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To the Man Behind Me at Target Who Wouldn’t Take “No” for an Answer

Sometimes, all it takes is the kindness of another person to remind us all that someone cares. Erin Bennett got that special reminder during her trip to Target on Wednesday. She shared her touching experience in a Facebook post written “to the man in line behind me at Target.”. “To...
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Deciding on the COVID Vaccine During Pregnancy :: We Can’t Win

Bringing a child into this world in any “normal” circumstances can be incredibly difficult. There are the sleepless nights, the hormonal changes, baby blues or postpartum depression, and the total change of life as you once knew it. There are the countless decisions that have to be made such as how you want to give birth, breast or formula feeding, cloth or disposable diapers, daycare or stay at home, and the list goes on and on. But being pregnant in this era of COVID brings on another huge list of decisions, critical decisions, that must be made- masks, no masks, limit guests, no guests at all, only vaccinated guests, do I get vaccinated? Since the COVID vaccine has become available, this is a major question on the mind of pregnant women.

New Moms: Battle the Baby Blues

ORLANDO, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire)– The baby blues, also known as postpartum depression, can send new moms into an emotional spiral. And it’s not as uncommon as you might think. Research shows one in every nine new moms will experience postpartum depression. Now, researchers are looking at novel therapies to help these women cope.

Does trust matter in healthcare?

Trust is the basis where all kinds of relationships are built on. A review by Goudge and his team suggests that trust is generally understood to be “judgement in a situation of risk that the trustee will act in best interests of the truster, or at least in ways that will not be harmful to the truster”. According to Hall et. al, it is, “the optimistic acceptance of a vulnerable situation in which the truster believes that the trustee will care the truster’s interests”. The key terms of the two definitions are truster’s interests and optimistic acceptance. Both of them have major significance in the pharmacy profession.

Top Parenting Tips for First Time Parents

Becoming parents is one of the biggest joys of life, it’s so exciting, overwhelming and a journey full of surprises, doubts, unconditional and sacrifice. You’ll be amazed to see how much love and passion you have and how far you can go for the little human being you brought into this world. Many new parents tend to go with the flow or let the baby take the lead and some parents want to go by the book. Whichever parenting type you choose, don’t let the voices of others ground your own instincts and feelings.

Depression In Women: Understanding The Gender Gap

Depression or anxiety, which is the leading cause of incapacity worldwide, has been found to be far more widespread in women than it is in men. It has been extensively documented that there exist gender differences in depression prevalence, with women experiencing major anxiety bouts as opposed to men. Image:...

20 Emotional Skills Every Dad Needs

New dads have a lot to prepare for and all kinds of adjustments to make as they delve into parenting. But figuring out how to still hang out with other adults, and learning how to wipe someone else’s butt are just practical considerations first-time dads have to focus on. A new dad also has to have some softer skills — emotional skills that require thought and practice.

How Ariana Grande Already Broke Her Contract on ‘The Voice’

This season on “The Voice,” Ariana Grande joins Blake Shelton, John Legend, and Kelly Clarkson as a coach. The blind auditions are currently underway, where the coaches draft contestants onto their teams in the hopes of selecting the performer that will win this season. Once the auditions are over, this season’s teams will be solidified.
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Britney Spears shares a rare glimpse into the lives of sons Sean Preston, 16, and Jayden James, 15

Britney Spears is sharing rare insight into the lives of her teen sons. Sean Preston and Jayden James — the boys she shares with ex-husband Kevin Federline — turned 16 and 15 respectively earlier this month. Now back on Instagram, the pop star revealed how she celebrated their birthdays as well as some tidbits about their lives, making a point not to overshare.
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Marshall studio owner knows art can help with the 'messy times'

Sarah Nelsen was a regular at the Mission Mahi food truck when it made stops near her Marshall home starting in 2015. Her California native husband, and his serious fish taco pedigree, drew them there initially, but the meaning of Mahi’s “mission” — to support those in addiction recovery by employing them in a supportive environment — made their trips about more than sriracha mayo and slaw.

Meghan Trainor Opens Up About Battling Panic Disorder

Meghan Trainor is getting candid about her mental health journey. The 27-year-old performer recently revealed that she struggled with panic attacks for years. In fact, her first experience happened on live TV, when she and Gayle King teamed up in December of 2016 to announce the nominees for the 2017 GRAMMY Awards.

Annie's Mailbox: Trying To Be Absent-Minded in California

Dear Annie: I'm writing to urge women to take advantage of National Depression Screening Day on Oct. 6, when free mental health screenings will be available across the nation. I believe it is one step that can save women from struggling endlessly with a serious illness that only in recent years has begun to receive much-needed attention -- postpartum mood disorders.