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Quorum court to consider requiring residents to display address numbers

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, Ark. (KAIT) - An ordinance that will in part require unincorporated areas of Craighead County to display their address numbers on homes and businesses has been introduced to the Craighead County Quorum Court. Section two of the proposed ordinance states residential and non-residential buildings must have their address...
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Sullivan City Council: No quorum, no problem

The Sullivan City Council met without a quorum — except briefly for. one piece of business — but still conducted an informational meeting last. The only council members participating were Tom McClanahan (in person) and John Ellington (via cellphone). Roger Smith, Scott Brown and Gene. Bonham did not attend. Mayor...
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Howart will hold court in Quorum Court room

BENTONVILLE -- Benton County Circuit Judge Christine Horwart soon will change courtrooms. Horwart is moving from her courtroom in the Benton County Courthouse to the Quorum Court room on the third floor of the Benton County Administration Building. She will start holding court in the building Monday. Her court has...
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Quorum Court passes resolution declaring White County pro-life county

A resolution declaring White County to be a pro-life county was passed the Quorum Court on Tuesday and “probably pretty much reflects the sentiment of the citizens,” according to County Judge Michael Lincoln. “I don’t want to get into this debate of pro-life, pro-choice,” Lincoln said. “From time to time...

Petersburg assembly changes local law on quorum requirement

Petersburg’s borough assembly this week changed local law on a minimum requirement for in-person meeting for elected boards and commissions. The vote Monday removes a requirement that a minimum of four assembly members be present at a meeting in person in order to vote on anything. The change will allow video or teleconference attendance to count toward that minimum, something that was permitted temporarily in the past year under an emergency declaration for the pandemic.

Benton Co. Division VII courtroom temporarily relocated

BENTONVILLE, Ark. — The Benton County courthouse is under construction causing one courtroom to be temporarily moved. Beginning Sept. 27, Benton County Circuit Court, Division VII Judge Christine Horwart and her staff will move to the Quorum Courtroom on the third floor of the Benton County Administration Building on Central Avenue.
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What’s a quorum in Pound? Question handed to Virginia attorney general

POUND — How many Pound Town Council members does it take to do official town business?. The answer is still being sought, as one Southwest Virginia legislator has sent an opinion request on behalf of town officials to the Virginia attorney general whether two members of a five-member council make a quorum with two council seats unfilled.

Quorum Software Appoints Paul Langenbahn as President

Quorum Software (Quorum), the global software leader dedicated to the energy industry, has named Paul Langenbahn as president of Quorum Software on Sept. 22. In this position, he will be responsible for worldwide customer-facing operations. Earlier this year, Quorum merged with Aucerna, a global provider of integrated planning, execution, and...
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Doom Patrol Season 3 Episode 2

A robot head, The Brain, making a speech from a central chair, declares that Niles Caulder will be stopped. A talking gorilla with a French accent, Monsieur Mallah, is the only other person in the room. They request their guest be sent in. A man with a transportable phonograph enters to play music and announces Garguax, the Decimator.