Teardown: Panic Playdate console

You might have seen a back-up smartphone battery that appears to double as a GameBoy clone. Naughty. The Playdate from software house Panic is not one of those, despite first appearances. It is something a little bit more interesting. With a launch price of $179 (£129), it needs to be.
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NBA Star Chris Paul Teams With Parker Paige Media To Produce ‘Playdate’ Family Competition Format

EXCLUSIVE: NBA star Chris Paul’s production company, Ohh Dip!!!, is teaming up with format specialist Parker Paige Media on a new competition series format called Playdate. The show features a multi-generational set of challenges involving fish-out-of-water activities. The comedic format pits teams of two — one senior citizen and one child — against each other in a lighthearted race to the finish line. Each week, the producers say, new discoveries will result from seeing things from a child’s point of view. Paul, who is heading into his 17th NBA season as a key member of the Western Conference champion Phoenix Suns, said...
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Pony Playdate In-A-Box!

Guess what? Our popular playdates are BACK — with a twist. We’re thrilled to announce our new Playdate In-A-Box Series!. We have heard from so many of you that you’re missing (cool) progeny playdates. We are, too! So we teamed-up with some of our favorite local partners to bring the magic of (cool) progeny playdates directly to your home — with a playdate for two in a box! Everything you need (including a sweet treat!) for just $15. Each box is designed for kids in preschool through grade 3.
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Who will buy Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh’s playdate bridge?

Do you happen to have at least £40,000 ($54,216.32) at your disposal? Are you in need of a bridge that has literary significance? Well then, place your bid to buy Posingford Bridge, otherwise known as Poohsticks Bridge. The bridge, located in Ashdown Forest in England, was frequented by Winnie the Pooh author A.A. Milne and his son, the real-life Christopher Robin. According to Summers Place auction house, the father and son loved to play a game called Pooh sticks, which consisted of watching sticks float down the river. This seemingly simple game later inspired the beloved books.

Jackson hosting area volleyball tournament, hoping for 3rd consecutive title

By Wednesday night, Oct. 6, the Jackson Lady Devils are hoping to have won their third consecutive area 2-AAA volleyball title. The Lady Devils finished 7-0 against their opponents in the two area playdates and earned the right to host the area tournament for the second straight year. The rankings for the tournament are:
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Too Much Facebook Time Is Harmful To Your Child’s Health

The girls in 17-year-old Eva’s high school class use Instagram metrics as a measure of popularity. Their relationship with Instagram is more than typical teen self-discovery; it is parasitic. They obsess over online status symbols like follower counts, “likes,” and inclusion in viral trends featuring “thinspiration” and filter-perfect faces. Eva...

Sensory-Friendly Playdate: Big Birds

Age: Ages 3-7. (Children must be accompanied by an adult.) Location: Four Rivers Environmental Education Center. Please note: To participate in Forest Preserve programs, the public must follow current masking protocol. For up-to-date mask requirements, click here. This program offers families of children with sensory-processing needs a chance to experience...

Thumby: The Thumb-Sized, Programmable Video Game Console

If you are already mesmerized by the simplicity and body dimensions of the Playdate, wait until you see Thumby. Thumby is an aptly named, thumb-sized console that can serve as a keychain. Created by TinyCircuits, it measures 29.5 mm x 18 mm x 8.5 mm and has a teeny tiny 72 x 40 pixel monochrome OLED on which you can play games.

Facebook’s inventor on kids even considered turning playdates toward development drivers

Facebook’s advantage in comprehension and ultimately securing more youthful clients expands well past Messenger Kids or the as of now stopped designs for a kid cordial Instagram. Another report in The Wall Street Journal’s series on Facebook’s inner exploration shows the organization’s emphasis on kids goes a lot further, including concentrating on youngsters more youthful than four years of age with expectations of better planning future items.