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First direct comparison of PS5 and Xbox Series X says ... it’s close!

PlayStation 5 versus Xbox Series X. In a head-to-head comparison, it mostly comes down to frame rate. Digital Foundry delivers the first direct comparison of the new console generation, using Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition. It’s helpful that you also have a comparison to the Xbox One/PlayStation 4 console generation, as well.
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This PS5 Promo from Travis Scott Must Be Seen to Be Believed

Sony loves to get fancy with its console unboxing videos, but when it was teased that Travis Scott would be involved in the unveiling of the PlayStation 5, it was obvious something rather unique was coming. And boy is it. This 10-minute video is a journey through Travis' first encounter with the PS5 out in a desert as he activates some sort of gigantic, rectangular thing with big speakers to match. Then come the games with the likes of Astro's Playroom, Horizon Forbidden West, Demon's Souls, and Solar Ash highlighted.
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How to buy a PlayStation 5 on November 12th

Sony’s console is the second gaming system to make its debut this week, as the PlayStation 5 officially goes on sale and starts shipping to gamers tomorrow (in North America, Japan, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea). If your system of choice is the PS5 then hopefully you’ve already secured a pre-order, because supply is expected to be tight for months.
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The new Demon’s Souls is the old Demon’s Souls, but shinier

Twelve hours into the new Demon’s Souls for PlayStation 5, I’m starting to realize how much developer Bluepoint Games has blurred the line between remaster and remake. There is no doubt that Demon’s Souls is a graphically stunning recreation of the original PlayStation 3 game — and little doubt that Sony and Bluepoint were hesitant to change almost anything about FromSoftware’s sacrosanct role-playing game.
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PS5: 4 Things We Love & 4 Things That Need Improvement

The launch of a new console always comes with ups and downs. The physical presentation may be great but it might have clunky menus, or it could have lightning-quick load times but sound like a passing train. Several of our staff have now spent more than a week with the...
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PS5 Stock: When and Where Can You Buy PlayStation 5?

Which shops have PS5 in stock? Where can you currently buy a PS5 console? Sony's PlayStation 5 is in high demand at the moment, and many are still trying to secure a purchase. As part of our PS5 guide, we're going to explain which stores have PS5s in stock right now, when you can expect them to become available, and what times those product pages will go live.
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PlayStation 5 review: The exciting upgrade we hoped for

New York (CNN Business) — Sony's new PlayStation 5 comes out on November 12, and it's been hotly anticipated by gaming enthusiasts. The company's last console, the PlayStation 4, dominated the gaming world, selling far more than the Xbox One. Seven years since the PS4's initial release, the Japanese entertainment giant is looking to replicate that success with the PlayStation 5.
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Looking for a Playstation 5? Here's How Often They Will Restock According to Sony SVP

Just three days shy of the PlayStation 4's seven-year anniversary in the U.S. and Canada, comes Sony's next gaming platform, unsurprisingly dubbed the PlayStation 5. The new product, which is only available online today in North America due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, was largely sold out on various retailers' websites, including Sony's own store. However, Eric Lempel, senior vice president and head of global marketing at Sony Interactive Entertainment, had some words of comfort for customers who find themselves empty-handed on launch day.
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The PlayStation 5 has a hidden Web browser; here’s how to find it

Officially, the PlayStation 5 doesn't include a Web browser, marking an apparent software downgrade from the PlayStation 4. But Ars has discovered the PS5 does actually include a limited, hidden Web browsing interface that you can use to load up generic websites on your TV in a pinch. Getting in.
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The Morning After: Sony's PlayStation 5 arrives

The PS5 has launched, YouTube crashed and Nike's new Jordans can lace themselves. And today, it’s PlayStation 5 launch day if you got your pre-orders in. Sony said supply is going to be tight for months, and there will be no launch fanfare at retail stores, either. The company is doing it for safety reasons because COVID-19 and the year that is 2020. This applies to all regions on the PS5’s launch day, whether that’s November 12th in the US or November 19th elsewhere. Sigh.
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Sony’s PlayStation 5 Debuts to Strong Reviews

Reviews for Sony’s PlayStation 5 dropped today, a few days after Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, and while I’ve only personally tested the latter, I wanted to round up what people are saying about Sony’s console as well. Typically, when new consoles launch, you get a lot of comparison and contrast...
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Livestream Travis Scott's PlayStation 5 Unboxing Event

In conjunction with the release of the PlayStation 5, Travis Scott is holding a unique experience called "PS5: Unboxing Reimagined." You can check out the live stream, which will feature a performance from James Blake and a Pop Smoke tribute, up top via YouTube. In late October, Scott and his...