New Multi-Step Pterygium Grading System Could Dictate Treatment

Pterygium is a common ocular condition, with treatment generally dependent on the severity of the disease. In an effort to determine this metric, a team of international researchers created a multi-pronged grading system based on slit-lamp imaging that they say is an effective tool to deduce pterygium severity and occurrence.
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Protect eyes at higher elevation

As a dad of three children ages 10 and younger, Dr. Nathan Hamburger knows that keeping active children clad in protective sunglasses is a tough task. His family will start out on a hike with sunscreen applied and wearing hats and sunglasses, and, halfway through the hike, he notices some of the kids’ sunglasses have disappeared.

UV Exposure Tied to Pterygium

Pterygium has been linked to ultraviolet exposure, but a new study suggests that when this condition is caused by UV light, it may influence a specific type of cataract formation. A team of investigators from China found that four cataract presentations—cortical, nuclear, posterior subcapsular and retrodots—were closely tied to the...