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What are your thoughts about the criminal who cut off the tail and ears of an innocent raccoon?

I don't care if this is old news, it needs to be talked about. Original article: <a href="https://www.fox35orlando.com/news/reward-offered-after-raccoon-found-with-ears-tail-cut-off-in-central-florida">https://www.fox35orlando.com/news/reward-offered-after-raccoon-found-with-ears-tail-cut-off-in-central-florida</a> My article: <a href="https://www.newsbreak.com/@evie-m-561146/2313945032358/tail-and-ears-cut-off-of-raccoon-police-offering-up-to-5-000-reward">https://www.newsbreak.com/@evie-m-561146/2313945032358/tail-and-ears-cut-off-of-raccoon-police-offering-up-to-5-000-reward</a>
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Small figure in downtown Ukiah mural repeatedly defaced, artist reports

After one small figure in the sprawling historical mural being painted along one block of West Church Street was vandalized three times in one week, artist Lauren Sinnott said she plans to change it. “One tiny part of this great big panel, one small figure, was defaced,” said Sinnott last...
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FLAGLER HUMANE SOCIETY Injured young raccoon saved by veterinarian

Recently Flagler Animal Services (Animal Control), which works within Flagler Humane Society, was called out to rescue an injured raccoon. The curious raccoon had gotten himself injured while trying to free himself from a crab trap, yes a crab trap. The young male raccoon's left eye was punctured to the point where the eye was not salvageable. He needed surgery.
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PHOTOS: Massive Snake Caught on Trail Cam Taking Down and Eating a Raccoon

After checking their trail cams, a local Nashville family is sounding the alarm. Is there a massive invasive snake on the loose in Music City?. The short answer: According to the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency (TWRA)… There could be. A few weeks back, the Gober family’s trail cam captured some startling footage of what looks to be a python consuming a live raccoon. The “live” part is far from strange, as this is how all constrictors consume their prey. Alive. The whole “python eating Tennessee wildlife” thing, however, is not normal.