“Jewish Lives: Rabbi Akiva: Sage of the Talmud”

Join Gila Silverman, director of Jewish lifelong learning with the Siegal Lifelong Learning Program, for a three-week online course titled “Jewish Lives: Rabbi Akiva: Sage of the Talmud.”. Born in the Land of Israel around the year 50 C.E., Rabbi Akiva was raised in poverty and began to learn the...
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Covid remote work relaxed fashion and grooming, but not bias based on looks

It was reasonable to hope that focus on, and consideration of, physical appearances might have waned over the long course of the Covid crisis and its work-from-home side effect. Despite many months of remote office interactions, a widespread loosening of fashion conventions and virtual meetings distorted by electronic screens, lookism — discrimination based on a lack of perceived attractiveness — seems to be a hardy animal.
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Politics, Pandemics, & Division: Where and When is the Messiah? – The Tamar Yonah Show [audio]

The world has been turned upside down with the Coronavirus pandemic, a change in governments from conservative leaders to Left wing leaderships (as in the USA and Israel) and this is setting people against people. With such anger on both sides and issues, what the world needs now is love sweet love, -but more importantly to bring that, the Messiah! A human redeemer, to teach the world that we are all ONE. However, when will that be, and where exactly are we in the Messianic process?
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Prison to explore adding full-time chaplain

A retired minister wants Lackawanna County Prison officials to hire a full-time chaplain to serve inmates. Warden Tim Betti said he would look into the idea. The Rev. Doug Posegate, a pastor in several local Methodist churches in Luzerne and Lackawanna counties, told the county prison board that the prison has lacked a full-time chaplain since the last one left at least a decade ago.
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Overestimating Randi Weingarten

Readers of Chalkboard Review know of Randi Weingarten. However, if all readers know comes from right-wing media outlets, they have probably overthought Randi Weingarten. People who expect others to take them seriously describe this Jewish woman with a husband who is a rabbi as the equivalent of Goebbels. In some fantasies, Weingarten is such a wielder of power and influence that she is single-handedly responsible for keeping schools closed during a pandemic that has killed over 500,000 Americans. However, they also describe her as a complete dolt who conducted her supposed conspiracies and machinations over emails that everyone knows are subject to FOIA requests. These contradictory images aren't supposed to make sense. Their purpose is to smear Ms. Weingarten, get people to close their minds, and dismiss everything about the idea she represents: that teachers should be able to organize and collectively bargain.
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7 Ways to Create Emotional Safety in Your Relationship

Understanding how to create emotional safety is key to fostering meaningful connections and healthy relationships. Emotional safety is the foundation for a loving and healthy relationship. It’s about establishing trust with another person and feeling safe enough to be open and vulnerable with them. To put it simply, emotional safety...

Legendary comedian Jackie Mason dies at 93

Jackie Mason, the stand-up comic whose career spanned several decades, died Saturday at New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital the age of 93. His longtime friend, attorney Raoul Felder, confirmed Mason’s death to the New York Times, saying, “He died peacefully with several close friends and family at his side,” adding that he had been hospitalized for two weeks with breathing difficulties.

Revered Borscht Belt Comedian (and LES-Educated Rabbi) Jackie Mason Dies at 93

Jackie Mason, one of the greatest comedic voices whose borscht belt schtick inspired generations, passed away on Saturday in Manhattan. The Catskills kvetcher was 93. According to TMZ, Mason had been hospitalized for more than 3 weeks … admitted with inflammation of the lungs. Obituaries aplenty. Jackie Mason was born...

Review: A Walk to Caesarea: A Historical-Archaeological Perspective

A Walk to Caesarea: A Historical-Archaeological Perspective. (Jerusalem: Israel Exploration Society and Yad Izhak Ben-Zvi, 2018), xii + 174 pp., 193 ill. (maps, plans, reconstructions, photos), $34 (hardcover) Reviewed by Joseph L. Rife. This book takes its title from the poignant words of Hannah Szenes, who lived in a kibbutz...

Synagogues made COVID-safe High Holiday plans. Then came Delta.

(JTA) — The leadership team at Ikar, a synagogue in Los Angeles, had just begun planning to move their services indoors. They had gone through a year of virtual services followed by several months of outdoor services for members vaccinated against COVID-19. Then the Delta variant hit. Now the synagogue,...
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Judeo-Christian Unity Praised at ‘We Are Israel’ Rally

EL CAJON, California (SDJW) – Former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo praised Judeo-Christian values Sunday at a “We Are Israel” rally that drew at least 1,000 supporters and more than 100 pro-Palestinian protesters. The event also attracted a handful of members of fringe groups who tussled with each other, one described as part of the antifa movement; two others as right-wing, self-described “patriot” organizations. At some point, someone sprayed pepper spray, prompting the pro-Palestinian demonstrators to turn back their march.

Grandparents, Great-Grandparents, and the Great Tradition

Pope Francis inaugurated a new celebration in the Church yesterday, The World Day of Grandparents and the Elderly. He has spoken frequently in the past about the wisdom and experience of older persons. And the need to listen to them and be with them. He apparently thinks the theme so important that not only has he declared it a recurring observance on the fourth Sunday of July, he has even arranged for there to be a Plenary Indulgence – remission of all temporal punishment due to sin, under the usual conditions of Confession, Communion, prayer for the pope’s intentions, and so forth. In an age that is rapidly and universally losing touch with its past and, therefore, is unsteady about the future, it was an inspired idea.
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France’s unhinged anti-vaccine movement is more than a threat to public health

It was supposed to be a somber day, a national day of reckoning for the crimes of the past. This month, France commemorated the 79th anniversary of the infamous “Vél d’Hiv” roundup during World War II, when French police arrested and detained more than 13,000 Parisian Jews in a stadium not far from the Eiffel Tower. Most were ultimately deported to Nazi concentration camps; the vast majority were murdered. The Vél d’Hiv remains one of the darkest days in French history, and rightly so.

Ben Levin on Turning His Writing Talent Into a Mission for Helping the Homeless

This poignant story, In the Hole (Jumpmaster Press), is about eight-year-old David Kimball who experiences homelessness after his father loses his restaurant. David undergoes every kind of trial, from having his toys sold to dealing with incredible humiliations to physical trauma stemming from inevitable malnourishment. Yet, somehow, the book carries a message of hope and eventually rewards its strong, loveable protagonist with a well-deserved happy ending.

20-Year-Old Has Bris Near the Tziyun in Kazakhstan

During a farbrengen held in Alma Ata in preparation for Chof Av, a young man from Kazakhstan took upon himself to have a bris immediately after Shabbos in honor of Harav Levi Yitzchok. Tens of students from Yeshivas Tomchei Temimim in Moscow arrived last week to Almaty in honor of...

Kids Show How Tefillin Are Made, In Yiddish

In honor of their graduation, students in Cheder Ohr Menachem prepared a full-on video production depicting how Tefillin are made, set entirely in Yiddish. In honor of their graduation, students in Cheder Ohr Menachem’s oldest class prepared a full-on video production depicting how Tefillin are made with amazing footage of the different stages in producing Klaf, Batim, and Parshiyos, set entirely in Yiddish.