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Could ChatGPT Soon Find Itself in Data Privacy Regulators’ Crosshairs?

In a matter of weeks, ChatGPT has turned the internet upside down, even threatening search engines’ decades-long foothold online. But while OpenAI’s ChatGPT is quite popular among users, the human-like chatbot is also raising some concerns among data privacy professionals. In fact, some suggest the lack of opting-out and user consent options and a thin privacy policy that fails to account for several data privacy laws could soon earn some scrutiny from regulators.
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6 Things That Could Get Your Business Sued

As a business owner, you are responsible for ensuring that your customers, clients, and employees are kept safe and that your company operates in a legal and ethical way. Unfortunately, it is all too easy to make a mistake that could result in legal action against your company, which could not only ruin your reputation but also cost you a lot of money and potentially even put you out of business!
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How (not) to future-proof the law

On the last day of 2022, researchers released a study with an eye-opening finding: if you want to know what’s happening inside a room, it’s possible to use WiFi signals the way a ship uses sonar, to sketch out a picture of where people are standing and how they’re posing.
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A New Tracker Promises to Collect a Lot More of Your Data. Its Maker Says That's Better For Your Privacy.

Last week on Zoom, where I spend all the best moments of my life, I spoke with the chief product office of an ad tech company called FullThrottle. Amol Waishampayan said his company has a brand-new patented technique that will let companies collect even more of your data—ten times more data, he claims—and tie that information to your home address. He said FullThrottle won’t collect the information without your consent, but he expects a lot of us will give it up willingly. Waishampayan said this tracking will actually be better for your privacy, and in fact, you might even like it. By the time I closed my laptop I was almost convinced. Almost.

Privacy Program Management: How Companies Can Best Juggle Their Compliance Requirements

In today’s digital landscape, companies must navigate a complex array of privacy laws and regulations. This panel discussion will explore the challenges and opportunities of managing a privacy program, and provide insights on how companies can best juggle their compliance requirements. Catch up and watch this session on-demand. In...