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Best Buy is having a clearance sale on this fantastic 2-in-1 student laptop

Dell has been in the game for a long time, and you’re likely familiar with the Inspiron line of laptops that are primarily targeted to business and educational uses. Not only that but they’re surprisingly good for their budget pricing. So, for example, if you’re looking for good student laptop deals, this Dell Inspiron 2-in-1 14-inch touchscreen laptop has great productivity performance, and you can pick it up on clearance right now from Best Buy for the reduced price of $638, down from $850, so it’s a nice $212 discount.
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Monthly Horoscope: Taurus, October 2022

The sun in Libra lights up the sector of your chart that rules your daily routine, productivity, habits, and work, which could find you in a busy mood! While the gigs and projects on your to-do list are likely taking up a lot of your time, your ruling planet Venus, currently in Libra, opposes Jupiter in Aries on October 1, calling you to create more space for fun and relaxation! Romance and creativity flow, and a welcome break in your everyday routine takes place—just be careful not to overindulge. Venus is all about pleasure, but sometimes Jupiter can mean excess, so focus on moderation!
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Low-code could replace "traditional" coding within months

The rise of low-code could soon see it topple more "traditional" forms of operations, new research has claimed. Mendix's 2022 State of Low-Code found a rise in low-code adoption from 77% in 2021 to 94% this year, with four in 10 businesses now using low-code for mission-critical solutions in their business operations.
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The Pitfalls of Remote Work and How to Avoid Them

People enjoy the flexibility of working remotely and feel more productive. Remote employees can miss out on social support and time with their managers and have more difficulty disconnecting from technology. Hybrid work experiences may give employees the best of both worlds. We are currently in a tug of war...

8 Ways You Can Maintain a Positive Outlook—No Matter What

You know those people who are always “glass is half full?” Studies have shown that those types of people tend to have more positive and fulfilled lives. But we get it, between doom and gloom in the news, inflation, and the stressors of life, it can be hard to always keep that positive outlook. The good news is it’s not impossible, even though getting there may take some work.

Why Continuous Improvement Of Cybersecurity In Business Is Essential

Modern-day businesses rely heavily on technology. Technology has transformed how industries operate, allowing them to implement practices that have improved efficiency and saved time. Installing and investing in new technology can help companies progress and get one step closer to their targets. To keep them safe, they invest in cybersecurity to allow them to grow their company safely.

Tearing Up The Office Playbook In 4 Moves

There’s a lot of talk about reinventing the office to make it fit for the future. But what does that mean in practice?. For some of the speakers at Bisnow’s Office Politics: What Occupiers Want event, this is not a case of tinkering around the edges. “We think...

Productive directional drilling — the Vermeer D550 HDD is built for it

When you’re directional drilling 30 ft (9.1 m) under a river in solid rock or pulling back hundreds of feet of 30 in. (76.2 cm) steel pipe, you’re not thinking about a bulleted list of features you read about on some website or brochure. No, the drill you’re operating is either delivering productivity or not. The folks at Vermeer understand that and built the next generation D550 horizontal directional drill (HDD) for performance.

Annual Cost of Foodborne Illness in Australia in the Billions, Study Estimates

The annual economic burden of foodborne illness in Australia amounts to an estimated $2.44 billion AUD, according to a report by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ). The report also valuates other costs associated with business losses, regulatory activities, and outbreak investigations and surveillance. The estimate is based on a...