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Madisonville church says pollinator garden benefits community, nature

MADISONVILLE, Ky. (WEHT) There are many types of gardens. Some of them grow vegetables, others grow different types of flowers. A Madisonville church is growing a different type of garden, one that’s more for insects. Behind Madisonville First Cumberland Presbyterian Church, where the congregation meets each Sunday for services, is...
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Here’s a fun photo game: Find the pollinators

La Porte County Parks posted these photos and invites folks to “Find the Pollinators” as part of park representatives’ reminder to the public of how important pollen-producing flowers and bushes are in our ecosystem. No need to respond with a comment; just have a little fun in this “Where’s Waldo”-type search. (Click photos to enlarge)
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TAMUC teams up with Tarleton State to receive massive grant for drought and pollinator research

Texas A&M University-Commerce and fellow Texas A&M University System member institution Tarleton State University jointly received nearly $300,000 in research funds from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food & Agriculture. The funds will go toward research into Plant Drought Response and Insect Pollinator Studies, also known as Plant DRIPS. A&M-Commerce is the prime recipient of funds, being awarded $159,124, while Tarleton will receive $140,743. A&M-Commerce Professor of Horticulture Dr. Derald Harp says that the project will evaluate perennials commonly used in ornamental landscapes in the area and study their performance under low-input conditions, specifically looking at three different irrigation programs all related to water loss from evapotranspiration, and looking at flower production, along with nectar quality and quantity. Harp adds that one of the main goals of the project is to generate information about the relationship between plants and pollinators, especially during periods of drought stress, and identify ways landscapes can be designed and managed to benefit pollinators. The project will run until August 31, 2024. Read an NIFA press release regarding the award.
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Grown Here at Home: Pollinator garden in the works at Lynchburg Grows

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ) - At Lynchburg Grows, folks are getting their hands dirty with a new project – a pollinator garden. “We had to clear a whole area, and because of the trees here before, we were not able to till. So we put down cardboard and covered the whole area with soil that we brought in,” explained Jennifer Porter, CSA manager and assistant farmer at Lynchburg Grows.

Pollinating insects can help soybean yields

AMES, Iowa — A new study indicates that insects like honey bees in many cases can do a better job of pollinating soybeans than the plants can do on their own. The findings suggest growing soybeans near pollinator habitat might lead to better yields, said Lisa Schulte Moore, a professor of natural resource ecology and management at Iowa State University and a co-author of the study.

Gardening for Pollinators

On Wednesday, July 28, the Horticulture Webinar Wednesdays presents a training on Gardening for Pollinators with Adam Leonberger, UK Horticulture Agent in Franklin County. The webinar begins at 12:30 pm EST/ 11:30 am CST. Register for the meeting here: https://tinyurl.com/HWWJULY21. See what other webinars are coming this season here: https://kentuckyhortnews.com/horticulture-webinar-wednesdays/season-two/

Down on the farm: Even pollinators need hydration during the heat

As I write this, it’s supposed to reach 90 degrees on the farm. The morning started out perfectly cloudless, except for the reddish haze of high-altitude smoke from distant forest fires. Even before we finished some weeding among the green beans before breakfast, we were breaking a sweat. This was going to be another hot one.
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Pollinator party on Thursday in Humboldt County

Dakota City, IA – Humboldt County Soil and Water Conservation District is going to be holding a pollinator party. On Thursday, July 29, Soil and Water Conservation and the Humboldt county Historical Association invites the public to attend “Butterflies and Bees: How to Support your Pollinator Friends.” This is a free event held at the Humboldt County Historical Museum in Dakota City.

Large yard not required to support pollinators

URBANA — Pollinators are responsible for an estimated one in every three bites of food that humans eat, so it’s no wonder they’re getting a lot of buzz these days. For those who want to support these hard-working environmental contributors, but don’t have a large yard or outdoor space, container gardens are the answer.
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Life Is Pollinating at Rye Town Park

Sentiments like these have become commonplace at Rye Town Park. While the pandemic has made outdoor spaces more cherished and families more appreciative, I suspect such sentiments are inspired by a growing group of committed volunteers who want a park that welcomes all. Earlier this summer, volunteers and partner agencies...

OPINION: Pollinator pathways are good ways to go

One of the things I did a lot in 2020 was walk around. This does not sound super exciting — I know. I suppose I could try to elevate it by calling it hiking, but that lacks the aimless quality that more accurately characterizes what I was up to. And,...