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Stolen Swords and gear

Hey PDX sword friends and everyone else, My friend’s car was broken into last night and ALL his swords were stolen. A rapier, a cavalry saber, a bag of synthetic swords(which he bought to teach classes with me), bags of protective gear, and his personal steel longsword and zweihander were all stolen. I would really appreciate it if you all kept your eyes on the facebook marketplace, etc. to see if any of this gear turns up. We’ve been trying to build a business framework together and this is thousands of $$ of his own money invested gone. They’ve talked with police, filed a report and we’ll all be trolling local shops and such as well. Would love the assistance of this powerful platform if you could share and help us out that would be amazing. submitted by /u/the-jedi-ninja [link] [comments]

All The Gear You Need Before Playing Softball

Sporting your favorite team jersey is not enough if you want to be a top-notch softball player. You need to have the right gear to help you reach your full potential. From gloves and cleats to balls and bats, there’s a lot of equipment you’ll need to get your game on. Here’s a list of all the gear you need before stepping onto the turf.
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What’s in your flag football gear bag?

One of the many things we love about flag football is that it doesn’t require fancy equipment to play. In fact, you only need a few essentials! To make it easy, we’ve put together a list of items that will ensure your kid is ready to hit the Gridiron come Game Day:

Team turns fabric into protective gear using smart coating

A team of researchers from Dartmouth College has created a copper-based coating that can be precisely integrated into fabric, thereby creating materials like protective equipment, environmental sensors and smart filters, among others. According to its developers, the coating responds to toxic gases in the air, converting them into less toxic...

Baseball Gear: What You Need to Play

Have you found yourself itching to play baseball again after the long winter months? Are you feeling confident about playing baseball but unsure about what you need to play?. From bats to gloves, pants to cleats, there are so many types of baseball gear to choose from. Even the baseballs vary in construction. We want to help you navigate the wide world of baseball merchandise, as well as recommend specific baseball gear that we feel is the best.
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Check out these official protective cases for Galaxy S23

Yesterday, we reported about a unique clear case for Samsung‘s upcoming Galaxy S23 series. The cover featured a ring, LED, and potentially NFC connectivity. But it wasn’t “clear” if the accessory is an official offering from Samsung or a third-party solution. Turns out the Korean firm is readying this unusual case itself. German publication WinFuture has provided more visuals of the new Galaxy S23 cover. The publication has also given us images of a couple of other official protective cases for the new Samsung flagships.

Eylar 20″ Protective Gear Box

Eylar’s lockable mid-size gear box is made from molded polypropylene and is IP67-rated waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof. It comes with thick padding foam you can cut to fit your equipment and can be easily stacked. Eylar can also customize the case with your own logo.

Billings Police Officers Gifted Brand New, Protective Gear

Last September, Shield616 presented rifle protective gear to10 officers of the Billings Police Department. This is all in efforts to ensure the safety of our officers and up-armoring the first responders. And now they've fitted more Billings Officers with new protective gear. Shield616 presented another round of vests to 30...

Cedar Rapids Police Department K9 Ryder Gets New Protective Vest

(Cedar Rapids, IA) -- The Cedar Rapids Police Department is showing off a new protective vest for one of its K9s. The vest was made by Vested Interest in K9s Inc. for K9 Ryder and is stab and bullet proof. The police department says K9s use different protective gear as they're growing, but now that Ryder has reached his full working size he has his own tailored vest. More information about Vested Interest in K9s Inc. is posted on the Cedar Rapids Police Department Facebook page.

Safe Play: A Guide To Protecting Kids In Sports

Sports are great for kids for so many reasons. It provides a way for them to burn a lot of energy but in a controlled setting. It reinforces lessons about teamwork. And, most of all, sports are fun for kids and adults alike. There is a downside to kids playing sports, however, they can get injured if you aren’t taking precautions to protect them.

Grainger County Rescue Squad in need of updated equipment

RUTLEDGE – Grainger County Rescue Squad will apply for a share of $2 million from the state to update protective gear for its 22 members. Chief Scott Neal said more than 100 agencies are eligible for the funds from the State Department of Commerce and Insurance. The deadline to apply is Friday, February 10.