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Venezuela: Opposition Leader Guaidó Under Fire Over Alleged $1.3 Billion Settlement

Mérida, September 25, 2021 ( – Venezuela’s self-proclaimed “Interim President” Juan Guaidó has drawn severe criticism over a reported agreement to pay US $1.3 billion to US corporation ConocoPhillips. The alleged settlement was revealed in a report by Delaware District Court-appointed “Special Master” Robert B. Pincus on a proposed “sale...
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Venezuela’s opposition ratified its commitment to continue the process of dialogue with the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro

Venezuela opposition They endorsed the Venezuelans, the facilitation of the Kingdom of Norway and the accompanying nations of the dialogue process, and their commitment to continue the work done. in Mexico. Through a statement, the Consolidated Platform expressed its willingness to participate in the process, After the third day of...
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Why Venezuela’s ‘Two Presidents’ Are Ready to Talk

Nicolas Maduro and Juan Guaido have sparred for control of Venezuela for more than two years, each claiming to be country’s rightful president. Now, massive protests and police crackdowns have been replaced by sessions at the negotiating table. They’ve tried before, to little effect. What might be different this time? For one thing, Guaido and other members of the opposition have all but conceded that their attempts to oust Maduro have failed. On his side, Maduro has proved unable to stop Venezuela’s continuing economic collapse, in part because of tight economic sanctions imposed by the U.S. and other nations that continue to back Guaido.
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Venezuela’s Opposition Is Back On The November Ballots

CARACAS, Venezuela — The upcoming Venezuelan election just added key players. After four years of not participating in an election, the Mesa de la Unidad Democrática (MUD), the main coalition of Venezuela’s opposition, is running in the Nov. 21 elections. MUD groups several parties from different areas of the political...

Hugo 'Pollo' Carvajal, Chávez's henchman behind bars

(CNN Spanish) - Hugo 'Pollo' Carvajal, former director of Intelligence of Venezuela, was a man of confidence of Hugo Chávez and one of his closest collaborators. Now, after a long journey, he is imprisoned in Spain, waiting to be extradited to the United States, where he faces drug trafficking charges.

Venezuela and the U.S. Left at a Crossroads

When the subject of Venezuela is brought up, there are often two distinct narratives. In the right-wing and much of the mainstream media, Venezuela is often depicted as a once vibrant, thriving democracy that has been ruined by socialism. Meanwhile, in certain left-wing circles, the country’s many troubles are blamed solely on U.S. economic sanctions, while the government is depicted as a David leading a heroic resistance against an imperial Goliath.

HBO Max's A La Calle Documentary Sheds Light on the Humanitarian Crisis in Venezuela

We don't see enough news coverage surrounding the dictatorship and political repression that has led to the crumbling of Venezuela. But a new documentary out on HBO Max, A La Calle (or To the Streets) by Nelson G. Navarrete and Maxx Caicedo, is shedding a light on the country's humanitarian crisis. The film opens with an eerie score playing under scenes of unrest in Venezuela. It ends on a somewhat hopeful note as the opposition works to turn the military against authoritarian President Nicolás Maduro Moros. But Maduro is still in power today, and his administration keeps violating Venezuelans' human rights. In fact, Human Rights Watch has referred to the situation in Venezuela as a severe humanitarian emergency, with millions unable to access basic healthcare and adequate nutrition. According to the UN Refugee Agency, there are around four million Venezuelan refugees worldwide — making the South American country the second-largest source of refugees in the world, just behind Syria and above Afghanistan.

Maduro demands from the United Nations that all sanctions against Venezuela be lifted

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, has demanded this Wednesday before the United Nations General Assembly “the lifting of criminal sanctions” against his country. “We ratify our request, our demand that all criminal sanctions be lifted against the Venezuelan economy, against Venezuelan society by the United States and by the governments of the European Union,” Maduro claimed from a screen on the his recorded speech was projected.

UN: Maduro demands end to US and EU 'criminal sanctions' against Venezuela

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro delivered his speech at the United Nations 76th General Assembly in New York on Wednesday. The president demanded what he described as the 'criminal sanctions' against the South American country be lifted, and spoke about the dialogue with opposition factions recently held in Mexico. During his...