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Sony Celebrates 5 Years of PS VR By Giving Away More Free Games

PSVR owners can rejoice (a little bit), as Sony wants gamers to celebrate five years of the PlayStation's dedicated virtual reality platform. To aid in these celebrations, it is giving away three free games. Well, it sort of is... as usual, there's a caveat. Happy 5th Birthday PS VR!. It...
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Road to VR

Sony Reveals Top 5 Most Played PSVR Games Ever

It’s been five years since Sony released PlayStation VR on PS4 consoles, and to commemorate the anniversary its creators have released the top five most-played PSVR games to date. Unlike its monthly top-download list, Sony has stacked up all of its 500+ games on the store and ranked them according...
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Puzzle Bobble 3D: Vacation Odyssey

Puzzle Bobble is back with a brand new game and this time, it's not only in 3D; it has PlayStation VR support so here's Vacation Odyssey. I absolutely love the Bubble Bobble franchise and the first game is one of my fondest gaming memories from when I was a kid. Over the years, it's received many ports, adaptations, sequels, and spin-offs and this latest title is its very first VR game and hopefully, not the last. If I was 6 years old and saw my friends Bub and Bob in VR back in the day, my head would have exploded with excitement.
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PlayStation 5 Pro Release Date, Specs, Price and More Rumors

Over a year after the launch of Sony’s cutting-edge PS5 gaming console, likely, you’re still scouring Twitter for a deal on one that doesn’t require you to pony up an additional $500 or an Xbox Series X. There are no right or wrong answers, even so, it’s never too early...

Is Full Dive VR Achievable in the Next 10 Years?

Full Dive Virtual Reality is a fascinating subject that is undoubtedly going to play a type of part soon. This innovation can possibly not just alter the manner in which we play computer games and Dive VR Achievable, yet additionally overcome the human limits that we have on Earth. What’s surprisingly better, nonetheless, is that this innovation will probably one day be available to a lion’s share of individuals, similarly as Xboxes or PlayStations are today.

What Does It Feel Like To Actually Walk in VR World?

Virtual reality or VR has improved by leaps and bounds since it was invented in 1968. The headwear has become a lot lighter, the graphics much better, and the controls way easier to navigate. On the other hand, one thing that hasn’t changed much over the course of half a...

Sony Celebrates 5 Years Of PSVR With Free Games

The upcoming selection of November's free PlayStation Plus game will feature some extra virtual reality titles as a five-year celebration of PSVR. Amazingly, it’s been five years since the launch of PlayStation’s VR headset. While VR technology is still yet to fully take gaming by storm, it’s had some successes and the anniversary of the PSVR is certainly one to celebrate.

Song In The Smoke – The Review

Survival. When you hear the word what comes to mind. Would it be just seeing how well you could last out in the wilderness or maybe if there was a natural disaster? What precautions you would take to make sure you could last as long as possible? Some would try and plan ahead while others may and do whatever they could at the spur of the moment to make sure that survival was the number one priority. But does developer 17-Bit show us what it’s like to survive the wild? Let’s find out more with Song in the Smoke for PCVR and PlayStation VR.

Best PSVR games

If you own a PS4 or a PS5, then you’ll be glad to know that these consoles aren’t just good for running standard video games. By purchasing a PlayStation VR (PSVR) headset, you get access to an entire library of virtual reality (VR) titles, from first-person shooters to immersive Western RPGs.

PS5: 3 new free games in November on PlayStation Plus!

As gamers wait for the release of the VR headset for PS5, Sony is giving away three new games to PlayStation Plus subscribers!. On the occasion of the 5th anniversary of PlayStation VR, Sony is offering three games exclusive to PlayStation Plus subscribers ! For their part, those who own a PS5 are still waiting for the presentation of the new model… MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

7 Best Gaming VR Headsets to Play Games Immersively

The advantages of Virtual reality are utilized more and more by each day passed. The introduction of VR headsets has paved the way for new techniques like VR gaming. Here let us look into some of the best VR headsets for gaming now. Best VR Headsets for Gaming. Not every...