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Tori Roloff Shares Somber Baby Due Date

Little People, Big World star Tori Roloff sadly suffered a miscarriage earlier this year. Now, she’s reached an important date in her family’s lives, so she’s reflecting on her loss. In a new social media post, she is opening up about her lost baby’s due date. Tori Roloff shares miscarriage...
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Being Pregnant Triggered My Disordered Eating

When I started trying to get pregnant, five years ago at age 32, I felt ready to be a mom. After a decade in therapy, I was sure my experiences with disordered eating were behind me. My own childhood had been traumatic, but I was excited to move into this next chapter feeling strong. With luck, I hoped, my child wouldn’t have to go through anything like what I did at age 11, when, because of my scoliosis, I was trapped in a back brace 23 hours a day, seven days a week for more than two years.

MAFS' Cortney Hendrix and Husband Sherm Welcome First Baby: 'He's Perfect and We Are So in Love'

Cortney Hendrix and husband Sherm welcomed their first baby together, a son, she announced in a statement on her Instagram Story early Monday. "Baby is here! We are all happy and healthy! We will share details when we are ready but the most important thing is being present and enjoying these special moments with baby and daddy @Sherm24," she writes.

Pregnancy Doesn't Have to Feel Like a Perpetual Guilt Trip

A column about being a pregnant trans dad, and all the prejudices, healthcare challenges, personal dilemmas, and joys that come with making a family in 2021. Anyone who has tried to conceive in a pre-planned way, or whose partner has, knows about the two-week wait. It’s the gulf of time between a) the act of insemination/embryo transfer/sex and b) the day a pregnancy test will give an accurate result. The two-week wait is a temporal blackhole of boredom, hope, and pessimism. I was in constant doubt over whether to act like I was pregnant “just to be safe,” or whether to relax and not stress about it, also “just to be safe.”

How Do You Celebrate A Pregnancy While Grieving?

I’ve been to two ultrasounds in my life. The first was with my husband, Cam, to get a clearer picture of the cancer that was killing him. He lay calm as his belly was gelled and rubbed like a pregnant woman. The sonographer, who sees the spark of so many futures, documented his end. The second was for my baby. A tiny, beating, mango-sized human I’d kept nestled away for five months, just for us.

Writing my way Through Trauma

I never kept a diary or a journal. Writing was never my thing. I am a talker. Put me in a room with people and I will talk non-stop. Don’t get me wrong, I like to write, but it was never something I really did. All that changed in 2010.

Evaluna’s Pregnancy: This is Ricardo Montener’s reaction to the photo

Faced with the wonderful message of Pregnancy From Evaluna Montner, social media exploded when she and Camilo Echeverry shared the announcement. The actress has Four months pregnant You can already see him Baby bump, She recently spoke proudly through her husband’s video “There is“. In the video the family of...

If You’re In Doubt, Here’s What Positive Pregnancy Tests Look Like

At-home pregnancy tests are great because with just a quick trip to the bathroom they have the potential to tell you whether or not you have a baby growing inside you. As convenient as they are, they can also be somewhat difficult to read, so it’s sometimes useful to compare your test with other positive pregnancy test photos to help you figure out what exactly is going on. If nothing else, it sure beats squinting your eyes and questioning whether it’s a line you’re seeing or a figment of your imagination.

BUSINESS: Next Steps After a Positive Pregnancy Test

Salt Lake City, UT — (ReleaseWire) — 10/14/2021 –There’s a whole range of emotions that women experience when doing a home pregnancy test and it comes back positive. You may feel anxious, scared, excited, happy, overwhelmed, or a combination of all these emotions when a home pregnancy test is positive.