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Track Premiere: Sataray – “Hexenacht”

It’s not too soon to be lining up your playlist for Walpurgis Night, typically celebrated at the end of April, and we have the perfect lead-off track for all of your witchy indulgences. “Hexenacht” (which literally means “witches’ night” in German) is when European revelers don their witches and demons cosplay outfits, launch fireworks/build bonfires, play loud music and generally make spring celebration merriment. It’s a concept totally foreign to most Bible-thumping Westerners, but Olympia, WA-based dark ambient solo artist, Sataray, knows what’s up.
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Track Premiere: Cailleach Calling – “Bound By Neon”

How do you take a sound born of woods and fjords and take it into the streets among the city lights? California’s Cailleach Calling seems to have found the answer on their debut album, Dreams of Fragmentation. The band’s formula blends familiar atmospheric black metal themes with soundscapes more akin to post-rock — making for an enveloping, entrancing listen. Decibel is therefore happy to premiere the lead single of the album, “Bound By Neon.”

Track Premiere: Kenn Nardi — “Masquerade”

This wild, swashbuckling second solo offering of epic heavy-fucking-metal courtesy Kenn Nardi — guitarist/vocalist of recently reactivated underground thrash-prog legend Anacrusis — has flown waaaay too far below the radar. Imagine Trauma as the fun, vivifying grounds upon which a thousand great thrash riffs meet to do friendly battle with sweeping orchestral atmospherics.

Track Premiere: Dischordia – ‘Minds of Dust’

Midwest death metal trio Dischordia make quite a bit of noise on their new album, Triptych. Conceived at the altar of Gorguts and Ulcerate with a healthy dose of weirdness—credited instruments on Triptych include filing cabinet, wrenches and flute—with mixing and mastering by Colin Marston, the album sets itself apart with its cacophonous-but-controlled nature.

Track Premiere: Preamp Disaster – “Above the Bloodline”

If you’re looking to “turn off your mind, relax and float downstream,” as the Beatles once suggested, we’ve got a doomy/psychedelic track premiere, “Above the Bloodline,” from Swiss post-metal quartet Preamp Disaster that’ll do the trick. This roiling, slow-burner churns along with alternating atmospheric guitar lines over an ascending rhythm for several minutes until the arrival of guitarist/vocalist Urs Schnyder, who shouts a few lines of lyrics as the rest of the band—drummer Sandro Hächler, guitarist Damian Ruckstuhl and bassist/synths Silvan Weibel—brings the song to a crunching close.

Track Premiere: Claustrofobia – “Corrupted Self” featuring Marc Rizzo

Originally formed in 1994, Brazilian deathrashers Claustrofobia started releasing full-length albums at the turn of the 21st century. They have played with metal royalty like Iron Maiden, Slayer, and Anthrax. Now the band calls Las Vegas home, and they are ready to cloak America’s City of Lights in complete darkness. Unleeched is their seventh full-length album, and it will lash out for blood on March 11th. We offer the album’s second single courtesy of Metal Assault Records.

Track Premiere: Sundown – “Not My Jam”

If you’ve gotten to know the Wise Blood Records “aesthetic” via premieres from extremely extreme acts from around the globe, like Empty Throne, Graveripper, Scarecrow, and Lavaborne, then this latest from the Indianapolis-based label run by Decibel writer Sean Frasier will no doubt surprise you. Wise Blood stayed close to home when it decided to work with local post-hardcore quartet, Sundown, who’ve only been together since 2020, and will issue their debut, Keep Moving, on February 25.

Track Premiere: Vile Ritual – ‘Tongues of the Exanimate’

Very little is known about American death metal entity Vile Ritual, but one thing is for certain: Tongues of the Exanimate, the upcoming release from the project, is an absolute wrecking ball of dirty, hallucinatory death metal. Case in point: the album’s title track, streaming below. Despite all of...

Track Premiere: Dust Prophet – “Hourglass”

Dapper and dashing trio Dust Prophet hail from Manchester, New Hampshire and are as obsessed with Kyuss, Electric Wizard, Clutch and Sabbath as they are dusty literature from the inky quills and drunken typewriters of Milton, Poe, Hemingway, whoever actually wrote the bible and coffins full of gothic tales and novels. These disparate, but not-so-disparate worlds collide in earnest totality on “Hourglass,” the latest single from the band’s upcoming debut album, One Last Look Upon the Sky which is set for independent release in the spring.

Track Premiere: Mayan Bull (ft. members of Trappist & Despise You) “Kid Cleveland”

It’s not often that a band forms after being offered an opportunity to write music for a film, but that’s exactly what happened with L.A.’s Mayan Bull. Back in 2011, drummer/keyboardist Phil Vera (Trappist, Despise You), guitarist Kurk Stevens and bassist Chris Walters were approached by director Todd Hickey to write a song for the soundtrack of Takedowns and Falls, his documentary about high-school wrestling in Pennsylvania. The trio recorded 10-minute instrumental “A Dangerous Gun” in Vera’s living room with producer Paul Fig (Alice In Chains, Deftones), and Mayan Bull was born. “We had so much fun recording the song that we kept practicing and came up with new songs,” Vera says.