Price, 27, will be charged with murder and other offenses. If convicted,...
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Watch: Ra’Cole Taltoan on Supporting Entrepreneurs of Color

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Beyond the effect that individuals can have on minority-owned businesses, Ra’Cole Taltoan, owner of Rockbrook Business Services says she’s often frustrated with the lack of support from larger institutions like local governments and business organizations. “I think we put too much focus on bringing in bigger companies...

This Day in Black History: July 27, 1984

Prince reached astronomical heights of stardom in his film debut in Purple Rain, a rock musical drama that hit box offices on July 27, 1984. The movie centers on a young Black Minneapolis native named The Kid, whose talented skills are rivaled only by a growing arrogance. As he spirals to fame, the singer deals with an abusive father, played by actor Clarence Williams III, and a love interest played by Apollonia Kotero. Musical duo Wendy & Lisa and The Time also featured in the film.
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Black Capitol Police Officer Remembers Being Called N-Word During Jan. 6 Insurrection

U.S. Capitol police officer Harry Dunn, who was caught in the middle of the Jan. 6 riot, recalled what he experienced as insurrectionists stormed the building. According to CBS News, Dunn spoke at Tuesday’s (July 27) House select committee hearing on the Jan. 6 attack on Capitol Hill. Three others testified with him, including another Capitol officer and two Washington D.C. Metro policemen, each giving their gripping recollections of the events of that day.
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EXCLUSIVE: Sephora to Add More Black-owned Brands

Sephora is rethinking its approach to merchandising as it continues to expand its Black-owned beauty offerings. An advanced copy of a progress report on Sephora’s diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, shared exclusively with WWD, states that the retailer expects to reach the 15 percent benchmark in prestige hair care by yearend.