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From the ‘Know Nothings’ to the party of ‘We don’t care’

In the 1850s in the United States there was a political party called the “Native American Party.” It started as a secret society which opposed immigration, was xenophobic, racist, and fearful of Catholicism, and had nothing to do with Indigenous people. Their meetings were held in secret, they would answer questions about their proceedings with […] The post From the ‘Know Nothings’ to the party of ‘We don’t care’ appeared first on Daily Montanan.
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Democratic candidates in SLO County disguised as Republicans

Deceptive slate mailers were recently sent to registered Republicans in three San Luis Obispo County districts, in what appears to be a chameleon like attempt to disguise three Democratic candidates as endorsed by the Republican Party. In a county that swaps between a Democratic and Republican majority, slate mailers have...
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In PA primary, two state budget leaders’ experience used against them

HARRISBURG, PA (WSKG) – Pennsylvania Republican voters appear to want to replace two key state budget negotiators with a pair of far-right challengers. Rep. Stan Saylor (R-York) and Sen. Pat Browne (R-Lehigh), both longtime incumbents, are well-respected in state political and policy circles. But, they faced primary challenges from upstart candidates who mixed criticism of their tenure with far-right talking points.

Democrats must reach across the diploma divide

Having lost the white working class decades ago, Democrats now see erosion in their support among Hispanic and even Black voters without college degrees. It’s a mortifying turn of events for a party that historically has defined its mission as standing up for working families. It’s also the biggest...

Wyo GOP chairman quietly assumed power as party fractured

W. Frank Eathorne says two of the most important moments in his life occurred when he was 7 years old, living on the family ranch in the Thunder Basin grasslands of eastern Wyoming. The first came on a stormy spring day in 1975 after a Sunday school class at Dry...