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Psychedelic Song ‘Breathless’ by Psysha creating buzz over net

New Delhi. Internationally acclaimed psychedelic music composer and sound engineer Psysha is creating buzz over the Internet for his newly launched song Breathless. With exclusive conversation with Samachar News, Psysha told that he was very fond of psychedelic music and themes. During his childhood too, he pasted the posters of International Psychedelic artists and also painted his room in psychedelic colours. His first song was critically acclaimed. From there onwards Psysha never looked back & world knows where he is today.
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Boz Scaggs is 77 years old today

Boz Scaggs is 77 years old today. A singer, songwriter and guitarist, Scaggs gained fame in the 1960s as a guitarist and sometimes lead singer with the Steve Miller Band. In the 1970s, with several solo Top 20 hit singles in the United States, he released the #2 album, Silk Degrees. He continues to write and record music.
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Windser's "Peach Fuzz" is drenched in summer nostalgia

Windser’s new nostalgia-soaked song “Peach Fuzz” is perfect for hazy Summer days and lost memories. This song serves as a turning point for Windser, the psychedelic vibes laced throughout this track really transport you to another place. Soft voices drift in and out, the melody slowly builds into a dreamy chorus, it feels so effortless. Windser’s voice is warm and comforting. It’s the epitome of a chill, California day, carefree and hazy.

The Marias Release New Single, “Hush”

The Marías have been preparing fans for the release of their debut album for months and have finally given us a taste of what’s to come with their new single, “Hush.” The LA-based band, founded by lead singer María Zardoya and Josh Conway, have been making dreamy, psychedelic music since 2016. Hypnotic guitar riffs, soft vocals, and elements from other genres work to create an experience unique to The Marías. Their music draws you into a world of psychedelic soul as Zardoya’s voice plays in your ears.