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How Narcissists Sabotage Their Lives and Relationships

We spend a lot of time recovering from and talking about narcissists and the damage they inflict on our lives. It’s true. Your life can be absolutely derailed by an encounter with a narcissist. Especially when that narcissist is a parent, partner, or close friend. Living with narcissistic personality disorder (or NPD) comes with its own threats too, however. Narcissists spend a lot of time being miserable and filled with rocky relationships and unfulfilling lives. They are their own worst enemies, and they self-sabotage with their inability to separate self from ego.
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This 233-Foot Superyacht Concept Has a Razor-Sharp Bow to Help It Cut Through the High Seas

SkyStyle has christened its latest superyacht concept Unique 71, and, at first blush, the vessel certainly lives up to that name. The 223-footer features a wholly unique wedge-like profile designed to set it apart from anything currently on the water. The Italian design studio, which specializes in aircraft interiors, has joined forces with Denison to bring its first yacht concept to market. SkyStyle’s founders, Max Pardo and Lucas Colombo, met with the Ft. Lauderdale firm at the 2021 Monaco Yacht Show and were able to get support for Unique 71. “Denison showed great interest in the project and our intention to add...
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Recent $38 million grant will help get veteran’s nursing facility built

The Department of Veteran Affairs announced last week that it is giving the state a $38 million grant to help construct the long awaited nursing facility in Arlington. Collierville’s Brian Walker, who is the state commander of the Tennessee Veterans of Foreign Wars, called the project a “much needed facility in West Tennessee.”

Funding for Tulsa Levees Project

WASHINGTON – U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) announced Wednesday that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has provided full funding for the Tulsa-West Tulsa Levees Project. The Army Corps released the work plans to fund multiple projects in Oklahoma. Link here. “After years and years of work, I am...

A Hero: Asghar Farhadi’s Gripping Moral Spiral

When we first see Rahim, the puppy dog-eyed protagonist of Asghar Farhadi’s A Hero, he’s on the ascent. Rahim climbs the endless scaffolding affixed to the exterior of Naqsh-e Rostam, the ancient and revered archeological site that’s the final resting place of Darius the Great and his son Xerxes; he’s jovial, a little winded, and welcomed by workers who offer him tea. Rahim declines, and is promptly teased by one of the men. Does he prefer tea from the prison over tea served in one of the country’s most respected historical landmarks?

Tyler Perry Explains Why He’s Reviving Madea For Another Movie

It seemed like Tyler Perry’s time as Madea had ended after A Madea Family Funeral was released in 2019. Perry proved that by taking on varying roles while working on and pushing out an unlimited supply of television shows. But he reconsidered his stance after announcing a new film starring the foul-mouthed, gun-toting grandmother. After declaring he was over the adored character, what prompted him to bring her back? The Don’t Look Up star spoke on why he brought back the funny matriarch for another movie.

Studio Visit: A Conversation with Christoph Hesse Architects in Their Workspace in Berlin

Studio Visit: A Conversation with Christoph Hesse Architects in Their Workspace in Berlin. There is so much more to know about architects and their projects when you begin to learn the stories behind their work. When you know where and how they draw their inspiration from and how an idea becomes a reality that you can touch, feel and experience, you get a better idea of why the project ended up the way it did.

Federal Transit Administration increases Hudson Tunnel Project rating to medium–high

After the Biden Administration increased the Hudson Tunnel Project rating to medium-high, the Gateway Development Commissioners issued a statement. “We thank the Biden Administration, Secretary Buttigieg and the Federal Transit Administration for taking this major action today in funding the Hudson Tunnel Project. Along with our Governors and our partners in Congress, they are clearly resolved to making the project a reality. From passing major infrastructure funding to issuing a Record of Decision to improving the project’s rating, this Administration and Congress have shown themselves to be true partners.

Lower Division Playground Renovation

During the past two years, the importance of good outdoor play facilities for our younger students has been more important than ever. To ensure that our students have ample time for social and physical activity while being safe, they spend a lot of time outside on our playground – and that is great!

3 Simple Steps for Organizing a Small Space

I had the pleasure of working with The Arranged Abode again for another organizing project. I hired them to help me clean out and organize my beauty closet at the old house, and then a different time to help me pack up a few spaces when we moved into this house.

6 Common ADU Building Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

This year, Americans will spend more than $400 billion on home renovations and upgrades. Many of these renovations are meant to make homes cozier, now that people are spending more time at home since the onset of COVID-19. Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) are becoming a preferred home upgrade for an...

Sioux Center Turf Dome Project Gets Grant From Perdue Farms

Sioux Center, Iowa — The indoor turf facility planned in Sioux Center has just received another grant. Last month, the Enhance Iowa Board awarded a half-million-dollar Community Attraction and Tourism (or “CAT”) grant for the facility. Now a major Sioux Center employer is giving $10,000. Perdue Farms,...
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WSDOT names contractor for State Route 18 intersection project

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) has selected a contractor for the I-90/State Route 18 intersection project, one of the final steps before construction can begin on the decades-long $190 million project. WSDOT announced Jan. 13 that Aecon Pacific Northwest Inc. had been selected to complete the design and...

Affordable Senior Housing Project Breaks Ground

The Housing Authority of the City of Aurora (AHA) has begun the construction of Liberty View at Fitzsimons on a 2.3-acre site located next to the Veterans Community Living Center at Fitzsimons. The $20 million tax credit financed deal has been in the works for more than a decade and will create 59 independent living apartments for Veterans age 62 and older.

M&M’s signature characters to be given makeovers, become ‘more inclusive’

The maker of M&M’s candy has announced that its globally recognizable characters are about to be revamped in light of modern standards and will each receive more “nuanced personalities.”. Mars Incorporated, the company behind the colorful, crunchy chocolates, announced Thursday a new “global commitment to creating a world...

DNC Puts Up Embarrassing Light Display To Honor Joe Biden

The DNC announced it was projecting a light display in front of the White House to honor Joe Biden’s first year in office. It turned out to be an embarrassment — just like his presidency!. The Palmieri Report is a Pro-America News Outlet founded by Jacob Palmieri. The...