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Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One has been developed under crunch-free conditions

We are two months away from being able to enjoy the new title starring the famous English detective, Sherlock Holmes, along with his inseparable companion, Watson. And the developer studio, Frogwares, has tackled one of the hottest topics in the video game industry in recent years: crunch. To relax the waters around the title, Frogwares ensures that Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One has been developed under crunch-free conditions.
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Oh snap! Who is Microsoft buying now? Valve? 2K? Sega? Sony??

Rumors are swirling of another massive Microsoft acquisition on par with the recent Bethesda purchase. As there’s only a handful of companies big enough to warrant that kind of buzz, the internet’s going wild with speculation. Will it be Take-Two Interactive, whose catalog includes the 2K sports games and such...
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TTEC hit with ransomware attack, hampering work for major clients

US customer experience technology giant TTEC has announced a "cybersecurity incident" but confirmed to employees that it was hit with ransomware. The company, with nearly 61,000 employees and billions in annual revenue, sent a message to employees this week warning them not to click on a link titled "!RA!G!N!A!R!" according to KrebsonSecurity. The message indicates the attack may have been launched by the prolific Ragnar Locker ransomware group or someone trying to impersonate them.
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Battlefield 2042’s delay shows how much Cyberpunk 2077 scared publishers

As someone who likes playing games sooner rather than later, delays are a double-edged sword. I know that a game being delayed means it’s going to be better when it eventually releases, but, being a bit childish, I want to play it now. I don’t believe those feelings on the part of consumers matter, though. Sure, every statement about a game being delayed will come with a line from whatever developer saying, “we love you, the fans, and appreciate your patience,” but in reality, your patience isn’t worth jack.

Cyberpunk 2077 Update 1.31 is a Mixed Bag According to Fans

Fans’ reactions have been mixed regarding the Cyberpunk 2077 Update 1.31, some are very content with the various fixes the patch brings along with it, others are concerned with the graphical fidelity especially regarding street reflections and realism. One Reddit user Cute-Conflict835 pointed out that the LOD vehicle distance was...

Xbox Game Pass Is Bleeding Great Games This Week

Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate are bleeding a couple of great games. This week, Microsoft announced a boatload of Xbox One games and Xbox Series X games coming to Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate across consoles and PC. That said, amidst this announcement, the subscription service is also losing some games that subscribers will be sad to see leave. One of these games is Red Dead Online.

Bitdefender Releases Tool To Decrypt Files Affected by REvil/Sodinokibi Ransomware

The cybersecurity firm Bitdefender has released a free tool to decrypt files that were encrypted by the infamous REvil ransomware. How did the hacker escape the police? -He Ransomware. Jokes aside, the victims of the infamous REvil/Sodinokibi ransomware now have a reason to celebrate, as they can have access to...

The greatest Minecraft skins

Right here are some of the greatest Minecraft skins to aid you dress up in vogue. Seeking the very best Minecraft skins? Minecraft’s default Steve and also Alex skins are standards, however just like changing up Minecraft structure packs, it’s always excellent to get a fresh look for your game. Maybe you require a new dream skin to match your new castle build. Or maybe you desire a matching set of costumes for your preferred crew of PvP partners. We can point you to such timeless choices as Master Chief as well as Solid Snake or some cuter skins if those are more your style. There are all sorts of amazing Minecraft skins that provide a distinct look, particularly if you want to set on your own apart when playing with others.

What video games are hacked the most?

The world has long moved beyond “hacked” arcade games, where inputting a secret code would give bonus lives or invulnerability. Hacking games have become a far more complicated affair, to the point that “good” hackers have begun to strike back against the “real” hackers ruining their game with cheats and illegitimate wins. The Call of Duty malware trap is a perfect example of this.

Cyberpunk 2077 received a big patch 1.31

CD Projekt RED announced the release of the next update 1.31 for the fantastic RPG Cyberpunk 2077 and published a large list of changes introduced by this patch. GPU memory usage has been optimized on PlayStation consoles. The rest of the fixes were implemented in all versions, for example, a bug was fixed, due to which the roads did not look wet after rain. In version 1.31, wet surfaces will look more detailed than before the error occurred. Fixed a bug due to which a shot from an electromagnetic weapon was accompanied by a blinding flash. We also removed a bug that caused Carol to hold an invisible tablet or sit in the air during the cutscene during the “Don't Call Saul” mission.