POLITICO Playbook: ‘Audit’ movement gains steam — even after Arizona

If you’re inclined to believe that facts matter, then the results of Arizona’s long-gestating review of the 2020 election results reaffirmed what was already known: JOE BIDEN won the election and DONALD TRUMP lost. But in a political environment often divorced from factual reality, the so-called “audit” — we hesitate...
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Biden risks losing support from Democrats amid DC gridlock

NEW YORK (AP) — President Joe Biden is losing support among critical groups in his political base as some of his core campaign promises falter, raising concerns among Democrats that the voters who put him in office may feel less enthusiastic about returning to the polls in next year's midterm elections.
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'Peril' details Trump's plans before Jan. 6

Robert Costa details the reporting in ‘Peril’ about White House discussions before the January 6 rally and riot that show the intentions of President Trump to ‘change the course of an election.’

Germany sees rise in election-related crime — report

A report by the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag (WamS) found that Germany’s federal election campaign has been particularly aggressive this year. Politicians also say they have experienced a worsening atmosphere in terms of insults, acts of vandalism and threats. What did the figures show?. The newspaper gathered data from...

Democrats’ Spending Fight Carries High Stakes for Their Candidates

WASHINGTON — With President Biden’s approval ratings falling below 50 percent after the most trying stretch of his young administration, pushing through his ambitious legislative agenda has taken on a new urgency for Democratic lawmakers. Recognizing that a president’s popularity is the best indicator for how his party will fare...

Iceland votes as hung parliament predicted

Icelanders voted on Saturday in an election that could see its unprecedented left-right coalition lose its majority, despite bringing four years of stability after a decade of crises. - 'Free-for-all' - The Independence Party, which polls credit with around 20-24 percent of votes, also risks losing seats but is expected to remain the largest political party.

How America became dependent on corn is a weird story of genetics and politics

Autumn, now officially upon us, is a season widely associated with corn in the United States. Farmers are preparing to harvest their crops, hoping for profitable yields. The savory cylindrical vegetable will be a culinary staple for holidays and football-watching parties, displayed as an ornament in cornucopias and other decorations; meanwhile, millions of Americans will traverse a corn maze, an entertaining staple of the fall season.