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NBA card collectors must not fall for the base card blunder

The beauty of collecting NBA cards is that it’s different for every hobbyist out there. Some collect cards of a particular All-Star, while others go for low-key rookies with high upside. There are those who go for rare patch autographed cards as the centerpieces of their collection. Among all of these preferences, there is one that most in the hobby gravitate to: collecting base cards.
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COVID-19 Command TEAM– DELTA Variant PSA #1

Chief Burke and Director of Health, David Mason - 10 positive cases, majority of those are unvaccinated. Barnstable County is currently at a 2.31% infection rate, if we reach 3% rate of infection mask wearing will be advised. Hospitalization low, 5 deaths in 72 hours from COVID. Provincetown Cluster and nursing homes and assisted living facilities will continue to be monitored. The Town is preparing to respond as needed and to offer sustained support. We encourage vaccinations, please get your second dose. We are only 69% vaccinated and many of those have only received their first dose. Barnstable County falls behind Dukes County and Nantucket County on Vaccination rates. Vaccination is your best bet - for yourself, your family and your community.

In the Cards: Finding the next, next, next Michael Jordan

A burgeoning card collecting obsession sends one determined man on a hunt for the next, next, next Michael Jordan rookie card. I feared telling my girlfriend how much I spent on sports cards. My resurrected hobby might be the closest I’ve come to addiction. At first, the rush grew stronger with each pack bought. The hysteria of outlandish values and toilet paper-like scarcity due to the pandemic stoked my appetite. I reassured her that the value of the cards would appreciate.
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Concerns Surface About Invasive Pest on Michigan Trees

WASHINGTON (WHTC-AM/FM) – A new invasive pest may be menacing Michigan soon … if it hasn’t come here already. The US Department of Agriculture this week sent PSA alerts to radio and television stations statewide, alerting them that, “You’re in one of the areas across the country where Asian longhorned beetles are eating our trees alive. The trees in your area and the surrounding areas are at risk to massive devastation, with economic impact potentially reaching into the billions, unless we stop the Asian longhorned beetle.”
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As Dallas’ COVID Vaccinations Stall, a Push to Convince the ‘Moveable Middle’

A stagnant vaccination rate and the more contagious delta variant of COVID-19 are putting anything resembling an “end” to the pandemic further and further out of reach. COVID cases and hospitalizations are again ticking up in North Texas. According to UT Southwestern’s most recent forecasting, hospital volume has doubled over the past two weeks and is up 230 percent over the past month. This week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued new guidance that everyone, including people who have already been vaccinated, should wear masks indoors in places with a high amount of community spread. That applies to Dallas. (Following rules set by Gov. Greg Abbott, there are no government-imposed mask mandates in Texas.)

PSA: If Your Sun Signs Aren't Compatible, the Rest of Your Birth Charts Might Be

So you've caught feels and maybe (just maybe) this could be L.O.V.E. And what better way to find out if this cutie is “the one” than astrology?. Look: Most astrological compatibility resources focus explicitly on Sun signs, which are obvi based on your date of birth—but don't incorporate your birth times and locations. But the more info you have about someone's birth details, the more you can find out about how your birth charts vibe, romantically. Synastry, aka the art of comparing two people’s birth charts to assess their compatibility and relationship, can go mega deep. (Trust me, I’ve jumped down that rabbit hole many times.)
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Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried to run pro-vaccine PSA on Fox News

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried will run a PSA on Fox News urging Floridians to get vaccinated. "You won't hear this on Fox News from Gov. DeSantis, but you need to. Sean Hannity, Steve Doocy and your family doctor all agree: Vaccines will save your life," Fried says in the clip. "Even Donald Trump recommends getting vaccinated."