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Idaho must once again send the hate mongers packing

Hate and bigotry often lurk just beneath the surface of civil societies. So long as a society is united in disapproving of hateful words and actions, those evil twins remain suppressed. When they receive official approval, they rise to the surface and infect society like a virus. A society must maintain continued vigilance to keep […] The post Idaho must once again send the hate mongers packing appeared first on Idaho Capital Sun.
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“Racism as a Public Health Crisis, Envisioning the Future”

The School of Medicine’s Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusive Excellence will host the next installment of its Virtual Inclusive Talks and Lecture Series (VITALS) Tuesday, Dec. 6, from noon to 1 p.m. via Zoom. David Margolius, director of the Cleveland Department of Public Health and former internal medicine...

Lisa Osborne Ross Shattered Public Relations’ Glass Ceiling Becoming The First Black Person To Lead A Major PR Firm. Here’s Why That Matters

As the head of the world’s largest, most powerful PR firm, Ross has the ability to help shape the America of tomorrow—maybe the world. From Brittney’s epic Pepsi dance break to Orbit’s legendary “lint licker” vs “cootie queen” feud, nothing sparks nostalgia like a good throwback commercial. The household brands we grew up with, and the advertisements that enticed us to buy them are like wallpaper stuck on the periphery of our minds.
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An Anti-Abortion Activist’s Quest to End the Rape Exception

Content This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from. As a young girl in suburban Michigan, in the nineteen-seventies, Rebecca Kiessling was teased for looking nothing like her adoptive parents. Larry and Gail Wasser were Jews who took the family to temple on the High Holidays, and Kiessling, a fair-haired, blue-eyed child, recalls people asking, “Who’s the little shiksa?” Her only sibling, an adopted older brother, acted out in grade school and later got into trouble with the law. In Kiessling’s memory, Larry would joke that “socially deviant behavior is genetic,” a reference to the 1956 thriller “The Bad Seed,” in which a psychopathic child turns out to be the descendant of a serial killer. Gail sewed matching mother-daughter outfits, but that did little to quell Kiessling’s feeling that she didn’t belong. She likes to recount a story about seeing the musical “Annie” and being transfixed by the song “Maybe,” in which the orphan protagonist dreams of her mother and father. When Kiessling and I first met, last spring, she recited some of the lyrics for me. “Betcha they’re good / Why shouldn’t they be?” Annie sings. “Their one mistake / Was giving up me.”

King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla invite Ngozi Fulani to Buckingham Palace after racism row

King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla have reportedly extended an invitation to Ngozi Fulani to meet with them at Buckingham Palace amid an ongoing racism row. Last week, after attending an event hosted by the Queen Consort, Fulani took to social media to say she'd been repeatedly asked where she "really came from" by Lady Susan Hussey, who was also at the reception.

The Kanye West Subreddit Is Educating Users About the Horrors of the Holocaust

On the Friday after Ye’s (formally known as Kanye West) Infowars interview, the top posts on the /r/Kanye subreddit pushed back against his antisemitic comments and attempted to educate users about the horrors of Holocaust. One of the top posts, which had been upvoted 9,000 times, was news footage of heavy machinery moving dead bodies at a concentration camp.

Dem club keeps up pressure for LA councilman to resign

LOS ANGELES – The morning after a leaked audio recording of three LA City Council members ignited a citywide furor in October, the Black Los Angeles Young Democrats (BLAYD) were at City Hall leading a protest, wearing some freshly-made gear. In one of the most controversial outtakes of her...
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Many Ethnic Minorities in UK Financial Services Face Racism, Discrimination: Survey

The UK may be more ethnically and racially diverse than ever, but minorities working in the financial services industry continue to face discrimination, according to a new study. About 70% of ethnic minorities working in finance have experienced discrimination at work in the last year and four-fifths have experienced unwelcome...

I see in myself and my daughter-in-law how color and privilege work in America | Letters

I’m a law-abiding white woman. My daughter-in-law, a law-abiding Army veteran, has Native American and Mexican heritage. She is kind, polite and hard-working. We are treated very differently. When I enter a store, I am warmly welcomed by the staff who offer to help me. When she enters a store, she is followed and has been told that she cannot use the bathroom. She has been rudely told to go back to her own country. I have always been treated a certain way because of the color of my skin. She is treated a different way, not because she does not follow the law, but because of the color of her beautiful skin. That is what white privilege is about.
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Second gentleman Doug Emhoff to host roundtable focused on antisemitism

Second gentleman Doug Emhoff will host a roundtable with Jewish leaders and White House officials Wednesday to discuss the rise of antisemitism in the United States and efforts to combat hate in the country. Emhoff, the husband of Vice President Harris, is the first Jewish spouse of a vice president.