Driver crashes into 2 poles, restaurant in Lakewood

LAKEWOOD, Ohio (WOIO) - A driver lost control of his car and crashed into a utility pole, a brick pillar and a restaurant Tuesday afternoon. The accident happened around 12:30 p.m. in the area of Detroit Avenue and Warren Road. According to the driver, he was heading eastbound on Detroit...
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Sentencing scheduled for 1 of 2 brothers charged with murdering homeless vet

One of two brothers charged with killing a homeless U.S. Army veteran in Pontiac will be sentenced Thursday. Steven Porter, 48, of Pontiac, pleaded no contest in August to second-degree murder for the slaying of Omar Harland, 52, who died two days after being attacked while in the vicinity of Baldwin Boulevard and Poplar Street in Pontiac on Sept. 2, 2020. His sentencing hearing is scheduled for 9 a.m. before Judge Yasmine Poles of Oakland County Circuit Court. Porter’s brother, Sean Porter, 52, of Eastpointe, pleaded guilty to the same charge on Sept 9. He’ll be sentenced by Poles on Oct. 14.
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First day of fall: Why the equinox isn't as equal as you might think

(CNN) — Twice a year, everyone on Earth is seemingly on equal footing -- at least when it comes to the distribution of light and dark. On Wednesday, September 22, we enter our second and final equinox of 2021. If you reside in the Northern Hemisphere, you know it as the fall equinox (or autumnal equinox). For people south of the equator, this equinox actually signals the coming of spring.
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Arrowheadlines: Numbers back Ravens’ decision to go for win

FOURTH QUARTER: With 1:05 remaining and the Ravens (leading 36-35) facing a fourth-and-1 from their own 43-yard line, Baltimore’s Lamar Jackson rushes for 2 yards. According to the Next Gen Stats Decision Guide, the Ravens’ decision to go for it here was unequivocally the optimal call, by a difference of 24 percentage points in win-probability value. Converting meant the Ravens would win. If they hadn’t converted? Their win probability would have dropped to 33 percent. And if they’d punted the ball back to the Chiefs, the Ravens’ chance of winning would have been roughly 58 percent, assuming Patrick Mahomes and Co. would have gotten the ball back with under one minute left from deep inside their own territory.

Biomass processor prevails in fire insurance dispute

WALLOWA, Ore. — A federal judge has ruled that an Oregon woody biomass processor is entitled to insurance compensation for business income lost due to a fire. In 2019, a fire caused extensive damage to buildings and machinery owned by Integrated Biomass Resources, a company in Wallowa, Ore., that makes heat logs, campfire wood, poles and electricity from forest project byproducts.

Mars Was Always Destined to Die

Mars is the solar system’s near-miss world. Earth may have gotten everything right when it came to sustaining life—atmosphere, water, proximity to the sun. Mercury, Venus and the outer planets, with their extreme temperatures and inhospitable chemistry, may have gotten everything wrong. Mars, on the other hand, came so close, yet fell short.

A trip to Fox Valley Farm and Hopyard: The Hoppiest place on Earth

At 2905 Junior Avenue in Apopka, you will find the Fox Valley Farm and Hopyard; a five-acre piece of land rich with fresh fruits and vegetables, rambunctious livestock, and homegrown hops. With the abundance of the craft beer ingredient located here, one could call Fox Valley the hoppiest place on Earth…

Hungary hit with stadium ban and £150k fine over racist abuse of England players

Fifa and Uefa were on Tuesday night accused of having “allowed racism to flourish” by their own partners in the fight against bigotry after Hungary were handed another stadium ban over their fans’ “abhorrent” abuse of England players. Both governing bodies came under fresh attack for failing to close a...

Mid-Michigan high school students create Peace Poles for World Peace Day

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) September 21 is International Day of Peace which is also known as World Peace Day. To celebrate, two high schools in Mid-Michigan are coming together to help create a symbolic message. Waverly and Ovid-Elsie High School students that are in the Peace Quest program will gather in...
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Mackey sees a future working with animals

Central Hardin High School senior Alexandra Mackey hopes to use her FFA and farm experience to become a veterinarian. Most of her family has been a part of FFA in the past and she said it was like continuing a family line. “Everyone was really welcoming and it’s a fun...

Order in Turbulence

On rotating planets, differential heating between the poles and the equator gives rise to instabilities. These are manifested as transient disturbances (e.g., Earth’s mid-latitude storms) that transport enthalpy poleward, thereby lessening the temperature gradients and quenching the instabilities. Scientists have long sought to understand how the resultant temperature gradients depend on the degree of destabilization, along with other properties of the system. Gallet & Ferrari [2021] develop a scaling law that quantifies these dependencies and shows how meridional temperature gradients respond – weakly – to changes in the forcing. Their scaling theory bounds the utility of the longstanding but ultimately incorrect hypothesis that eddies relax temperature gradients to a state of marginal stability. These new results provide a fully non-linear benchmark for numerical methods used to simulate geophysical flows, for guiding thinking as to the behavior of less idealized flows, and for inspiring aspiring theoreticians. As Vallis [2021] points out in a companion Viewpoint, extracting order from turbulence is often seen as academic hardscrabble, which makes the fertility of Gallet and Ferrari’s accomplishment all the more remarkable.
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Lineman shares Ida recovery efforts: ‘Everything was destroyed’

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - Shortly after Hurricane Ida swept across Louisiana, Arkansas power crews headed to the Pelican State to help. Spencer Brown was one of the first wave of lineworkers with the Craighead Electric Cooperative who traveled to Houma to restore their power. He’s responded to several natural disasters,...

Martian Blues: Did Planet’s Size Affect Its Ability To Hold Onto Water?

We have a fleet of robots seeking out habitability on Mars, but is the planet too small for life in the first place?. A new study suggests that the Red Planet, which is half the diameter of Earth, might be too small to hold on to substantial amounts of water in the long term. Without water, life as we know it is a lot harder to imagine.

Doug Allan Captured Images We’d Never Seen Before

There were wildlife camera operators before him and many who have followed, but few have had as enduring an impact on the genre or on the crews producing them as Doug Allan. “He is a polar pioneer,” said Alastair Fothergill, series producer on ground-breaking BBC series “Life in the Freezer” and “The Blue Planet.” “A lot of the material he filmed had literally not been filmed before.”