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New study finds internet freedom is rapidly declining worldwide

Internet freedom has declined for the 11th consecutive year globally, according to an annual report released this week. The study from Washington-based democracy watchdog organization Freedom House analyzed 70 countries that account for 88 percent of internet users worldwide and measured indicators such as accessibility and content. Both a lack of internet regulation and excessive restraints to online material contributed to this year’s decline, the group said.
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‘It’s horrific’: 1st Haitian American to hold office in RI reacts to recent footage from the border

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — The images and videos coming from the United States/Mexico border have been top of mind for Providence City Councilwoman Nirva LaFortune. The footage, which has prompted the Department of Homeland Security to launch an investigation into the incident, shows border patrol agents on horseback aggressively dispersing Haitian migrants.
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UN "disturbed" by U.S. deportation of Haitian migrants and asylum seekers

Several United Nations agencies on Tuesday expressed concern over the U.S. deportation of Haitian migrants and asylum seekers, Reuters reports. What they're saying: "While some people arriving at the border may not be refugees, anyone who ... claims to have a well-founded fear of being persecuted in their country of origin — they should have access to asylum and to have their claim assessed before being subjected to expulsion or deportation," said UN Refugee Agency spokesperson Shabia Mantoo, per Reuters.
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Baseball has a debt to Haiti, and it’s time the sport repaid it

Baseball can’t save Haiti. But with the sudden and shocking arrival at the Texas border of thousands of Haitians fleeing murder, mayhem and utter misfortune in their Caribbean home — who must outrun Border Patrol agents on horseback doing their best impersonation of 19th century slave catchers — I was reminded of how baseball was once of some small help to a country rendered so hapless by all manner of catastrophe.
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The truth behind the Texas bridge migrants

While the president took a long weekend relaxing at the beach in Delaware, another self-imposed crisis blew up in his face. The migrant shantytown under a concrete overpass in Del Rio, Texas, had ballooned to 15,000 souls, mainly Haitians. They were running out of food and water amid dangerously unsanitary conditions. With a pipeline of hundreds more flooding across the Rio Grande from Mexico every day, a humanitarian disaster was unfolding and the media were starting to pay attention.

Americans Have No Idea What the Supply Chain Really Is

At this point, the maddeningly unpredictable Delta variant has changed the expected course of the coronavirus pandemic so much that it can be hard to know exactly what you’re waiting for, or if you should continue waiting at all. Is something like before-times normalcy still coming, or will Americans have to negotiate a permanently changed reality? Will we recognize that new normal when it gets here, or will it be clear only in hindsight? And how long will it be before you can buy a new couch and have it delivered in a timely manner?

West Hartford non-profit helps get medical care to people living in Haiti

WEST HARTFORD, Conn. – A local non-profit that helps get medical care to Haitians describes the situation in that country as dire right now. “MEDICAL AID TO HAITI” or MATH is an all-volunteer group that supports around 20,000 doctor visits for men, women, and children who would otherwise not have access to good healthcare.

Tunisia's Saied issues decree strengthening presidential powers

Tunisian President Kais Saied took exceptional measures on Wednesday that strengthen the powers of his office at the expense of the government and parliament, which he will effectively replace with rule by decree. The provisions, laid out in a series of articles published in the official gazette, come almost two months after his initial power grab. Under the current system most of the executive power was in the hands of the government, and the measures announced by Saied clearly tip the balance in favour of the presidency. "Legislative texts will be promulgated in the form of decrees signed by the President of the Republic," one of the articles stipulates.
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Haitian migrants cross back into Mexico as deportation flights begin

Thousands of Haitian migrants have begun streaming back across the Rio Grande river to Mexico after the Biden administration said it will step up deportation flights to return them to the Caribbean nation. Images show crowds of men, women and children wading into the chest-deep water, some holding their belongings...
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DHS chief ‘horrified’ at Border agents using horses to disperse Haitians

Homeland Security Secretary Alejando Mayorkas on Tuesday said he was “horrified” by images of mounted Border Patrol agents using their horses to keep Haitian migrants from crossing into the US, as his agency launches an investigation into the allegations — despite claiming Monday during a trip to the site that he saw nothing obviously wrong with how the agents acted.