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Insurance company, Trinity seeking a solution

STEUBENVILLE — Trinity Health System physicians and Anthem Blue Cross-Blue Shield were at the bargaining table Monday, working on a new network agreement. Without it, Trinity Health System Medical Group Enterprise physicians’ contract with Anthem is set to expire Sunday. Both sides, however, were optimistic an agreement is within reach.

Multi-Role Supplier of Vital Business Solutions Including a Sanitizing Franchise Subsidiary to Help Facilities Maintain a Safer Working Environment: Bantec, Inc., (OTC: BANT)

Serving Government, Institutions and Businesses with Products and Services to be Safer and More Productive. Bantec Sanitizing Franchisees will offer Solutions to Combat Covid-19 and Other Threats. Howco Subsidiary Posts $102,000 Operating Profit for First Half of 2021. Drone USA Subsidiary Being Considered for Franchise Opportunity. Bidding on Industrial Flooring...

Pet Food India | DIY Hydroponic Garden: The Complete Guide to Building Your Own Hydroponic System at Home for Growing Plants in Water: 2 (Hydroponics and Greenhouse Gardening)

Pet Food India,Pet Food India.Com – Product Sold in India. How healthy really are those fruits, vegetables, and herbs you are buying from your local grocery store?Your Costumers Will Never Stop to Use this Awesome Guide!. FIND OUT THE BEST WAY TO EAT FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES ALL YEAR LONG…
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Dad’s clever necklace allows him to watch baby and do yard work at the same time: ‘Dad level 1,000’

This dad created a hack for doing yard work while watching and feeding his baby at the same time!. Darcey Bru (@dad.at.home) is a TikToker, comedian and parent who regularly shares clever parenting tips and hacks with his 15.6k followers. One popular hack involves Bru using a baby carrier and a homemade cereal necklace to keep his baby occupied —and fed— while dad does work in the lawn.

Discovery Education’s Editorial Philosophy

At Discovery Education, we continuously strive to create, curate, and contextualize content within our services that ensures accessibility, equity, and representation for all students and educators. The value of diverse and inclusive learning experiences is unmatched, and we want to support all educators in bringing this value to their schools and classrooms.
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Safe and Productive?

As I’m writing this, an exceptional summer day in the northern hemisphere is starting. Three months of hot weather will be forthcoming, guaranteed for the southern U.S. states, that will stretch into early fall. I’m just elated to be “here”, hot or cold or whatever the weather. But, allow me to regress at this point; more about that subject next month.

Neoenergia S A : A public call will be made for the selection of projects to preserve the Brazilian historical ...

The Neoenergia Institute, together with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) and a group of four founding partners, launched, on Monday (12), the initiative Rescuing History, which aims to restore and revitalize material, intangible and memorial collections assets throughout the country. A public call will be made for the selection of projects to preserve the Brazilian historical heritage totaling R$ 200 million. Of these, R$ 50 million will be invested by partner companies and R$ 150 million by BNDES Cultural Fund, which has funds from the Federal Culture Incentive Law.
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Divergent Paths for Renewable Energy Startups: Visiting an Indonesian Innovator

The world's biggest archipelago, Indonesia contains many energy needs. An international coalition has formed to support startups across the country. As it grows, Indonesia's clean-power industry works to complement- and not to offend- the state-run electric utility, which still burns prodigious coal. New Energy Nexus seeks a collaborative culture, navigating...
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5 habits productive people use to get the important stuff done

It’s an uncomfortable truth that if you’re waiting for circumstances or other people around you to “make you” be productive, you’ll be waiting a long time. Productivity comes from the inside out. The good news is that as a time management coach, I see people learn the skills to be more productive each and every day. If you’re feeling stuck in a productivity slump, you can find your way out of it to better use your time and get more done.

5 Productive (and Less Productive) Ways to Spend Your Daily Commute

Do you have a fairly sizeable daily commute? Does your commute involve you being a passenger either through mass public transit, taxi, or rideshare? Are you looking for ways to spend that time more productively? Your daily commute doesn’t have to be seen as wasted time; instead, it can be essential to helping you achieve all your daily tasks. Here’s a look at some ways to make your commute as productive as possible and some pitfalls to avoid that will make it much less productive.

Big UC News You May Have Missed

It’s Friday, which can mean only one thing around these parts: it’s time for our roundup of this week’s must-read stories from the industry. This week saw Zoom snap up German real-time translations firm Kite, Comms MSP Timico undergo a refresh into Digital Space and Intrado’s Paul Scott talk to UC Today about the complexities of Microsoft licencing.