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Upgrade NUGEN Audio’s Elements Monofilter, Stereoplacer & Focus at 30% OFF

Plugin Boutique has announced an exclusive promotion on upgrades of NUGEN Audio’s Elements series plugins. Upgrades to the Monofilter bass management plugin and Stereoplacer advanced fine-tune parametric balancing control are $49 USD instead of $69 USD. Trusted by producers the world over, Monofilter grabs hold of your bass and...
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Save 50% on MAmp vintage amplifier effect plugin by Meldaproduction

Meldaproduction has launched a promotion on the MAmp vintage amplifier effect plugin, offering a 50% discount as part of the Eternal Madness Sale. Whether you are looking for a soft saturation to enhance the harmonic content or a great sounding creative distortion, MAmp is the perfect tool for the job.
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Plugin Boutique Scaler 2 Review

Scaler 2 is one of many compositional aids and chord generating plugins currently available. It makes sense; software helps with everything else related to recording music—why not give us a push at the actual songwriting stage? We’ll see how Plugin Boutique‘s Scaler does in terms of performance and features.
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Save 50% on MWobbler creative distorting filter plugin by Meldaproduction

Meldaproduction is offering a 50% discount on the MWobbler effect plugin as part of its Eternal Madness Sale. MWobbler is a unique distorting filter originally designed to produce dubstep wobbling basses, but it turns out to be a great multipurpose filter for just about any audio material from rhythmic pads, rotary organs to drum-driven basses…

Save 25% on Dhol Drum Kontakt instrument library by Soundiron

Plugin Boutique has announced an exclusive promotion on the Dhol Drum virtual instrument library by Soundiron. The traditional Indian dhol is a closed shell barrel-shaped drum with a curvature to the body. It is classically played as an accompanying instrument in traditional Punjabi Bhangra, and the religious music of Sufism.

AudioThing updates Hats drum synthesizer for hihats & cymbals to v1.5.1

AudioThing has announced an update to the Hats drum synthesizer plugin dedicated to hi-hats and cymbals sounds. Version 1.5.1 includes various additions and improvements. It features two independent sources: synthesized noise and sample section. Instead of generic white or pink noise, the noise section features 6 square wave oscillators with different pitches and phases, like the famous TR808. The result is a noise sound with a controllable metallic character.

Voxengo updates SPAN free audio spectrum analyzer to v3.13

Voxengo has announced an update to the popular SPAN free real-time “fast Fourier transform” audio spectrum analyzer plugin for Windows and Mac. SPAN provides you with a very flexible “mode” system which you can use to setup your spectrum analyzer preferences. You may specify Fourier block size in samples, FFT window overlap percentage, spectrum’s visual slope. Beside that you can choose to display secondary spectrum of a desired type (e.g. real-time maximum, all-time maximum). Spectrum can be smoothed out visually for an easier examination.

Last chance: Save 50% on all AAS plugins, sound packs & bundles

Today is the last day of Applied Acoustics Systems’ annual Holiday Sale, in which all of its products are on sale at a 50% discount. During the sale, the Professional series Lounge Lizard EP-4, Strum GS-2, Chromaphone 3, String Studio VS-3, and Ultra Analog VA-3 are on sale for $99 USD each, Multiphonics CV-1 is $49 USD, and Objeq Delay is $69 USD.

Save 50% on Meldaproduction’s MTurboDelay versatile delay plugin

Plugin Boutique has announced a limited time sale on Meldaproduction’s MTurboDelay, offering a 50% discount on the effect plugin providing 40 delays as part of the Eternal Madness Sale. The plugin features 40 completely different delay designs inspired by both analog and digital worlds, brought to a whole new...

BLEASS makes FM synthesis easy with Omega synthesizer

BLEASS has announced the release of its new user-friendly virtual FM synthesizer instrument for desktop and iOS. Omega is a 4-operator FM synth with all operator envelopes and controls available to the touch of your finger or click of your mouse. It features an analog-style waveshaper and multi-mode filter, allowing for searing filter sweeps, growling distortions, and harmonically-rich resonances.

Things Motor signal chopper plugin by AudioThing on sale for $9 USD

Plugin Boutique has launched an exclusive sale on AudioThing’s Things Motor plugin, an effect that uses side-chaining to combine signals in new and interesting ways. The plugin can be used to gentle morph between sounds or rhythmically cut them up, affecting both volume and spatial position. It will add life to the plainest signals with vibrato, or destroy them in interesting ways with extreme modulation speeds.

UJAM postpones release of Usynth, preorder offer extended

UJAM has posted an announcement by UJAM co-founder and “Usynth Godfather” Peter Gorges, stating that the release of the upcoming Usynth has been delayed. We’ve decided that we have to postpone the release date of Usynth by up to three weeks for the best interest of the product. As Usynth’s godfather, you know I hate to announce this, as I’m sure you hate to hear it too.

Save 40% on Dusty S950 Kicks Expansion for Plugin Boutique’s BigKick

Plugin Boutique has launched a sale on the Dusty S950 Kicks expansion pack, a collection of 64 tailored kick drum presets for the BigKick drum generator. These focused presets have been created using a combination of a classic tape machine and the iconic S950 12-bit sampler from the 80’s which was pioneered by the likes of Fatboy Slim, Moby, Depeche Mode, DJ Premiere & Q Tip. These vintage tools have added depth and character to the kicks which have then been layered in BigKick to create a collection of authentic and full-bodied presets ready to be used in a range of genres from Hip Hop, Lounge, House & Drum & Bass and more.

MRingModulatorMB multiband ring modular plugin on sale at 50% OFF

Meldaproduction is offering a 50% discount on the MRingModulatorMB multi-band ring modulator effect for Windows and Mac. Ring-modulators are quite specialized effects used especially on non-harmonic audio materials, such as drums. MRingModulatorMB is a very advanced ring-modulation effect, which is, due to its multiband nature, highly suitable for many types...

Route audio and MIDI with Blue Cat Audio’s Connector plugin

Blue Cat Audio has released a new universal connection plugin that can be used to route audio and MIDI almost anywhere “in the box”. Also described as a “virtual cable for your virtual studio”, Blue Cat’s Connector can stream audio and MIDI in real-time, between any locations that can load plugins, inside one or several applications, on one or several machines connected to a network.

W.A. Production Mastering Bundle: 5 effect plugins for $29 USD

Plugin Boutique has announced a promotion on the Mastering Bundle by W.A. Production, a limited time collection of 5 audio plugins at a 85% discount. Mastering can often feel like a mysterious art that is impossible to become proficient in, but a huge part of the equation is having the right tools! That’s W.A Production decided to put together all our best Mastering tools into a single, affordable package: The Mastering Bundle!

Save 25% on Tonic intelligent key & scale finder plugin by Zplane

Plugin Boutique has launched an exclusive sale on Zplane’s AI-powered music theory plugin Tonic, an effect that helps you to find the scales and chords that work with your music. Tonic detects the key in any audio recording and lets you explore the compatible notes and chords with a...

Audiomodern’s Playbeat gets ‘SMART’ algorithm in v3.1 update

Audiomodern has announced an update to the Playbeat next generation creative groove engine for Windows, macOS and iPad. Version 3.1 introduces a brand-new ‘SMART’ algorithm, a new technology developed over the past year by Audiomodern. We’re taking a unique step into a new field of A.I. for music...

iZotope launches Complete Your Suite Sale with up to 72% OFF

IZotope has announced a limited time promotion on some of its plugin suites. For a limited time, you can save big and beef up your collection of iZotope plug-ins. Easily mix, master, and repair audio, plus spark creative ideas with these time-saving deals. Get ready for a productive year. The...

Noisy synthesizer brings resonance to acoustic & electronic worlds, now 40% OFF

Plugin Boutique has welcomed Expressive E’s Noisy virtual synthesizer instrument to its store with a limited time introductory sale. A hybrid between physical modeling and subtractive synthesis, Noisy uses the principles of acoustic resonance to bring life to both electronic and acoustic sounds. Noisy was designed to generate highly playable, multidimensional sounds, whose textures and articulations can be easily combined and manipulated.