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Banks, brokerages, PSN, the Steam Store, and more went down in massive internet outage

Many websites — including banking pages, brokerages, and gaming services — were affected for just over an hour Thursday, as part of a major internet outage. During the outage, consumers were unable to access services like Ally Bank, Fidelity, Sony’s PlayStation Network, Airbnb, and more. Several airline sites were also affected: Delta, British Airways, and Southwest’s sites were either down, or had important functionality like flight check-ins broken.
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Playstation Network, Steam, Banks, and More Knocked Offline by Massive Internet Outage

A massive internet outage appears to have incapacitated services connected to droves of businesses, banks, government offices, and more, knocking a variety of popular websites and services offline. On Thursday, DownDetector began showing reports of mass user accessibility issues for the likes of American Express, Capital One, Fidelity, Airbnb, Sony’s...
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Large chunks of the internet went down due a DNS issue

If you can't access online services like Sony's PlayStation Network and Steam, as well as websites like Airbnb, you're not the only one. Starting at approximately 11:20AM ET, Downdetector began logging a spike in outage reports across a variety of online services and websites. Outside of PSN and Steam, some of the more notable platforms people can't seem to connect to include LastPass, TikTok and UPS. Visiting the PlayStation Store and other affected websites, they come back with a DNS error.

PlayStation Network, Steam, and Fortnite are All Down Right Now [Update]

Services like PlayStation Network and Steam are reportedly coming back online after the sudden, mass outage earlier today. Original story: A slew of different online services is currently experiencing difficulties including PlayStation Network, Steam, and Fortnite. According to reports online, PSN is one of several online gaming services currently experiencing...

PlayStation error CE-33743-0 explained

Not connecting to the PlayStation Network is never a fun experience. This typically prevents you from enjoying online content like playing with friends or random opponents in online matches. The issue can usually be resolved with a few simple steps, but sometimes the problem is out of your hands. One...
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PSN Down, Along With Xbox Live and Steam, Thanks to Wider Internet Issues Impacting All Services (Update: Resolved)

Update: The internet-wide outage issues appear to be resolved now, with all services now returning. Sony’s PlayStation Network appears to be down for many users right now, impacting the ability to use any of the PSN services such as online play, license restoration, friends lists, and more. Sony has acknowledged the outage via the PSN Status page, listing all PSN services as down. Sony says that the PSN down issue comes from external internet outage issues that are causing problems with far more than just Sony’s network.

Steam, PlayStation Network, Fortnite, BBVA, ING … do not work; new world internet downfall

On June 8 we had a service failure that we could define as a candidate for ‘Total Chaos’. And it is that in the current 3.0 reality that we live, it is not that we depend on electricity, but rather that we depend on the Internet for (almost) everything: From social networks to work programs, from company communications to public infrastructure and facilities. So when the Internet goes down massively, panic breaks out.

Genshin Impact Cross-Save: How to Link PlayStation and PC/Mobile Accounts

Cross-save has always been present between the PC and mobile versions of Genshin Impact, but the version 2.0 update now allows PlayStation users to link their accounts and enable cross-save. Whether you want to take your PS4 save on the go with the mobile version or pick up your mobile save on your shiny new PS5, this new update has you covered. The account linking system has a few issues though, so you may run into some problems. Here’s how to link your Mihoyo and PlayStation accounts for Genshin Impact cross-save on PlayStation, mobile, and PC.

PlayStation just stripped out some convenient web features

You may not know it by name, but you very may well have benefitted from My PlayStation. And as of June 28, 2021, it’s discontinued — the old URL redirects. With this change (which was communicated ahead of time in typical bad-news-bearing fashion), it’s no longer possible to access parties, friends, or trophies using the official PlayStation website. You’ll need to switch to the PlayStation App on iOS or Android.
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Websites go down briefly in widespread outage

Major websites went down Thursday in what appeared to be a brief but widespread outage. The websites of Airbnb, AT&T, Costco, UPS, USAA, Home Depot, HBO Max and many others showed error messages around midday. They seemed to be operating normally, however, by 11:45 a.m. The disruption lasted about an...

How to watch the Tokyo 2020 Olympics on and

Unless you've got cable, watching the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in summer 2021 could be a real hurdle. Anyone looking to experience the competition in Tokyo from afar has a few options as the games run from July 23 to August 8, even if you only have access to a PlayStation 5 and/or Xbox Series X.

Latest coronavirus news & more: What’s trending today

A look at some of the top stories trending online today around the world including coronavirus updates and much more. Wildfires in U.S., Siberia are unusually intense, setting emissions records (Axios) Western Wildfires Lift Lumber Prices (WSJ) As the West winds down its ‘war on terror,’ jihadists are filling the...